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Sept. 1, 2009


Members of a U.K. environmental effort stripped down and invaded the lobby of Edelman's London office on Sept. 1 to protest the firm's work in support of a coal-powered power plant in the country.

Edelman works with Kentucky-based energy company EON, which is building a plant in Kingsnorth through its U.K. subsidiary. The company says it is replacing the existing coal-fired units with "cleaner coal" units, a switch which will reduce carbon emissions by two tons a year.

edelman climate protest
Photo via Camp for Climate Action

The protestors, part of a weeklong push called Camp for Climate Action, is staging events from Aug. 26 to Sept. 2 around London and said climate activists, partially nude, occupied the roof and lobby window of Edelman's Victoria Street U.K. headquarters at around 8:45 a.m. today.

Edelman U.K. CEO Robert Phillips said the firm offered coffee and to sit down and talk with the protesters but they declined. "We are happy to engage in constructive conversation," he said. "Everyone all around the world is concerned about a balanced energy policy but the fact remains that someone has to keep the lights on." Phillips has been posting about the ordeal on Twitter throughout the morning.

Alice Fielding, a protestor, said in a statement: "Edelman PR are nothing more than new coal spin doctors intent on making profit out of EON's activities at the expense of the global climate."

EON, which devotes a section of its website to CCA, says it respects the right to protest as long as it is done peacefully and within bounds of the law.

CCA demonstrations today have been picked up by several media outlets, including Reuters, the BBC, Sky News, CNBC, and the Financial Times. Members of the group also glued their hands to the floor of the Bank of Scotland today to protest its investments in fossil fuel projects, the BBC reported.

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