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2014 Buyer's Guide To PR Products & Services Plus Crisis Comms.

O'Dwyer's January PR Buyer's Guide & Crisis Communications Magazine O'Dwyer's January PR Buyer's Guide & Crisis Communications Magazine

Jan. '14 PR Buyer's Guide & Crisis Communications Magazine (PDF)

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January would not be complete without our annual PR Products & Services Buyer’s Guide and special issue on crisis communications. We examine 2013’s biggest winners and as well as the top PR blunders of the past year.

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Firms Specializing in Crisis Communications


277 Park Avenue, 39th Floor
New York, NY 10172

James Abernathy, Chairman & CEO
Chuck Burgess, Co-President
Tom Johnson, Co-President
Carina Davidson, Chief Operating Officer

The Abernathy MacGregor Group is a strategic communications firm that operates in six disciplines: crisis management, corporate restructuring and bankruptcy, investor relations, transaction communications, IPOs and corporate and financial public relations.

The firm’s crisis management practice assists clients when unplanned circumstances threaten public perception of their organizations and businesses. We offer support to clients in all phases of crisis planning and response by advocating a crisis preparedness discipline that involves identifying areas of vulnerability, establishing procedures, training spokespeople and agreeing to broad principles of crisis conduct.

The firm’s bankruptcy and restructuring practice — which includes restructurings both within and outside of Chapter 11 protection — has advised on some of the largest and most complex restructurings in corporate history. Working with management and external legal and financial advisors, we develop and implement effective communications programs that help stabilize companies during uncertain times. Properly executed, these plans can help maximize the window of time within which management and its advisors can successfully address the issues fundamental to sustained recovery.


1776 N. Pine Island Road, Suite 320
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33322
Orlando-Tampa-Jacksonville-South Florida

Don Silver, Chief Operating Officer

Boardroom Communications is one of Florida’s top PR agencies offering statewide coverage.  The firm’s experienced staff of public relations professionals and former journalists routinely handle several high-profile crisis projects and public affairs campaigns each year.  Examples include:  investigations, hostile takeovers, litigation, product recalls, criminal charges, safety compliance, accidental deaths, project approvals, bid objections and legislative campaigns.

Whether you’re developing a crisis communications plan or responding to an urgent threat, Boardroom’s trusted and respected team will help you evaluate the situation, mitigate the risks and deal with your most important audiences, i.e. media, social media, employees, stakeholders, customers, government and others.  We immediately consult with your executives to assess the situation and develop an appropriate strategy.  Out team monitors traditional media, blogs and social networking sites and handles all inquiries.  Call or email us if you are faced with a “Bet-the-Ranch” situation where a capable, seasoned team can help guide you to a satisfactory resolution.


245 Park Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10167

The Brunswick Group is a corporate relations and communications consultancy. We provide informed advice at a senior level to businesses and other organizations around the world, helping them to address critical communications challenges, including high profile issues, crisis and litigation situations. With specialists in key financial and regulatory centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia, we offer seamless, international support for interacting with global media, investors and regulatory authorities. Brunswick provides strategic communications counsel focused on protecting our clients’ valuation, reputation and ability to achieve their goals.


110 North Fifth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Julie Batliner, Managing Director
Jill Schmidt, Senior Principal

Carmichael Lynch Spong’s crisis and issues management specialty group assists clients in preparing for a crisis and when unforeseen or unplanned events threaten to disrupt the public or internal perception of their business or organization.
At Carmichael Lynch Spong, we advocate a crisis “preparedness” discipline. We also recognize that crisis management requires a collaborative, integrated approach. Carmichael Lynch Spong is widely regarded for its ability to partner with senior executives, legal advisors and other internal and external crisis team members and partners to mitigate crises and minimize the impact on the organization’s reputation and business.

With offices in Minneapolis and New York, Carmichael Lynch Spong’s crisis and issues management experience has included: Litigation (e.g., employment matters, business disputes, shareholder lawsuits, class-action litigation, etc.); Negative research outcome management; Labor disputes (e.g., strikes and other labor actions, union organizing campaigns); Product recalls, failure, tampering, etc.; Financial-related issues (e.g., earnings surprises, restatements, bankruptcies, hostile takeover attempts, etc.); Regulatory actions and investigations involving the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, among others; Accidents (e.g., workplace, truck and airplane mishaps, etc.); Environmental matters and real-estate site selection; Restructurings, downsizings, management changes and consumer boycotts.

Carmichael Lynch Spong is owned by the Interpublic Group of Companies.


855 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
Twitter: @Cone

220 East 42nd Street
Suite 800A
New York, NY 10017

Bill Fleishman, Chief Executive Officer
Mike Lawrence, Chief Reputation Officer
Jennifer Sheehy Everett, Vice President/Crisis

Cone Communications has been managing sensitive issues for diverse clients nationwide for more than 30 years. Our deep history in issue and crisis management demonstrates that the most effective crisis management comes through preparedness. We offer clients a variety of critical crisis preparedness services, including risk assessments and scenario planning; issue monitoring, analysis and response support for traditional, online and social media; development of crisis communication plans; desktop crisis drills; spokesperson training; and Internet-based crisis counsel and tools.

When a crisis does strike, Cone is available 24/7 to help clients respond with the speed required in today’s online world. We have extensive experience developing communications strategy and positioning for clients navigating crises – always with an eye toward preserving, protecting and enhancing organization and brand reputation.
Cone Communications is flexible in the depth of service we provide crisis clients. For some clients, we serve as the communications arm of their response team. For others, we are an experienced “sounding board,” reacting to their response plans and providing critical third party perspective. We’re at the ready, whatever the need.


