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Potomac Communications Group Potomac Communications Group
1133 20th St., N.W., Suite 400, Washington, DC 20036
202/466-7391; fax: 202/429-0365
Trade associations & professional societies, energy, infrastructure, science & technology, environmental remediation.
Employees: 26. Founded: 1981.

Agency Statement: Potomac Communications Group helps clients successfully:

•Establish themselves as leading voices for their industries and professions, and become more effective advocates.
•Revitalize their brands in order to offer a more powerful value proposition to current and prospective stakeholders.
•Manage high-level, strategic issues such as executive transitions, regulatory threats, environmental remediation and financial crises.
•Promote marketing initiatives such as conferences, new products and sponsorship offerings.
•Develop websites, infographics and other materials to convey messages with impact.

Mimi Limbach, mng. partner; Leonard Greenberger, Andrew Hallmark, Laura Hermann, partners

American Fisheries Society
American Petroleum Institute
Argonne National Laboratory
CDM Smith
Construction Specifications Institute
Direct Selling Association
Idaho National Laboratory
Industrial Steel Drum Institute
Intellectual Ventures
National Grid
Nuclear Energy Institute