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Updated Mar. '14
Best Technology and Industrial Public Relations Firms & Agencies

The firms ranked below have satisfied the O'Dwyer ranking rules – supporting fee and employee totals with income tax and W-3 forms and providing a current account list. O'Dwyer's rankings should be regarded as an expression of our judgement of a firm's standing within the industry, and are not warranted to comply with any specific objective standards.

Deadline for rankings based on '14 net fees: Fri., Feb. 27 (PDF ranking form)

Linked firms are listed in O'Dwyer's PR firms database
  Firm 2013
Net Fees
34. 5W Public Relations, New York, NY $2,000,000
17. Airfoil, Southfield, MI 7,382,549
6. Allison+Partners, San Francisco, CA 14,393,000
3. APCO Worldwide, Washington, DC 32,133,169
23. Bateman Group, San Francisco, CA 4,233,039
63. Beehive PR, St. Paul, MN 247,748
44. Catapult PR-IR, Boulder, CO 1,095,785
60. CooperKatz & Co., New York, NY 320,356
22. Coyne PR, Parsippany, NJ 4,654,000
40. Dye, Van Mol & Lawrence, Nashville, TN 1,451,751
1. Edelman, New York, NY 265,931,298
18. Fahlgren Mortine, Columbus, OH 6,960,614
54. Feintuch Communications, New York, NY 479,166
12. Finn Partners, New York, NY 9,308,094
25. Formula PR, New York, NY 3,866,446
57. French | West | Vaughan, Raleigh, NC 402,000
27. Gibbs & Soell, New York, NY 3,365,280
35. Gregory FCA, Ardmore, PA 1,900,000
20. Highwire PR, San Francisco, CA 5,679,255
13. Hoffman Agency, The, San Jose, CA 9,150,000
74. Hope-Beckham, Atlanta, GA 88,869
15. HORN, San Francisco, CA 8,000,000
36. Hotwire, New York, NY 1,815,599
47. Hunter PR, New York, NY 993,098
43. Idea Grove, Dallas, TX 1,263,337
19. Inkhouse Media + Marketing, Waltham, MA 5,929,950
61. IW Group, West Hollywood, CA 261,000
26. Jackson Spalding, Atlanta, GA 3,727,450
49. K/F Communications, San Francisco, CA 921,034
31. Kaplow, New York, NY 2,230,000
59. Kohnstamm Communications, St. Paul, MN 354,923
41. Lambert, Edwards + Associates, Grand Rapids, MI 1,417,331
73. Landis Communications, San Francisco, CA 100,000
53. LANE, Portland, OR 488,673
11. LaunchSquad, San Francisco, CA 10,251,182
29. LEVICK, Washington, DC 2,968,410
46. Linhart Public Relations, Denver, CO 1,016,122
51. M/C/C, Inc., Dallas, TX 800,000
76. Maccabee, Minneapolis, MN 65,751
42. Makovsky, New York, NY 1,400,000
30. March Communications, Boston, MA 2,623,750
67. Marketing Maven Public Relations, Camarillo, CA 178,179
14. Max Borges Agency, Miami, FL 9,116,390
72. McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations, Nashville, TN 111,137
45. Moore Communications Group, Tallahassee, FL 1,033,825
5. MWW, New York, NY 16,354,000
39. North 6th Agency (N6A), New York, NY 1,484,000
71. O'Malley Hansen Communications, Chicago, IL 156,000
69. OCG PR, Ft. Worth, TX 178,094
16. PadillaCRT, Minneapolis, MN 7,771,100
24. Pan Communications, Boston, MA 3,965,280
33. Peppercomm, New York, NY 2,094,314
32. Prosek Partners, New York, NY 2,192,350
62. Public Communications Inc., Chicago, IL 254,864
58. Pulp-PR, Los Angeles, CA 374,886
4. Racepoint Global, Boston, MA 19,428,370
48. Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications, Boston, MA 963,049
55. rbb Public Relations, Miami, FL 434,011
68. Red Sky PR, Boise, ID 178,153
66. RF | Binder Partners, New York, NY 193,727
75. Rosica, Paramus, NJ 86,500
9. Ruder Finn, New York, NY 10,958,000
65. Schneider Associates, Boston, MA 215,500
50. Singer Associates, San Francisco, CA 842,550
8. SparkPR, San Francisco, CA 11,360,750
21. SS|PR, Northfield, IL 4,850,000
56. Standing Partnership, St. Louis, MO 406,419
64. TransMedia Group, Boca Raton, FL 225,000
37. Trevelino/Keller, Atlanta, GA 1,540,000
38. Trylon SMR, New York, NY 1,496,894
70. VPE Public Relations, South Pasadena, CA 165,959
7. W2O Group, San Francisco, CA 14,282,000
2. Waggener Edstrom Communications, Bellevue, WA 57,008,000
28. Walker Sands Communications, Chicago, IL 3,069,256
77. Weiss PR, Baltimore, MD 40,000
52. Wise Public Relations, New York, NY 586,000
10. Zeno Group, New York, NY 10,465,800
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