5 Wood Hollow Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054

1065 Avenue of the Americas
28th Floor
New York, NY 10018

604 Arizona Avenue, Suite 10
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Thomas F. Coyne, CEO
Rich Lukis, President
John Gogarty, Executive Vice President

Coyne Public Relations has established itself as one of the leading independent full-service public relations firms in the country representing an impressive collection of international corporations, top national brands, high-profile events and first-class organizations. No agency possesses a better combination of unbridled creativity, limitless enthusiasm, strategic approach, impeccable integrity and client service than our nationally recognized firm.

Coyne PR’s teams of PR professionals have extensive experience developing, executing and supporting crisis communication plans for clients in the following categories:

Health, Restaurant, Toy & Juvenile, Travel Entertainment, tPet & Animal, Executive leadership, Food & Nutrition, Electronics, Energy and Social Media.


808 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Additional Offices:
Los Angeles: 310/395-9510
Washington, DC: 202/580-8930

John Davies, CEO
Robb Rice, EVP
Taylor Canfield, EVP
Lisa Palmer, SVP
Sasha Boghosian, VP
Joshua Boisvert, VP

Davies Defuses Crises. We minimize damage by managing the message and the messenger - on your own team, in the media, and within government agencies. We help you avert a poor response to unexpected events by ensuring you are prepared. When a crisis does occur, we get your story out quickly and effectively, and work to frame the discussion in the direction that best complements the business.We’ve turned more than 500 crises into non-events — often transforming them into opportunities.

Since 1983, Davies has consistently ranked among the top strategic communications firms in the United States.


200 Public Square, Suite 1400
Cleveland, OH 44114

Scott Chaikin, Chairman & CEO
Matt Barkett, Senior Managing Director

The members of Dix & Eaton’s crisis team have successfully developed and executed communications strategies designed to help management teams protect their organization’s reputation and effectively navigate unprecedented corporate events — from fatal mining accidents to airline crashes and class-action litigation.

Our counsel leverages a wide range of industry best practices, and we have exposure to a full spectrum of industry issues and protocols that we consider when delivering senior crisis counsel or creating customized crisis training programs. Plus, our team is backed by seasoned practitioners in investor relations, media relations, employee communications, public affairs and more to bring to bear as situations require.

Selected services include policy/procedure audits, executive training, manual development, preparedness planning and drills, as well as strategies for dealing with community/interest group activism, labor issues, data or ID theft, litigation, environmental issues, product liability matters, intense media scrutiny, reputation management, government / regulatory hearings and investigations and workplace incidents.


330 Townsend St., Ste. 119
San Francisco, CA 94107
Fax: 415/392-1099

Michael Fineman, President
Lorna Bush, Vice President
Heidi White, Vice President
Travis Taylor, Vice President
Juan Lezama, Director Mosaico PR (Multicultural Division)

Founded in 1988, San Francisco-based Fineman PR is nationally renowned for its expertise and high profile work in crisis communications.

In 2013, Fineman PR worked extensively to assist in communications for private schools and outdoor adventure camps. Issues ranged from labor litigation to camp fatalities. Fineman PR’s food safety practice was also enlisted for a major, national poultry issue.

Historically, Fineman PR’s successful, high profile crisis work included addressing the public’s perception about Avian Influenza for a West Coast poultry producer; managed consequences from the Santa Barbara “Tea Fire” for a college beset by the firestorm; initiated client community relations after a tragic apartment complex explosion in Truckee, Calif.; provided communications and the resolution ending violent protests against a Berkeley, Calif., radio station; put a juice company on firm public footing immediately after an E.coli crisis; set the record straight after media slander of packaged salads; developed the messaging and positioning of a California university after the bombing of its researcher’s home by an animal rights terror group; helped resolve labor relations for a highly prestigious medical group in Southern California; and for so many others in which client names were kept out of the news.


1129 20th Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036

1875 Century Park Eas, Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Margaret Dunning, Managing Partner
Jessica Berk Ross, Managing Partner
Shelly Holmes, Senior Partner

The evolving communications landscape presents new challenges in crisis management. Finn Partners’ crisis capabilities taps into a network of experts from across our eight offices, and has grown with the acquisition of Widmeyer Communications, a United Educators preferred provider of crisis communications counsel.

Our approach to crisis management involves strategic assessment and effective response, as well as a risk management model. We are well versed in how clients should prepare for and navigate difficult situations — local, national or global. Planning for the worst before anything occurs means that a crisis will be more manageable and a positive outcome more likely. We conduct scenario planning and simulation, messaging exercises and media training.

In times of immediate crisis, when we can’t plan ahead, we work with our clients to address issues and help them communicate with stakeholders, the media and the public to defend and preserve reputation, restore trust and mitigate concerns about the future.


591 Camino de la Reina, Suite 730
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: 619/284-1714
Fax: 619/299-1030
Twitter: @GablePR

Tom Gable, President and CEO
Emily Forgeron, Director of Public Relations
Anna Crowe, Account Supervisor

Gable PR is a full service public relations, reputation management and crisis PR firm based in San Diego. It was founded in 1976 by Tom Gable, APR and PRSA Fellow, former financial journalist and Pulitzer Prize nominee.

