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Instant Poll Archive

IRS logoWhat's the effect on voter sentiment that Trump may have avoided paying federal taxes for up to 18 years?
(Oct. 5-12)
After round 1 of Trump v. Clinton, undecideds will:
(Sep. 27-Oct. 4)
Wells FargoHow can Wells Fargo turn around its PR nosedive?
(Sep. 22-26)
NFL player protests during the National AnthemHow should NFL teams handle player protests during the National Anthem?
(Sep. 14-21)
Newspaper Assn. of America drops "newspaper" from its nameNewspaper Assn. of Amer. dropping "newspaper" from its name is:
(Sep. 7-13)
Budweiser's "America" beer canAB In-Bev's 'America' cans for Budweiser are:
(Aug. 30-Sep. 6)
Ryan Lochte & Pine Bros. cough dropsPine Bros. Lochte ads are:
(Aug. 26-29)
Ryan Lochte with Matt LauerRyan Lochte's next PR move is:
(Aug. 23-25)
The Rio Olympics have been a PR:
(Aug. 17-22)
News & AdvertisingBranded media content is:
(Aug. 1-16)
Republican convention in ClevelandMoving forward, the Republican convention will give Donald Trump:
(Jul. 21-24)
Hillary for PresidentWhat should Hillary Clinton first consider in a VP?
(Jul. 15-20)
What should Donald Trump first consider in a VP?
(Jul. 13-14)
How will the FBI’s decision and reprimand in the Clinton email scandal affect Hillary’s campaign?
(Jul. 6-12)
Brits QuitHow will Brexit affect the US PR market?
(Jun. 24-Jul. 6)
Orlando lives lostWhat will Congress do after the Orlando shooting?
(Jun. 14-23)
Johnson & Johnson's baby powderJohnson & Johnson's top priority in the baby powder crisis should be:
(May 31-Jun. 13)
VA Secretary Bob McDonaldSec. Robert McDonald, who compared VA wait times to lines at Disneyland, should:
(May 25-30)
NY Times, MSNBC, Facebook, AP, CNN, Dow Jones, CNN, FOX, Yahoo!What is the most influential media entity in the world?
(May 17-24)
What will Donald Trump’s primary focus be in the general election campaign?
(May 4-16)
Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Donald Trump, Mystery ManWho will be the Republican nominee?
(Apr. 18-May 3)
Panama PapersWhat will be the impact of the Panama Papers?
(Apr. 4-17)
Voting boothWhat will be the top issue for the spring in the presidential campaign?
(Mar. 23-Apr. 4)
Merrick GarlandHow will the Supreme Court fight shake out?
(Mar. 16-22)
Whitehouse, iPhone, SCOTUS, TrumpWhat is the most likely outcome for the fall?
(Mar. 4-16)
iPhone passcode sxreenShould Apple help the federal gov’t access the iPhone of the San Bernadino killer?
(Feb. 18-Mar. 2)
Healthcare, Digital, Mergers, Tech, ContentWhat was the biggest driver of PR revenue growth in 2015?
(Feb. 7-17)
Donald Trump & Ted CruzWho has the best shot to upset Donald Trump or Ted Cruz in Iowa & NH?
(Jan. 26-Feb. 6)
Jada Pinkett-SmithHow can the Academy Awards defuse the growing boycott?
(Jan. 21-25)
Daily News CoverTed Cruz’s attack on ‘New York values’:
(Jan. 15-20)
Sean Penn & El ChapoSean Penn's El Chapo Rolling Stone piece is:
(Jan. 11-14)
PR comeback 2016Who faces the steepest PR comeback in 2016?
(Dec. 22-Jan. 10)
Daily News cartoon - Trump Beheads Statue of LibertyDonald Trump's plan to halt entry of Muslims to the US is:
(Dec. 9-21)
Pfizer/AllerganHow will the public see Pfizer in the wake of its $155B deal for Allergan?
