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Highwire PR
727 Sansome St., Suite 100, San Francisco, CA 94111
415/963-4174, ext. 2
Enterprise IT, security, consumer, digital health, cloud, applications, mobile.
Employees: 46. Founded: 2008.

Emily Borders, Kathleen Gratehouse and Carol Carrubba
Emily Borders, Kathleen Gratehouse and Carol Carrubba
Agency Statement: Highwire PR is a modern high tech communications agency designed for disruptive companies. Our roots in journalism and Silicon Valley give us the drive, imagination and experience to create meaningful business results through smart communication programs.

At Highwire we hold ourselves and our partners to a very high standard, challenging each other to act creatively, embracing risk, learning from failure, celebrating success, and committing to programs that have direct business impact. The result is more than a partnership - it's building the industry credibility and standout reputation that leads to increased sales, improved valuation, and lasting business value.

Emily Borders, Kathleen Gratehouse and Carol Carrubba

440 N. Well St., #330, Chicago IL 60654
8 West 38th St., Suite 1200, New York, NY 10018

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