The agency has implemented long-term strategic programs to support important economic, business, cultural, civic and community initiatives, plus complex programs for regional, national and international clients. Clients have included private and public companies, organizations, institutions and government agencies at every stage in their life cycles, from start-up to a Fortune 100 company. It has launched new products, companies and industries; built image and awareness for new developments; helped start-ups gain reputations and grow; promoted breakthroughs in life sciences and technology; generated buzz for new destinations; educated millions about important national issues; built and rebuilt reputations; managed media relations for international organizations; and stopped crises in their tracks. The agency’s Guru Program® is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as a public relations program that builds images and reputations for clients of any size and type.

Over the past three decades, Gable PR has managed more than 100 crisis, issues management and litigation support programs. Clients have included international corporations and trade associations, publicly traded companies, national fast food and lodging companies, hospitals and hospital chains, manufacturers, utilities, energy producers, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, real estate developers and religions. Tom Gable, CEO, has contributed to two international books on crisis PR and the agency has a crisis communication manual and proprietary system that ensure speedy, confidential and successful programs. Agency programs have earned the highest honors in the PR profession.


875 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1708
New York, NY 10001
212/730-4807 Ext.11
Fax: 212/730-4811

Paul Gourvitz, President
Robert Gourvitz, Producer

In 2013, Gourvitz Communications expanded its Interactive Media Tours business three fold. Gourvitz Communications is the only company currently doing IMT’s the right way. We do not do Internet Media Tours, we do Interactive ones. Video content delivered to legitimate sites with UVPM of over 20 million viewers.

Gourvitz, who invented the multiple press tour business, i.e, known as co-op SMT’s has also grown by leaps and bounds. The Key at Gourvitz is solid professional talent, such as Elizabeth Werner, Jamie Sorcher, Mark Schlereth, Alison Rhodes, Rudy Maxa, Emily Kaufman, set design, b-roll and every SMT has an ANR included and all guarantee the Daily Buzz.

The SMT biz is still the core of Gourvitz Communications. Food, Beauty, Sports and Tech. Some of the people we have worked with in 2013 are: Sophia Vergara, Allison Williams, Ali Larter, La La Anthony, Kevin and Danielle Jonas, Chris Pratt, Lisa Vanderpump, Erin Andrews, David Koechner, Mario Battali, Tim Love, Tim Gunn, Alex Morgan, Nicole Richie, Jay Bilas, Dwayne Wade, David Cooperfield, Malin Ackerman, Jordan Sparks, David Turtera and Devin Alexander and more.

And Gourvitz offers HD production and post production services 24/7. B-roll’s, webinars, sizzle reels and just about every and anything you need or want for PR or advertising project.

Trust in Gourvitz. You will never, ever be disappointed


50 Public Square, Suite 3200
Cleveland, Oh 44113

Bruce Hennes, Managing Partner
Barbara Paynter, APR, Partner
Nora Jacobs, APR, Vice President
Howard Fencl, APR, Vice President

Hennes Paynter Communications is one of the few agencies in the U.S. focused exclusively on crisis communications. Since 1989, the firm has served corporations, educational and health institutions, government agencies and nonprofits “on trial” in the Court of Public Opinion. Services include media training, crisis communication plans, crisis drills and litigation communications.

Bruce Hennes is one of Ohio’s best-known crisis specialists and media trainers. He is also an in-demand speaker at law firms, universities, bar and trade associations on the subject of crisis communications, frequently training government, safety and education officials to communicate effectively during extreme crisis situations threatening public safety.

Barbara Paynter has 20+ years experience helping big-name clients resolve crisis and reputational issues. She heads up the firm’s SWAT team of battle-tested, seasoned and senior professionals.

Nora Jacobs, a three-time Silver Anvil winner, has decades of experience with consumer and industrial products, healthcare, biotechnology, education, chemicals and plastics.

Howard Fencl also has decades of crisis communications and media training experience, with large firm experience plus five years as assistant news director for WKYC-TV, Cleveland’s NBC affiliate.

For four straight years, Hennes Paynter has won the Gold Award from the Public Relations Society of America — Greater Cleveland Chapter for its crisis-related work. In 2009, Hennes Paynter won PRSA’s coveted “Best of Show” award for its work with another agency on the national peanut butter recall. In 2012, the firm won the Gold Award for its Crisis Comm & Media Relations E-Newsletter. And in 2013, the firm again won “Best of Show” for its response when a passenger ferry crashed into a dock in New York City’s Financial District injuring more than 60 passengers.


761 Main Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851
Fax: 203/682-8201

Thomas M. Ryan, CEO, Co-Founder
Don Duffy, President

Established in 1998 and privately-held, ICR partners with companies to develop and execute strategic communications programs that achieve business goals, build credibility, and enhance the value of the enterprise. The firm’s pairing of capital markets veterans and senior communications professionals provides a highly-differentiated offering, one that continues to serve as the foundation for significant growth.

Today, ICR has approximately 400 clients across 20 industries and is one of the largest independent agencies in North America maintaining offices in Boston, Connecticut, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Beijing.

In 2013, ICR once again saw double digit revenue growth driven by new client wins including Noodles & Company, Advent Software, Diamond Foods, Container Store, Inc. and AMC Entertainment Holdings. In January of 2013, the ICR XChange, ICR’s annual investor conference, celebrated its 15th year with more than 150 private and public company management teams and 2,200 attendees, a record for the event. ICR marked the occasion by ringing NASDAQ’s opening bell live from the conference.

