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Trevelino/Keller Trevelino/Keller
981 Joseph Lowery Boulevard., #100, Atlanta, GA 30318
Practices: Technology, Financial Services, Health, Franchising, Lifestyle, Food & Beverage, Environment.
Founded: 2003.

Agency Statement: Trevelino/Keller, a digital public relations and marketing firm, ranks as one of the top 10 fastest growing firms in the country, number two in the Southeast. Each of its practices rank nationally, moving up 4 to 10 slots in 2017 across technology, health, financial services, franchising/food & beverage, lifestyle and environment. In 2017, the firm moved to an outcome-based model, working with companies whose primary goal aligns with growth, valuation, engagement or thought leadership. Going a step further to relate more emotionally with ideal clients, the firm targets four distinct management personas – disruptive forces, category pioneers, stealth leaders and wonder women. This philosophy has proven to resonate with prospects who find the agency’s transparent approach to be refreshing.

Based in Atlanta’s urban westside, clients are served by a suite of services under public relations, digital/social marketing, demand generation and creative services (branded as Groovy Studios, an award-winning internal shop delivering web, brand, design and content). The firm differentiates itself with a reputation marketing approach that integrates third party attribution with digital and social marketing.

While an independent firm, Trevelino/Keller is recognized, in part, for the dynamic networks it creates to serve clients in a rapidly changing environment. Networks today include: Atlas Alliance, a global network of five like-minded boutique firms that deliver in country services in Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and the Middle East; and, WheelhouseTK, a consultant network that offers complementary services to the firm, including video production, research, brand articulation and experiential marketing. Last year, the firm launched Winepreneurs, an organization that brings entrepreneurs, investors and influencers together to prosper through connection.

On the eve of its 15th anniversary, the firm retains the claim of having the industry’s number one retention, having lost one person to an agency since its start.

Dean Trevelino, founder & prin., 404-214-0722 X106
Genna Keller, founder & prin., 404-214-0722 X105

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