(Nov. 25-Dec. 3)
Paris terrorist attacksHow will the Paris terror attacks affect the US?
(Nov. 16-24)
GOPThe GOP’s strategy of pillorying the media:
(Nov. 9-15)
Chipotle logoHow is Chipotle handing the E. coli scare at locations in Oregon & Washington?:
(Nov. 4-8)
Paul RyanFrom a PR standpoint, grade House Speaker Paul Ryan’s first week in office:
(Nov. 2-3)
TrumpTrump's presidential campaign has:
(Oct. 27-Nov. 1)
Benghazi Special CommitteeBenghazi hearings will:
(Oct. 20-26)
Draft Kings & Fan DuelThe fantasy sports business is:
(Oct. 16-19)
Jack DorseyWhat should be Job One for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey?
(Oct. 13-15)
Joe, RunIs Joe Biden ready to jump into the race for President?
(Oct. 7-12)
CNN screenshotThe mass shooting in Oregon will:
(Oct. 2-6)
Cecile RichardsPlanned Parenthood’s president Cecile Richards’ testimony before the House this week:
(Sep. 30-Oct. 1)
Pope FrancisPope Francis' message is:
(Sep. 24-29)
GOP DebateWho won the GOP debate?
(Sep. 17-23)
Stock market turmoilStock market turmoil is:
(Aug. 24-Sep. 16)
Amazon, Ashley Madison, Subway, Planned ParenthoodWhich company is having the roughest PR August?
(Aug. 21-24)
PR summerWho is having the best PR summer?
(Jul. 22-Aug. 20)
Pres. Obama & VP BidenWhat do you think of the Iran deal?
(Jul. 15-21)
Greek flagHow should Europe respond to the Greece crisis?
(Jul. 7-14)
Supreme CourtDo you agree with the Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage?
(Jun. 29-Jul. 6)
NY TImesWhat should the New York Times do to improve its long-term survival chances?
(Jun. 16-28)
White HouseWhat will be the top issue of the 2016 presidential campaign?
(May 21-Jun. 15)
Tom BradyDeflate-gate’s greatest impact will be to:
(May 7-20)
Walmart & McDonald'sMajor companies raising hourly wages are conducting:
(Apr. 7-May 6)
GermanwingsAfter the Germanwings crash, Lufthansa needs to:
(Mar. 27-Apr. 6)
NetanyahuFollowing his election victory, will Israel PM Netanyahu work to improve his relationship with President Obama?
(Mar. 18-26)
Feld EntetainmentAfter Feld Entertainment said it will nix elephants in the circus, what should SeaWorld do?
(Mar. 10-17)
GOP hopefulsWho's ahead in the early GOP presidential PR race?
(Feb. 19-Mar. 9)
Brian WilliamsWill Brian Williams return to the NBC anchor chair?
(Feb. 10-18)
NetanyahuIsrael PM Netanyahu, invited to address the US Congress despite Obama administration disapproval, should:
(Jan. 30-Feb. 9)
PR comebackWhich company will mount the biggest PR comeback of 2015?
(Jan. 8-29)
PR goatsWho is the PR goat of 2014?:
(Dec. 4-Jan. 7)
Bill CosbyBill Cosby needs to:
(Nov. 20-Dec. 3)
GOPThe GOP took the Senate because:
(Nov. 6-19)
Ebola virusWho is winning the PR war on Ebola?
(Oct. 28-Nov. 5)
LEGO & ShellLEGO should have:
(Oct. 10-27)
CVS, Goodell, ISIS, Obama, PutinWho gave the most effective PR performance in September?
(Sep. 25-Oct. 9)
NFLWhat is the NFL's most effective PR play amid the Ray Rice crisis?
(Sep. 11-24)
IRSWhat is the biggest PR threat to companies pursuing "inversions" for tax purposes?
(Aug. 26-Sep. 10)
ObamaHas President Obama sold the public on a return to military engagement in Iraq?