Erika Hayes James

Institute for Crisis Management President Erika Hayes James, PhD.


455 S. Fourth St., Suite 1490
Louisville, KY 40202

Erika Hayes James, PhD, President

The Institute for Crisis Management is a specialty communications consulting practice helping organizations identify potential business crises and resolve the issue(s) before it becomes public, or when that is not possible, to prepare the organization to minimize the damage through a carefully crafted internal and external communication program.

Public relations cannot “fix” a broken organization. But management that develops an appropriate and effective operational response can make a significant impact on the organization’s recovery by also implementing an appropriate and effective internal and external communication strategy.

ICM has been helping corporate, government and not-for-profit clients for more than 20 years. Our staff of Senior Consultants include specialists in PR/litigation, education, manufacturing, community affairs, public relations, healthcare, religion and not-for-profit organizations, as well as media/ spokesperson training and coaching.


622 Third Avenue, 36th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Joele Frank, Managing Partner

When an unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary event threatens a company’s operations or reputation, a fast and intensive response is essential to prevent or mitigate serious damage. We have extensive experience in delivering unique solutions for unique situations, including earnings surprises; short attacks; accounting irregularities; regulatory actions and government investigations; management changes; facility closures and workforce reductions; labor disputes; facility disasters and workplace violence; data security breaches; consumer boycotts, and product recalls.

We are immediately available to our clients during all phases of crisis planning and response. And when a client is in the spotlight, we help determine how best to control the dialogue, take the initiative, fix what’s broken and gather support. We give our clients the training and tools necessary to hit the ground running when a crisis strikes.


437 Madison Avenue, 37th Floor
New York, NY 10022

James Fingeroth, President and Chief Executive Officer
Lawrence Rand, Executive Chairman

Kekst and Company is one of the world’s leading strategic communications consultancies. The firm’s professionals are expert in managing all aspects of communications related to investor relations and corporate positioning, and have extraordinary experience in a wide range of special situations including: crisis communications, mergers & acquisitions, bankruptcies and restructurings, litigation support, and corporate governance matters, including shareholder activism. The firm has an important and growing franchise serving private equity and hedge funds.

Kekst’s crisis communications experience is unmatched. For more than four decades, we have partnered with clients to navigate through challenging and complex matters such as regulatory and government investigations, high profile litigation, financial and accounting irregularities, financial disclosure issues, senior leadership changes, cyber attacks and data breaches, workforce restructurings, plant closings, product recalls and workplace misconduct, labor relations matters, sexual harassment and workplace abuse for public and private companies as well as not-for-profit educational institutions. In connection with this practice Kekst conducts crisis communications training and crisis simulations for clients’ management teams and boards of directors.


355 Lexington Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Joan Cear, Vice President

1100 Johnson Ferry Rd., Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30342
Debra Berliner, Vice President

750 National Press Building
529 14th Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20045
Francie Israeli, Vice President

Crisis communications and issues management are core strengths of Kellen Communications, a public relations, public affairs and digital agency. We skillfully guide clients through critical issues, from high profile crises that threaten a company or even an entire industry to implementing compelling public affairs campaigns to influence policy makers.

Kellen’s strategic approach uses the full range of digital, social and traditional media tactics to communicate with stakeholders, “truth squad” messaging and manage reputations. Our clients include consumer products, corporate entities, not-for-profit organizations, coalitions and trade associations.

We work closely with journalists, bloggers, industry influencers, academia and regulatory agencies. In addition to professionals in communications, government relations, public affairs and digital media, our staff includes regulatory code specialists; PhDs in engineering, microbiology, toxicology, and biological/biomedical science; nutritionists, registered dietitians and food technologists/scientists.

Founded in 1945 as Sumner Rider & Associates, Kellen Communications is a division of Kellen Company, an employee-owned company with offices in New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Brussels and Beijing.


150 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 3800
Chicago, IL 60601
Fax: 312/565-1770

Kim Blazek Dahlborn, President and CEO
Gary Goodfriend, Executive Vice President

Crisis communications requires speed, sensitivity and strategy. L.C. Williams & Associates (LCWA) has successfully guided clients — from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations — through some of their worst-case scenarios, including product recalls, lawsuits, Chapter 11 bankruptcies, government regulations, restructuring and reorganization initiatives, employee and labor relations issues, workplace accidents, natural disasters, environmental crises and more.

A new area of concern for companies is how and when to respond to extremely negative chatter and vitriol expressed by bloggers and those on social media networks. LCWA counsels clients on how to best minimize the impact of such online criticism.

Our trained crisis communications professionals are available 24/7 to help prepare executives and manage communications to targeted audiences and media. We train appropriate spokespeople to handle a variety of crisis situations. We also work with clients to anticipate potential crises — a practice we call “prefense” planning — and prepare them for media interviews.


31420 Northwestern Hwy., #100
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
248/855-6777 Ext. 105

Michael Layne, Managing Partner

Marx Layne professionals have years of experience handling crisis communications issues. We are frequently retained by leading national law firms to help them guide their clients through the media frenzy that often erupts during a company’s most trying times.

Critical issues from industrial accidents, death on the premises, food-borne illness and environmental pollution, to boycotts, strikes and corporate fraud have all been expertly handled by our senior executives.

During crisis events, Marx Layne crisis counselors are on-call 24/7/365. Our team members are experienced in working with legal advisors, police departments and municipalities while keeping company executives apprised at all times of the crisis situation as it unfolds.

