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Last Updated: Fri., Feb. 23, 2018 @ 5:09 pm

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Agency Debuts Gene Therapy Division

Wed, Oct. 25, 2017

By Jon Gingerich

The Ruth GroupThe Ruth Group has launched a new specialized practice dedicated solely to the gene therapy and gene editing sector.

Showing the Ties Between Emotion and Innovation

Wed, Oct. 25, 2017

By Srikant Ramaswami

Srikant Ramaswami New pharmaceuticals are often promoted based on their realized traits — personal health benefits, requiring less frequency, the elimination of specific side effects — but few drug companies emphasize how innovation in Rx development can establish an emotional connection with their customers by leveraging how a drug can change people’s behaviors or impact their lives beyond its mere tangible attribute.

Communicating in Chaotic Times

Mon, Oct. 23, 2017

By Wendy Lund

Wendy LundBreaking through with a brand’s message in today’s disrupted media environment can be tough, and while healthcare communicators aren’t immune to these challenges, the industry is poised to quickly and nimbly adapt to the historic changes that have besieged newsrooms in recent years.

Pharma Needs to Fearlessly Innovate in Social Media

Fri, Oct. 20, 2017

By Peter Vigliarolo

Peter VigliaroloThe pharmaceutical industry has been slow to adopt social media campaigns into their media mix, but it’s time for this sector to finally recognize the innovative opportunities these platforms provide for educating and empowering patients in new ways.

Key Elements of Engaging Healthcare Employees

Thu, Oct. 19, 2017

By Cynthia Isaac

Cynthia IsaacCurrent labor trends provide some keen insight into why healthcare employees aren’t engaged, and what internal communications and HR leaders can do to recruit, retain and engage top talent.

KeepTheCare Battles Trump's Attempt to Weaken the ACA

Wed, Oct. 18, 2017

By Jane Landers

KeepTheCareMSLGROUP and HealthyWomen's KeepTheCare campaign held a social summit Oct. 16 in NYC to support women's preventive health care on the heels of an executive order from President Trump intended to weaken the Affordable Care Act's health coverage protections.

Promoting Wellness Authentically to Millennials

Wed, Oct. 18, 2017

By Lindsey Carnett

Lindsey Carnett Best practices beauty brands can adopt to engage the Millennial market and connect with this prized demographic regarding the ingredients in their products.

Inspiring and Motivating the Empowered Patient

Tue, Oct. 17, 2017

By Dan Martin

Dan MartinAs the healthcare industry undergoes a radical digital transformation driven by the self-service model occurring between patients and employers, payers, and providers, healthcare brands have an opportunity to tap into the power of storytelling to inspire, build trust and truly impact change both in the industry and for their organizations.

Why Anonymity is the Enemy of Engagement

Mon, Oct. 16, 2017

By Brandon Edwards

Brandon EdwardsThe healthcare system in the U.S. has a tendency to render its consumers anonymous, and anonymity has a tendency to leave people ignored. How can we transform this industry in such a way that it begins to engage on personal and emotional levels? (2 reader comments)

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoes Cellphone Tower Bill

Mon, Oct. 16, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Senate Bill 649 VetoedCalif. Gov. Jerry Brown yesterday, after about a month’s wait, vetoed Senate Bill 649 that would have removed local control of cellphone tower creation. (2 reader comments)

Do You Speak Science? Here’s Why You Should

Fri, Oct. 13, 2017

By Erik Clausen

Erik ClausenAs health and medicine collide with science and technology, thoughtful communication is mission critical to keep messaging on point and on brand.

Without the Right Marketing Strategy, Your CX SUX

Thu, Oct. 12, 2017

By Victoria Aguiar

Victoria Aguiar Plenty of agencies are now incorporating artificial intelligence and virtual reality into their healthcare PR and marketing mix, but many are using these new technologies ineffectively, and could use some guidance regarding how to successfully integrate these tools in a strategic way that helps marketers make informed decisions while providing maximum value.

Court Okays In-Store Warnings on Cellphones

Thu, Oct. 12, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Lawrence LessigRetailers in Berkeley, Calif. must warn customers about possible harm from radiation from cellphones, according to a court ruling yesterday.

Coordinating Messages When Companies Join Forces

Wed, Oct. 11, 2017

By Donna LaVoie

Donna LaVoieAs Pharma, biotech and health technology companies partner, the practice of integrated communications and coordinating messaging among and between all parties involved takes on mission critical importance. (1 reader comment)

Westhampton Board Pleads Radiation Ignorance

Fri, Oct. 6, 2017

By Jack O'Dwyer

Westhampton BeachWesthampton Beach trustees pleaded ignorance last night when asked if they recognized any danger to citizens from cell towers, cellphones, cordless phones, tablets, etc. (1 reader comment)

Prime Helps P.R. Med School Rebound from Maria

Wed, Oct. 4, 2017

By Kevin McCauley

Ponce Health Sciences UniversityPonce Health Sciences University is using Prime Strategies' New York outpost to rebound from the devastation of Hurricane Maria that led to the shutdown of the Puerto Rico-based institution.

Steps to Restore Trust in America’s Healthcare Industry

Wed, Oct. 4, 2017

By Peter Prodromou

Peter Prodromou Healthcare companies must evaluate why public sentiment of the industry remains so low and take concrete steps to reset their image if they want to regain public trust and reestablish themselves as a trusted cornerstone of American life.