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MCS Healthcare Public Relations MCS Healthcare Public Relations
1420 State Hwy. 206 N., Bedminster, NJ 07921
Healthcare PR: mktg. comms., product launches, clinical trial comms., patient education programs, issues management, crisis comms., social media.
Employees: 17. Founded: 1985.

Agency Statement: For more than three decades, MCS has remained a constant fixture in an ever-changing media marketplace by adapting and innovating as rapidly as the science itself. From our earliest assignment celebrating the eradication of smallpox, to announcing the results of the world’s first cardiovascular mega-trials, to the design of PR programs that move the needles for many of today’s blockbuster brands, we have amassed a deep level of scientific and journalistic expertise and earned the enduring trust and respect of the industry’s top innovators, advocates, and influencers.

As an independent specialty shop solely focused on healthcare, we think of ourselves as a swift boat among battleships: small but sturdy; nimble and reliable; and best-suited for operations that are difficult, demanding and unique. Everyone here shares a trademark set of skills and a desire to use their PR powers for good, both for the client and for the healthcare community. We are passionate about what we do. We are data wonks, pop-culture junkies, and nerdy, notorious spell-checkers. And we're sticklers for ensuring the availability of senior counsel, on your team and in your trenches, every day.

When it comes to media relations, we want home runs, not just hits. You have an important perspective to communicate, and only a quality article inclusive of your brand’s attributes constitutes a win. As part of our daily media monitoring, we evaluate each article's impact on your brand and proactively answer the questions, “so what?” and “what now?”

We are a highly collaborative bunch that believes in the pollination of ideas across all brand communications. We welcome the opportunity to partner with your creative agencies, co-marketers and cross-functional colleagues to deliver results more efficiently and with a holistic vision of the brand’s success.

Joe Boyd, CEO; Eliot Harrison, exec. VP; Cindy Romano, Jennifer Silvent, sr. VPs; Karen Dombek, Laura de Zutter, VPs

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