We also train company spokespersons in the development of key speaking points and delivery of messaging. Using the latest media technology, our executives tap into the power of social media to monitor sentiment and provide direction on how to protect and manage the client’s brand. Additionally, we understand how to leverage social media tools as part of an arsenal to respond rapidly, whether the crisis occurs in Detroit or in any other region of the nation.

From privately held entities to Fortune 500 companies, Marx Layne has a twenty-year history of successfully developing proactive, comprehensive crisis communications plans that are in place before, during and after a crisis.


1020 19th Street, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036
Cell: 301/793-1480

Scott Sobel, MA, President

A recent client endorsement tells you everything you need to know about Media & Communications Strategies based in Washington, DC but operating worldwide: “Media & Communications Strategies immediately helped our large association with an internal political and communications crisis. Their team was a catalyst in helping us make bold, thoughtful and effective decisions that got us on the right track, considering all aspects of the problem from legal to emotional. On a personal note, I don’t know what I would have done without the team to help me through this crisis.” - Cathy Atkins, Deputy Executive Director, CAMFT.

MAC Strategies’ counsel takes into consideration the client’s business and reputation during and after a crisis — we are holistic in our approach and provide Critical Relations™ that gets compelling results for clients. We tell the best and most persuasive story for clients that operate in B2B, B2C and virtually every other business model from Fortune level corporations, to all sizes of law firms to associations and much, much more.

We are a founding member of the Public Relations Boutiques International ( network, for constant and far-reaching support in the U.S. and internationally. High profile crisis communications is one niche talent, reputation management is our core expertise and client satisfaction is the predictable outcome.
Our long list of PR and journalistic awards are testimony to our excellent performance for clients … we are, for instance, The Bulldog Crisis Agency of the Year.

Montieth Illingworth

Montieth Illingworth, President of Montieth & Company.


711 Third Ave., 16th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Montieth M. Illingworth, President
Arthur P. Garner III, Senior Advisor

Montieth & Company is a special situations communications and management advisory consultancy. The firm’s Issues & Crisis Management and Litigation Communications practices are distinguished in the industry as having worked on some of the most complex, high stakes matters facing a broad array of individual and corporate clients. Montieth & Company advises on crisis and litigation strategy and provides the related corporate and financial communications and media relations counsel and services.

Montieth & Company has advised on a range of matters including the Madoff Fraud, the DOJ’s insider trading investigation, and a variety of legal and regulatory issues and events. The firm has also advised on business disputes, EEOC and product liability cases, class action litigation, and shareholder activism, amongst many other types of matters. It works closely with the management and legal teams on integrating communications into the full cycle of litigation. It also advises on corporate governance and stewardship issues.

Montieth & Company is headquartered in New York, NY and maintains an office in London. It operates globally through affiliates in Boston, Washington D.C., Sao Paulo, Berlin, Zurich, Hong Kong, and Seoul.


N16 W23233 Stone Ridge Dr., #200
Waukesha, WI 53188
Fax: 262/650-7261

1005 Stratford Ave.
Waterloo, IA 50701
Fax: 319/233-8077

Tim Oliver, President
Linda Wenck, Dir. of Corp. Affairs & Social Responsibility
Max Wenck, Dir. of Agriculture & Pasture-to-Plate Practices
Janine Whipps, Director, Iowa Operations

Morgan&Myers specializes in farm-to-food communications for clients all along the food chain. With an eye on today’s consumers and tomorrow’s trends, we translate technical, complex concepts into simple soundbites that resonate. Our unique 360-degree perspective uncovers insights that inspire ideas. Offerings include strategic communications counsel, planning and executing public relations, new media, social media and digital services, advertising, research and integrated marketing communications. Expect fresh ideas and engaging customer experiences that will move your brands forward.

Client list: American Farm Bureau Federation, American Farm Bureau Inc., Case IH, CNH Global, CNH Parts & Service, Foremost Farms USA, General Mills, Illinois Agriculture Coalition, Illinois Corn Growers Assn., Illinois Pork Producers Assn., Illinois Soybean Assn., Kraft Foods, Merck Animal Health, Oscar Mayer, Philip Morris International, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin, Progressive Agriculture Foundation, Rural Health Initiative and Silver Spring Foods.


One Meadowlands Plaza
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
Fax: 201/507-0092

Michael Kempner, President and Chief Executive Officer
Carreen Winters, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications
Richard Tauberman, Executive Vice President

When trouble hits, in just hours, or even minutes, reputations are made or broken. During this critical time, a company can protect or even enhance its standing with its customers and stakeholders, or sustain damage that is widespread and long-lasting. MWW’s crisis counselors possess an exceptional depth of crisis communications expertise across industries, ensuring that our clients Matter MoreTM when the stakes are highest. We help clients with vulnerability assessments, crisis plan development, crisis simulation training, communications counsel and on-site support in the midst of incidents. And our team manages the aftermath of a crisis to restore trust and reputation.

We approach crisis engagements with reputation management best practices, total stakeholder engagement and digital media savvy. Using MWW’s proprietary Crisis Action Protocol, we thoroughly and meticulously prepare for any potential crisis, regardless of the magnitude. Our planning carefully considers the impact on all audiences including customers, employees, vendors, shareholders, government officials, NGO’s, community leaders, traditional media and social media. Consequently, when a crisis hits, we can react immediately with a multi-channel approach that addresses the diverse needs of each critical constituency.

