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Lippe Taylor Lippe Taylor
215 Park Ave. South, New York, NY 10003
Founded: 1988.

Agency Statement: Speak with us about speaking with her!

Lippe Taylor specializes in motivating women to buy brands! We're pioneers in, and continue to dominate, the marketing to women space. And we've "cracked the code" on why women and girls buy one brand and not another... on influencing them to share their opinions and engage on social channels.

Who are we?

We are Lippe Taylor. The award winning, brand-building, fiercely independent firm that reaches women through integrated communications programs that drive sales. We market across all ages and stages of a woman's life, with clients in categories that include health & wellbeing, beauty & fashion, food & beverage and lifestyle.

Our mission is to turn our clients' story into an immersive multimedia experience that will allow people to explore, engage and interact with a brand online and offline. We develop strategies that take advantage of the evolving PR landscape of Social Media/Digital Marketing and the vast appetite for content.

What sets us apart?

•WBENC Certified Women Owned Business founded by Maureen Lippe, former editor at Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, who has been studying women's buying habits for 30 years.

•Proprietary Research - We partner with leading women's digital platforms to gain valuable insights on women. For example, we've created the "Women's Health Behavior Index" and "Women's Buying Behavior Index" to anticipate attitudes and trends that impact brands.

•Content Creators & Visual Storytellers - Our editorial background makes us uniquely qualified to craft the strongest headlines, copy and videos that tell compelling brand messages and deliver the strongest possible media results.

•Right-Sized & Independent - Big enough to deliver huge impact. But we don't report to a holding company ... we report to our clients. Our independence helps us unleash the power of our smart, passionate people to deliver maximum impact with the highest level of hands-on attention.

•20-Year Start Up: Our culture is a competitive advantage. Our entrepreneurial spirit and agility allows us to shift gears and constantly evolve with changes in market conditions and technology.

•Full Integration With Digital-First Mindset - We provide a full range of digital services, creative content and media relations. We also make sure that concepts align across the marketing mix from Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat to mobile engagement of all kinds.

•Award Winning Social/Digital - We've led many of our clients into social and digital marketing that works! Our ROI focus and discipline set us apart in the space.

•In-House Design & Production Department - Our creative studio enables us to handle content production; design & branding; technology/apps/web integration and mobile and other social media and creative asset needs, all under our own roof.

What are our core values?

•Respect - We respect the consumer's intelligence, our clients, each other, and the value of our ideas and work.

•Excellence - We believe that being good isn't good enough.

•We are committed to ...

-- Our Clients - We treat their brands and their budgets as if they were our own. We truly feel that we are stakeholders in each client's business.

-- Our Team - We believe in creating an exciting and positive place for people to come to work. We take pride in our sunny, inspiring offices that are designed to feel more like home.

-- Media, Influencers & Consumers - We know the value of good content and how to tell a good story. We do not waste people's time - instead, we provide information that is helpful, educational, useful, fun and entertaining.

-- Quality - We strive to provide each client with the highest quality services & assets available, at reasonable prices. We believe that superior service from the beginning to the end of each project is of paramount importance.

Maureen Lippe, CEO; Lori Rubinson, chief strategy officer and mng. dir.; Tracy Shea, chief digital officer

Clients include Fortune 500 companies and up-and-coming brands such as:

Bio Oil
Black & Decker
Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits
Elizabeth Arden
FaceCake Technologies
George Foreman
Taylor Precision