(Aug. 13-25)
Jerusalem PostWho is wining the media war in the Middle East?
(July 23-Aug. 12)
World CupWill the just-completed Brazil World Cup increase the long-term popularity of soccer in the US?
(July 17-22)
Why do you most often turn down a reporter's request for an interview?
(July 9-16)
PunditsMedia are dragging out Iraq hawks as pundits to redeem themselves for supporting 2003 invasion:
(June 25-July 9)
CarneyWhat will White House press secretary Jay Carney's next job be?
(June 11-25)
Redskins, NFL, FIFA, ClippersWhich org has the best handle on its sports PR crisis?
(June 3-10)
pollWith Omnicom-Publicis dead, which company is ripe for acquisition?
(May 16-June 2)
pollWhat's the best way to boost a firm's social media services?
(Apr. 23-May 15)
pollWhich is the worst PR client to have right now?
(Apr. 9-22)
obamaAs President Obama reaches his goal of 7M Obamacare sign-ups, the ACA rollout is a:
(Apr. 1-8)
mary barraHow did GM CEO Mary Barra do in her crisis debut?
(Mar. 18-Mar. 31)
bill murrayPRSA should have a press conference on CEO Bill Murray's resignation:
(Mar. 11-17)
pollGrade President Obama's handling of the crisis in Ukraine:
(Mar. 4-10)
comcast-twWill Comcast's $45B acquisition of Time Warner Cable be good for consumers?
(Feb. 21-Mar. 3)
fallonWill Jimmy Fallon succeed as 'Tonight Show' host?
(Feb. 18-20)
super bowlWhich city will next host a 'cold-weather' Super Bowl?
(Feb. 3-17)
sotuThe State of the Union address:
(Jan. 29-Feb. 3)
Edelman Trust BarometerEdelman found credibility in gov't at its lowest level. Who is most to blame?
(Jan. 22-28)
harpersHarper's undercover servant school piece was:
(Jan. 13-21)
deblasioIncome disparity will be a _____ topic in 2014.
(Jan. 7-12)
Phil Robertson

"Duck Dynasty," after the flap about Phil Robertson's gay remarks, is a:
(Jan. 1-6)

pollAre you concerned about GMO foods?
(Dec. 12-31)

Amazon's PR play announcing its drone plans via '60 Minutes' was:
(Dec. 4-11)

pollIs school privatization a problem?
(Nov. 19-Dec. 3)
councilShould the Council of PR Firms change its name?
(Nov. 4-18)
redskinsThe Washington Redskins name should:
(Oct. 17-Nov. 4)
congressWho will take the biggest PR hit from the shutdown and debt fight?
(Oct. 9-16)
pollWhat is President Obama's biggest PR problem?
(Sep. 25-Oct. 8)
pollShould PRSA's Bill Murray be promoted from COO to CEO?
(Sep. 16-24)
pollShould the US intervene in Syria?
(Aug. 27-Sep. 15)
Al JazeeraWill Al Jazeera America overcome its perceived anti-U.S. bias?
(Aug. 20-26)
egyptShould the US suspend its $1.3B in military aid to Egypt in response to the bloody crackdown on anti-government activists?
(Aug. 15-19)
obama, putinWas Pres. Obama right to cancel his Sept. meeting with Pres. Putin?
(Aug. 6-14)
omc, publThe Omnicom-Publicis merger will be:
(Jul. 30-Aug. 6)
wheatGenetically modified foods are:
(Jul. 18-29)
sctousWhat should the US do in Egypt?
(Jul. 11-17)
sctousDid the Supreme Court make the right decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act?:
(Jun. 27-Jul. 10)
snowdenEdward Snowden is:
(Jun. 24-26)
pressIs there such a thing as freedom “from” the press?
(Jun. 3-23)
pollWhich scandal needs the most PR help?
(May 14-Jun. 2)
siWhat will result from NBA player Jason Collins coming out in Sports Illustrated?