Richard Nicolazzo

Richard E. Nicolazzo, Managing Partner of Nicolazzo & Associates.


101 Federal Street, Suite 710
Boston, MA 02110
Fax: 617/439-9980

Richard E. Nicolazzo, Managing Partner
Joe M. Grillo, Partner
Richard Adler, Kathleen Buckley, Lisa-Marie Cashman, Elizabeth Hailer, Robert Hughes, Ruth Maron, Craig Orsi, Victor Emmanuel, Consultants

Nicolazzo & Associates is a nationally-known, award-winning strategic communications management firm that provides high-level professional counsel and services to a diverse, national, and international client base. A boutique organization founded more than three decades ago by Richard E. Nicolazzo, the firm practices a proprietary counseling model designed to leverage an organization’s core strengths to enhance brand and enterprise value. Services include crisis communications management, strategic planning and communications, investor relations, media relations and training, management consulting, merger and acquisitions communications, corporate restructurings, issues management, litigation support, labor/employee relations, community relations, market research, executive speechwriting, and branding.


The Chocolate Factory
636 Eleventh Avenue
New York, NY 10036

Peter Hirsch, Executive Vice President, Risk & Reputation

How an organization responds to a crisis is the critical determinant of whether it emerges from that crisis with its reputation enhanced or damaged and research shows that the negative effects of a bungled response are long lasting. Our work is rooted in the philosophy that most of the mistakes organizations make in a crisis are the result of hardwired cognitive bias produced by stress and we apply new learnings from neuroscience to help our clients combat its pernicious effect. We can’t change the human response to stress but by understanding its impact we can counteract its power. Within this framework, our end to end approach covers influencer mapping, so we can identify both accelerants and retardants of any particular crisis; a social media toolkit to help our clients reach stakeholders individually with their narrative and get real time feedback; crisis simulations that hone their skills and proven recovery pathways that help them rebuild their reputation. Leading corporations, government agencies, trade associations and organizations have turned to Ogilvy PR for counsel and 24/7 support in times of crisis to effectively address critical business needs.


1800 West Loop South, Suite 800
Houston, TX 77027
Twitter: pierpontcom
Facebook: PierpontCommunications
Linkedin: pierpont-communications

Phil Morabito, CEO & President
Clint Woods, COO

Pierpont is a nationally-recognized full-service communications firm with extensive experience in the prevention, mitigation and management of crises across a variety of businesses and industries. The firm has worked with clients ranging from large corporations to small companies and community-based non-profits to establish best practices in the event of a crisis as well as react to crisis events.

At Pierpont, it is believed that the most successful outcome of a potential crisis event is minimizing issues before they draw attention of consumer, public and stakeholder audiences. With the experience and expertise to take control of and find solutions for the issues that face an organization, Pierpont has established best practices for almost every scenario that could pose a threat to your business. Crisis management solutions are tailored to support the specific needs of each client’s business; effective crisis management does not lend well to a one-size-fits-all approach.

To learn how our experience can best prepare your organization to successfully manage a crisis, call us at 713/627-2223 or visit us online at


7 World Trade Center
250 Greenwich Street, 36th Floor
New York, NY 10007
Fax: 212/601-8101

Karen van Bergen, CEO

No matter how well-established or deeply respected a company’s corporate brand is, reputational threats, issues and full-blown crises can crop up at virtually any moment. With stakeholders demanding increased transparency from business, and with more and more channels available, particularly rapidly growing social channels, an effective, comprehensive response strategy is critically important.

At Porter Novelli, our crisis planning and response teams bring deep, cross-sector knowledge and best practices to bear no matter what types of issues our clients face. We develop comprehensive, custom-tailored issues and crisis management strategies, based on a deep understanding of our clients’ business, the risks inherent in the situation and how to mitigate potential damage as quickly as possible.

Our crisis capability is an end-to-end offering that includes everything from (when possible) preemptive communications to ongoing communications strategies that help to restore corporate reputation after an incident. We work with senior client leaders to mobilize for adverse events and move rapidly — within minutes — to manage these events off- and online, using traditional and digital media channels to mitigate the negative impact of an issue. We use our proprietary Porter Novelli Radar service — a made-for-speed hub that tracks broadcast coverage and online conversations — to facilitate issues tracking, strategic counsel and reputation management.

Our experience includes prominent global product recalls and safety issues; environmental disasters; data security breaches; workplace accidents; government investigations; high-visibility litigation; and unexpected executive transitions that may raise concerns in the financial community and other audiences. We pride ourselves on responding 24/7 when the situation calls for that level of intensity, and we are deeply committed to bringing the combined worldwide resources of Porter Novelli to bear on our clients’ toughest issues and crisis situations.


One East Wacker Drive
Suite 2450
Chicago, IL 60601
Fax: 312/558-5425

Dorothy Oliver Pirovano, CEO
Jill Allread, President

Protesters are attracting media crews outside your gates, your board chair has been accused of sexual harassment, a new study trashes your miracle drug. Each situation could be your organization’s undoing.

For all of our 52 years, PCI has been helping clients manage crises. The core principles remain the same. Assess the situation. Communicate clearly and honestly. And do it quickly. Those first few hours can make the difference between a crisis that is contained and soon forgotten, and one that becomes part of your media boilerplate. We continuously adapt these tried and true principles to a world in which good news and bad, fact and rumor, travel at lightning speed, disseminated by anyone with a laptop, cell phone, blog or Twitter account.

