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April 22, 2008


Marcus Brauchli has resigned as managing editor of the Wall Street Journal after an 11-month stint, according to his joint statement with Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton.


He is to serve as a consultant to the paper and explore expansion of STAR-TV in Asia.

DJ has launched a search for Brauchli’s successor.

Publisher Robert Thomson, the Australia native who was installed in that slot after Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. bought the WSJ, is expected to assume ME duties on an interim basis. Thomson has been heavily involved in editorial matters at WSJ, Barron’s and WSJ newswires.

Brauchli, 46, took over the WSJ’s top editorial position from Paul Steiger. He had been deputy managing editor and global news editor based in New York. The 24-year veteran of DJ also reported from Europe and Asia.

News Corp., in its agreement to acquire DJ, agreed to the creation of a special committee to oversee editorial independence of the DJ publications. Members of the special committee have met on Brauchli’s exit. They must approve his replacement.

Brauchli said the change in DJ ownership made it the right time to consider new career opportunities. He “reveres” the WSJ and will “greatly miss working” with his former colleagues on a daily basis.

The statement includes a quote from Murdoch, calling Brauchli a “terrific leader throughout the transition process.” 

Murdoch has “great respect” for Brauchli and is “pleased” that he has agreed to take another position within News Corp.

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