(Apr. 29-May 13)
pollIs 'communications' a legitimate college major?
(Apr. 4-28)
pollWho is having the strongest PR impact of late?
(Apr. 1-3)
pollWhere is the biggest PR opportunity in business media this month?
(Mar. 8-31)
pollWho needs the most PR help this month?
(Feb. 13-Mar. 7)
pollWho has the best shot at redemption?
(Jan. 23-Feb. 12)
pollWho won the fiscal cliff battle?
(Jan. 2-22)
newtownThe Newtown massacre will greatly change:
(Dec. 18-Jan. 1)
Chief Digital Officer SummitDigital is:
(Dec. 13-17)
postWhat do you think of the NY Post's subway death cover?
(Dec. 6-12)
stateWho should President Obama nominate as Secretary of State?
(Nov. 30-Dec. 6)
capitolDo you expect more political compromise on Capitol Hill now that the campaign season is over?
(Nov. 7-29)
Christie, Bloomberg, ObamaWho is the "hero" of Hurricane Sandy?
(Oct. 31-Nov. 6)
pollDo you expect Time to follow Newsweek's decision to kill its print edition during the next year?
(Oct. 19-30)
banksWho is most effective PR voice for the finance sector?
(Oct. 12-17)
debateWho will get a PR boost from the first debate?
(Oct. 4-11)
occupyAs Occupy Wall Street marks its first anniversary, is it a PR success or failure?
(Sep. 17-Oct. 3)
gopWhich political party held a more effective convention?
(Sep. 7-16)
castroWho gave the most effective speech to open the Democratic convention?
(Sep. 5-6)
gopWho gave the most effective speech at the GOP convention?
(Aug. 30-Sep. 4)
chickChick-fil-A's gay marriage episode was a PR:
(Aug. 10-30)
pollThe New York Times reports that President Obama’s “negative” campaign ads may hurt his bid for re-election.
(Jul. 30-Aug. 9)
supremeWho will benefit the most from the Supreme Court's healthcare decision? (Jun. 29-Jul. 30)
disneyDisney’s decision to drop "junk food" ads during children's programming is a:
(Jun. 5-28)
obamaPresident Obama's backing of gay marriage will:
(May 9-Jun. 4)
press freedom dayToday (May 3) is World Press Freedom Day. Is the free press endangered?
(May 3-8)
pollRate the performance of the five PR orgs - PRSA, Page Society, (PR) Seminar, CPRF, IPR:
(Apr. 18-May 2)
pollWho got the best billion-dollar deal?
(Apr. 12-17)
supremeHow will the Supreme Court decide the Affordable Care Act?
(Mar. 27-Apr. 11)
Greg SmithWill Greg Smith's op-ed resignation have an impact on the culture of Goldman Sachs?
(Mar. 15-26)
pollWhat has been the PR story of 2012 so far?
(Feb. 28-Mar. 14)
komenDid the Komen foundation make the right move in apologizing and restoring funding to Planned Parenthood?
(Feb. 2-27)
2012What is your forecast for PR spending in 2012?
(Jan. 11-Feb. 2)
iposWhich is the most hyped IPO?
(Dec. 30-Jan. 10)
obama, gingrichWho would win in a Gingrich-Obama presidential debate?
(Dec. 14-29)
dan ratherWas CPJ honoree Dan Rather wrongfully dismissed by CBS News in 2004?
(Dec. 7-13)
penn statePenn State's crisis response has been:
(Nov. 13-Dec. 6)
madoffHas Ruth Madoff's PR blitz convinced you that she had no knowledge of husband Bernie's financial shenanigans?
(Oct. 31-Nov. 13)
cnnWho 'won' the Oct. 18 Republican debate?
(Oct. 19-30)
thomasDo you agree with the Society of Professional Journalists' vote against reviving its Helen Thomas award?
(Oct. 3-11)
debitWho will take the PR heat for the new fees put on debit cards/ checking accounts?