We are always on call to counsel clients in crisis. And, when it’s calm, we help our clients avoid, anticipate and prepare, so that if a crisis does strike, it becomes the type that is soon forgotten.


Nashville (Headquarters)
209 10th Avenue South
Suite 214
Nashville, TN 37203

Santa Barbara
915 Saint Vincent Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Brandon Edwards, Founder & CEO
Joanne Thornton, Founder & CAO
Kriste Goad, CMO
Phil Stone, COO

We are health care crisis specialists. We understand that issues can become crises in the blink of an eye, and when that happens health care organizations can’t afford their agency to have a learning curve. ReviveHealth has the deep industry expertise and issues management experience to navigate the complex health care legal, regulatory, and business landscape.

As one of the nation’s top 15 firms for health care strategic communication, ReviveHealth has experience in every market and on nearly every issue. Beyond the legion of crisis situations the firm has managed across industries, ReviveHealth provides litigation support and issues management expertise for small companies and large organizations alike. We have developed a special expertise in managing “life events” for specialty providers and health systems dealing with union organizing and strikes, mergers & acquisitions, and payor/provider contract issues. With a specialized focus and expertise, ReviveHealth tackles the convergence of health care and wellness by working with clients who provide solutions to the issues that face providers, employers, and consumers.


630 Third Ave., 9th Fir.
New York, NY 10017

George Sard, Chairman & CEO
Paul Verbinnen, President

Sard Verbinnen & Co is a leading strategic corporate and financial communications firm with offices in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London. We provide communications counsel and services to clients including multinational corporations, smaller public and private companies, investment firms, financial and professional service firms, and high-profile individuals.

The firm’s highly experienced senior professionals provide sound, objective advice and execution support to clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Our work encompasses corporate positioning, media relations and investor relations, transaction communications, litigation support, crisis communications, special situations, and social media and online communications.

We are regularly cited as one of the top M&A and crisis communications advisors in North America.

Founded in 1992, our firm is recognized for delivering candid and thoughtful strategic advice, excellent written product and tactical execution, and tireless advocacy on behalf of our clients.

Our senior professionals are actively engaged in both counsel and implementation. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise, unparalleled relationships and credibility with the media, and deep understanding of the investment community drive the firm’s ability to help our clients manage complex situations and communicate to multiple constituencies successfully.


Member of the Worldcom Public Relations Group
2 Oliver Street, Suite 901
Boston, MA 02109
Fax: 617/536-3180

Joan Schneider, CEO
Phil Pennellatore, President

A hallmark of Schneider Associates’ 33-year history is our ability to counsel companies and individuals during crisis situations. While we hope our clients never face a crisis, we stand ready when a major issue threatens a company’s growth or reputation. SA has been relied upon to handle communications for everything from white collar crime, product recalls, fires, accidental on-the job deaths, securities fraud, sexual harassment, legal issues, social or digital media issues, and other business situations requiring a prompt response. Through the years, we have been successful in averting crises through preparation and creating solid, actionable plans prior to any crisis occurring. Schneider Associates is a full-service public relations and integrated marketing firm specializing in Launch Public Relations®, a proprietary method for launching products, services, companies and communities. Learn more at


11999 San Vicente Blvd, Penthouse
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Fax: 310/788-2855

7 Times Square, #2600
New York, NY 10036-6524
Fax: 212/573-6165

333 West Wacker Drive
Suite 2850
Chicago, IL 60606

San Francisco office
Fax: 415/644-0241
Washington D.C. Office

Michael S. Sitrick, Chairman & CEO
Tom Becker, Head of the New York Office
Lance Ignon, Head of the San Francisco Office
Danielle Newman, Firm Member
Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum (USA Ret.), Managing Director and Practice Lead

Sitrick And Company is widely regarded as one of North America’s leading strategic communications firms. While it has substantial practices in corporate, financial, transactional and crisis communications, Sitrick is best known for representing clients facing sensitive issues, including reputation management, complex litigation, problems emanating from short-sellers, mergers and acquisitions and restructurings. The New York Times called Sitrick “The City’s Most Prominent Crisis Management Firm.” Sitrick is not a traditional PR firm. Business Week said, the “firm is known for going atomic on opponents, using ‘truth squads,’ ‘wheel-of-pain’ tactics and high-profile journalists (who write profiles).” The general counsel of a major publicly-traded company wrote simply in an email, “You saved the company, literally.” Please visit for more information on the firm including a list of current and former clients for which its work has been public.


7 Times Square, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Elliot Sloane, CEO

Sloane & Company is a specialist public relations firm that focuses principally on corporate and financial media relations, investor relations, crisis communications, transaction support, business to business public relations, and public affairs. We provide both strategic counsel and tactical support to leading public and private companies, both domestically and around the world.

Our clients represent a wide array of industries — healthcare, financial services, technology, telecom, media and travel to name a few. Unlike many smaller firms, we have not built practice specialties limited to one or two industries. Because we enjoy a broad worldview and are students of our profession, we can share different approaches and best practices across our client base.

We believe in building partnerships with our clients. We work quickly and immerse ourselves fully to understand a client’s operations, culture, storylines, opportunities and issues. We then build thoughtful communications programs that deliver the right messages to the right constituencies using the right vehicles.


