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Trevelino/Keller Trevelino/Keller
949 W. Marietta St., Suite X-106, Atlanta, GA 30318
dtrevelino@trevelinokeller.com; gkeller@trevelinokeller.com
Practices: Technology, Lifestyle, Environment, Food & Beverage, Health, Financial Services.
Employees: 22. Founded: 2003.

Agency Statement: Trevelino/Keller, a digital public relations and marketing firm with public relations, content marketing, demand generation and creative services, boasts the industry’s best staff retention rate and a long-standing client base of established and emerging brands. Based in Atlanta with a presence in San Francisco, Orlando and Charleston, the firm differentiates itself with a reputation marketing approach that’s designed to build thought leadership, brand awareness and metric-driven results.

In response to a growing demand for creative and interactive needs, the firm established Groovy Studios, a creative arm that offers creative design, web services, content development and digital marketing. Since its inception, Groovy Studios has received more than 25 creative awards.

While an independent firm, Trevelino/Keller is recognized, in part, for the dynamic networks it creates to serve clients in a rapidly changing environment. Networks today include:

Atlas Alliance, a global network of like-minded boutique firms that deliver in country services in Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and the Middle East; WheelhouseTK, a consultant network that offers complementary services to the firm, including video production and research; Consume Brands, a food service driven network delivering channel development, brand extensions, go to market and culinary capabilities to early stage and established brands with a national and international footprint; Tech-Rise, a real estate and technology collaboration for technology-driven real estate entities; and Start-Opia, which provides training, content and collaboration to start-up companies based on East and West coasts.

With an increasingly diverse skill set, strong practices and an eco-system of strategically created networks, Trevelino/Keller is continuing to position itself as one of the most innovative firms in the country.

Dean Trevelino, Genna Keller, principals

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