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Karbo Communications Karbo Communications
601 Fourth St., #204, San Francisco, CA 94107
B2B and consumer tech PR and digital communications.
Employees: 14. Founded: 2001.

The TDK and Karbo Com team at January 2017 CES

The TDK and Karbo Com team at January 2017 CES.

Agency Statement: Karbo Communications is a respected and innovative PR and digital communications agency that delivers on business objectives. With Karbo Com, you don’t get bench players. You get the industry’s top marketing and PR teams working with you every day, whether it’s developing positioning, placing your company in top media, growing an active social media base, creating viral videos or writing influential content. We’ve ushered in technologies such as cloud, the Internet of Things, social, Big Data, apps, advertising tech, security, networking, gaming and wearable technology.

The Karbo Com team has worked extensively with both B2B and consumer tech companies, including Apple, eBay Advertising, the IoT World conference, Logitech, Equinix, Cisco, Defense.Net, NerdWallet, GoDaddy, Fox Digital, The National Geographic, Oracle and Intel. When it’s make or break, you want the best. You want a team that’s seen it all, yet knows the latest and greatest trends, technologies and tools. At Karbo Com, we have a track record of delivering revenues, industry leading stature, partners and funding.

Julie Karbo, founder & CEO

eBay Advertising
IoT World
RTI (Real-Time Innovations)