177 Milk Street, Suite 610
Boston, MA 02109
Direct: 617/933-5012
Fax: 617/695-9505
Twitter: @SolomonMcCown

Helene Solomon, CEO
E. Ashley McCown, President

With offices in Boston and New York, Solomon McCown & Company provides strategic communications and crisis management services to mission-focused businesses and organizations. We leverage all of our assets — our strategic thinking, considerable experience, successful alliance building and commitment to results — to help clients achieve the recognition, definition and protection they need to meet their goals. We believe that at the core of advancing an organization’s mission is protecting it. Crisis management is a defining strength of our organization. Our nationally-recognized senior team of crisis managers comes from journalism and politics. We have developed crisis plans for corporations, institutions, and mission-focused organizations, and have played a key role in many sensitive and complex issues including those involving public agencies and non-profits, data breaches, public health issues, labor negotiations and strikes, bankruptcies and business failures, accusations of sexual harassment and abuse, state and federal investigations, and workplace violence. We excel at working with in-house and outside legal counsel and corporate communications teams to devise communications strategies to dovetail with the legal strategy.


880 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Alex Stanton, CEO

We are firm believers that “the best crisis is the one that never happens,” and are known by clients for bringing effective, top-level strategic guidance to protect brand reputation before, during, and after trigger events. With an emphasis on preparedness, Stanton PRM has deep expertise in building and executing customized training programs that provide a hands-on and real-world approach to identifying and preparing for potential crises. Should a crisis occur, we quickly develop a proactive yet focused campaign, embracing traditional and social media channels to effectively minimize negative attention and reputational damage, and avoid escalation of vulnerabilities. Stanton PRM has proven expertise in supporting a variety of challenging crisis situations including litigation, executive illness and sudden death, labor boycotts/strikes, workplace violence, government investigations, life-threatening packaging defects and product tampering, employee misconduct, financial improprieties, and chemical spills, to name a few.

Tellem Grody provided crisis counsel to the DA in the Michael Jackson case.

TGPR provided crisis counsel to the DA in the Michael Jackson case.


30745 Pacific Coast Highway, Ste. 243
Malibu, CA 90265
310/313-3444, ext. 1
twitter: @susantellem

Susan M. Tellem, APR, RN, BSN

Tellem Grody PR, Inc.’s crisis management team, led by partner Susan Tellem, APR, RN, BSN, recently demonstrated our expertise by providing counsel to an extremely popular San Francisco restaurant and a produce company both involved in high profile E. coli poisonings, as well as offering reputation management to entertainment companies with union issues threatening their brands.

Our team offered its knowledge and skill during 18 months of counsel to the Santa Barbara District Attorney during the Michael Jackson molestation case, the highest profile court case to date; and preventing a crisis was paramount during Pope John Paul II’s visit to Los Angeles, so we were on the media advance team credentialing more than 3,000 reporters.

We work closely with law firms providing PR counsel, press briefings and media training for their clients in crisis. Whether it’s entertainment, healthcare, food or pharma, our 30 years of experience in crises preparedness and management helps influence positive public opinion.

For more information, contact Susan Tellem, 310/313-3444 x1.

Vandiver Group staff

The Vandiver Group Crisis Team: Andy Likes, Amy Crump, Donna Vandiver, Ashley Elder, Joe Bonwich, and George Csolak.


510 Maryville Centre Dr., Suite 320
St. Louis, MO 63141
Fax: 314/991-4651
Twitter: @VandiverGroup
Facebook: VandiverGroup
LinkedIn: The Vandiver Group

At some point, every organization faces a crisis. Your image is on the line in a moment’s notice. A fire, recall, or accident can put your business squarely in the public and media spotlight. There is no point in building a reputation that you are ill-prepared to defend. TVG anticipates trends and helps you uncover potential hazards before they occur. Our experienced team will help you plan for the unexpected, train your employees to deal with business and personal challenges and prepare you to manage a crisis effectively. When a crisis does occur, TVG works with your team every step of the way to ensure the proper messages get to the right people, correct protocol is followed, and the stream of information is timely, factual and helps mitigate the effect of the crisis in the short and long term.


909 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Micho Spring, Chair, Global Corporate practice and President, New England
Peter Duda, Executive VP

Lance Morgan, Chief Communications Strategist

Rod Clayton, Executive VP

Weber Shandwick helps clients promote, preserve and protect reputation and brand.
Our global crisis practice encompasses a team of senior professionals who possess an unparalleled set of experiences in the media, government, law and corporate management. Working in partnership with our clients, we understand that preserving corporate and brand reputations are the highest priorities. We ensure that all constituencies that have a stake in the outcome are addressed, and are expert in managing traditional as well as social and digital media. As such, Weber Shandwick offers the full cycle of issues and crisis management.

Our crisis practice has provided counsel to many Fortune 500 companies and we meet their needs with expertise and insight. We have successfully managed crises in a wide number of areas including environmental and safety issues, litigation, activist campaigns, political pressure at the local, regional and state level, regulatory actions, operational crises, and negative press. We have managed acts of terrorism, environmental disasters and product recalls, proxy battles, federal investigations, investigative media reports and board disputes.

In addition to strategic counsel, Weber Shandwick offers tools and training to prepare clients for a potential crisis. FireBell, our proprietary social crisis simulator, creates an authentic, real-time experience of being under attack on social media channels. Additionally, Digital Defense, a proactive approach to protect a company’s reputation online and offline, also provides tools to minimize damage and to promote reputational recovery.

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