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Management Consultants for the PR Industry

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AdMedia Partners Inc., Three Park Ave., 31st. Flr., New York, NY 10016. 212/759-1870. info@admediapartners.com; www.admediapartners.com. Gregory Smith, Mng. Dir., Seth Alpert, Mng. Dir.

AKA MEDIA INC., 171 North Aberdeen, Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60607. 800/996-9432. jvargas@akamediainc.com; www.akamediainc.com. Jason Vargas, Managing Partner.

We are the video-first solution for your communication needs.

AKA is an award-winning video content shop recognized worldwide as live and branded video experts. We work internally and externally with all-in creative, strategic campaign management, production, post-production, and intelligent distribution for many of the world’s most successful brands.

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• Video Content Strategy, Production and Distribution
• Live Video Streaming Events (Global CEO Town Halls)
• Integrated Satellite Media Tours (SMT/RMT/IMT)
• Brand Journalism and Video Storytelling
• Internet Media Tours, Radio Media Tours and ANRs
• Guaranteed Impressions
• Highlights Reels, Sizzle Reels, Award-Entry Videos
• Video Editing, Audio, Graphics and Effects (Sizzle Reels)
• Content for Video, Radio, Web, TV and Social Media Campaigns

Video Content Strategy, Production and Distribution
Our clients use video to engage, entertain and educate. We add value with common sense, humor, and major brand experience.

Live Video Streaming Events
We excel in live streaming productions from challenging locations. CEOs love our strategic, cost-effective approach to Global Town Halls.

Satellite Media Tours (SMT/RMT/IMT)
We connect your story, your star and your location to reach millions of people with earned engagement and guaranteed results.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Hamilton Bldg., 8283 Greensboro Dr., McLean, VA 22102. 703/902-5000. www.boozallen.com. Ralph Shrader, Ph.D., Chmn.

Gould+Partners LLC
Gould+Partners LLC, One Penn Plaza, Suite 3500, New York, NY 10119. 212/896-1909; cell: 917/783-4500. rick@gould-partners.com; www.gould-partners.com. Rick Gould, CPA, J.D., Mng. Partner; Mike Muraszko, Partner; Jennifer Casani, Partner; Don Bates, Sr. Counselor; James Arnold, Sr. Counselor; Robert Udowitz, Sr. Counselor; Marty Jacknis, Strategic Partner; David Tobin, Strategic Partner; Yadi Gomez, Acct. Coord.; Matthew Schwartz, Editorial Dir.; Sally Tilleray, Sr. Advisor, London/UK.

Pile & Co., 179 Lincoln St., #400, Boston, MA 02111. 617/267-5000. www.pileandcompany.com. Judy Neer, CEO.

RFP Associates, Agency Search Consultants, Fairfax, VA 22031. 703/621-8060. rudowitz@rfpassociates.net; www.rfpassociates.net. Robert Udowitz.

Select Resources Int'l, 10940 Wilshire Blvd., #925, Los Angeles, CA 90024. 310/824-8999. www.selectresources.com. Catherine Bension, CEO.