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NFL's Color Rush is a Bust

Tue, Dec. 29, 2015

By Ronn Torossian

Ronn TorossianIn recent years, alternative uniforms in the NFL have become all the rage, despite fan disapproval and near-universal ridicule.

Curtains for Elton John and Longtime PR Rep

Mon, Dec. 21, 2015

By Editorial Staff

Elton JohnLegendary UK entertainment publicist Gary Farrow has split with longtime client Elton John over "differences" with the singer's management.

Why ‘Mad Men’ Mattered to PR

Thu, Dec. 17, 2015

By Dave Nobs

David NobsWhile it may not have depicted an entirely realistic portrayal of the advertising business, “Mad Men” still offered a number of lessons that can be taken to heart by today’s PR professionals.

PR Pros or Football Pros, the Playbook is the Same

Wed, Dec. 16, 2015

By Jami Baker

Jami BakerWith football season in high gear, it deserves to be mentioned that the pastime offers plenty of life lessons that can be applied both on and off the field, particularly in the field of public relations.

Successful Sponsorships Begin and End With Good PR

Tue, Dec. 15, 2015

By John Krisiukenas

John KrisiukenasYour client’s association with a sports property is only one step in the process of brand activation. Here’s why a sports sponsorship tied to a good public relations strategy will always result in a win.

Why Entertainment Marketing is a Strategy Unto Itself

Wed, Dec. 9, 2015

By Denise Vitola

Denise VitolaAs traditional paid media fades in importance, marketers have turned to online advertising, influencer marketing and social media as solutions for enhancing talent pools with more integrated people. But are they considering talent with entertainment marketing experience?

Bartow Wins MLB's Top PR Honor

Wed, Dec. 9, 2015

By Greg Hazley

brian bartowBrian Bartow, a 30-year PR veteran of the St. Louis Cardinals, has won the 2015 Robert O. Fishel Award, Major League Baseball's highest PR honor.

Sports Sponsors are Wearing Blinders

Mon, Dec. 7, 2015

By Arthur Solomon

Arthur SolomonHistory has proven that if you’re a sponsor of sports and you see something wrong, you usually keep it to yourself.

PR Needs People With Answers

Fri, Dec. 4, 2015

By Bryan Harris

Bryan HarrisSuccess in the PR industry doesn’t demand that you be a “people-person” nearly insomuch as you become an “answer-person.”

What Sports Brands Have Turned to Weekend Warriors

Wed, Dec. 2, 2015

By Brandon Andersen

Brandon AndersenMichael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, Serena Williams and other successful athletes have turned influence into multi-million dollar endorsements.  Weekend warriors and niche personalities also spread messages to the right audiences — and can do it at a fraction of the cost.

Penn's Stagwell Buys Nielsen's NRG

Wed, Nov. 18, 2015

By Greg Hazley

Stagwell GroupMark Penn's Stagwell Group has inked a deal to acquire Nielsen's National Research Group, the movie marketing research unit relied upon by Hollywood.

Fantasy Gambling is Latest Sports Hypocrisy

Tue, Nov. 17, 2015

By Arthur Solomon

arthur solomonAs an individual who got his start in journalism as a sports reporter and segued into public relations, where I managed and played key roles in some of the most significant national and international sports events, it’s evident to me that a dictionary definition of “hypocrites” should include “sports cabals.”

DKC Launches Broadway and Live Events PR agency

Thu, Oct. 29, 2015

By Jon Gingerich

DKC logoTop executives from Broadway press agency O&M Co. have joined DKC to create DKC/O&M, billed as “the first national Broadway and Live Events public relations agency.”

PR's Greatest Success Story

Fri, Sep. 25, 2015

By Arthur Solomon

Arthur SolomonThe symbiotic relationship between media and the sports business provides covers up the many problems of professional and big-time college athletics.

Gillibrand Aide Goes Global

Tue, Sep. 8, 2015

By Kevin McCauley

Global Strategy GroupGlen Caplin, senior communications director for New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, has moved to Global Strategy Group as senior VP.

ESPN Scribe Blount Races to NHRA PR Post

Fri, Jul. 10, 2015

By Greg Hazley

terry blountTerry Blount, who spent the last three years covering the Seattle Seahawks's rise to the top of the NFL for, is moving to the PR side as VP of PR and communications for the NHRA, the governing body for drag racing.