(Sep. 29-Oct. 3)
hastingsNetflix CEO Reed Hastings' apology for the company's response to customer anger was:
(Sep. 20-29)
obamaPresident Obama's jobs speech was:
(Sep. 8-19)
Hurricane IreneWho was Hurricane Irene's biggest PR winner?
(Aug. 29-Sep. 8)
jobsThe resignation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs will:
(Aug. 25-28)
budgetHow will the austerity-laced budget deal affect the PR industry?
(Aug. 2-24)
News of the WorldWho will be the first victim of News Corp.'s hacking scandal?
(Jul. 12-Aug. 1)
gay marriageWhat will be the PR effect of New York's same-sex marriage law?
(Jul. 6-11)
President ObamaRate President Obama's speech making the case for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan:
(Jun. 23-Jul. 5)
Rob JamesIs PR pro Doug Simon right that VNR's 'aren't a relevant communications tool anymore'?
(Jun. 10-22)
Will NPR listeners be turned off by 'corporate promotional breaks' every 15 minutes?
(Jun. 1-9)
Lance ArmstrongLance Armstrong's PR strategy is:
(May 26-31)
Burson-Marsteller/FacebookWho deserves blame for the Burson-Marsteller /Facebook flap?
(May 13-25)

Soda cansShould soda cans display sugar content as teaspoons, besides grams and calories?
(May 5-12)

Osama Bin LadenWhat effect will Bin Laden's death have on terror threats to the U.S.?
(May 2-4)
Prince William & Kate MiddletonWill Britain's "royal wedding" be the last gasp of its monarchy?
(Apr. 25-May 1)
Nuclear FacilityHow has the accident in Japan affected nuclear power's U.S. image?
(Apr. 12-24)
John Boehner & President ObamaWho will take the biggest PR hit for a government shutdown?
(Apr. 6-11)
President ObamaIn his speech on Libya, President Obama:
(Mar. 29-Apr. 5)
New York TimesThe paywall will:
(Mar. 23-29)
Stock chartHas PR fully rebounded from the recession?
(Mar. 7-22)
Saudi FlagIf the Gov't of Saudi Arabia faces a serious revolt, the U.S. should:
(Feb. 22-Mar. 6)
AOL/Huffington Post mergerThe AOL/Huffington Post merger will result in:
(Feb. 8-21)
PlugShould the president have the authority to shut down the Internet in the event of civil unrest?
(Feb. 2-7)
President ObamaRate President Obama's State of the Union Address:
(Jan. 27-Feb. 1)
Steve JobsCan Apple maintain its PR mojo without Steve Jobs?
(Jan. 19-26)
Media PunditsWhich media pundit is likely to crash in 2011?
(Dec. 31-Jan. 18)
Julian Assange Julian Assange is a...
(Dec. 16-30):
President ObamaPresident Obama's tax deal shows he's a...
(Dec. 8-15):
cap gown2011 PR grad asks career advice:
(Dec. 3-Dec. 7)
Tiger Woods, Michael Vick, GM, BP, John BoehnerWho should be most thankful this holiday season?
(Nov. 22-Dec. 2)
Crisis imageWhat is the most crisis-prone industry among the following?
(Nov. 15-21)
Decision Points book coverWhat effect will President Bush's book "Decision Points" have on his image?
(Nov. 9-14)
Arthur Sulzberger & NY Times cover"I think the New York Times will be in print in 2020," said publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.:
(Nov. 1-8)
ChileHow will coverage of the rescued miners boost Chile's travel and tourism PR?
(Oct. 18-31)
PRSA & APR logosShould APR be a requirement to serve PRSA?
(Oct. 15-17)
Rupert MurdochRupert Murdoch denies Fox News Channel is 'anti-immigration.' What do you think?
(Oct. 5-14)
chileCan Segway survive the PR crisis triggered when its owner was filled from a plunge off a cliff?
(Sep. 28-Oct. 4)

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