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Category: Healthcare PRReturn to Latest News
Mon., Jul. 11, 2016
Wi-Fi Health Advocates Face a Week of Fighting FCC
By Jack O'Dwyer

firehosueA nationwide campaign led by Parents for Safe Technology is targeting members of Congress in a drive for public hearings before the Federal Communications Commission okays new and more powerful Wi-Fi technology.

Category: Healthcare PR
Fri., Jul. 8, 2016
Wi-Fi Health Advocates Fight FCC Approval of 5G
By Jack O'Dwyer

Federal Communications CommissionWi-Fi Health Advocates led by Parents for Safe Technology are mobilizing opposition throughout the U.S. to “5G” (fifth generation) wireless technology being proposed by the Federal Communications Commission.

Category: Healthcare PR
Tue., Jul. 5, 2016
Reporters Face Dangers from Outside and Within Industry
By Jack O'Dwyer

CPJAt least 1,195 journalists have been killed since 1992, says the Committee to Protect Journalists. That’s bad, but we also find that reporters are restricted as to what they can report by their own publishers, which is also bad.

Category: Healthcare PR
Thu., Jun. 30, 2016
5G Rollout Worries Wi-Fi Health Advocates
By Jack O'Dwyer

Tom WheelerFCC chair Tom Wheeler is pushing for adoption of 5G Wi-Fi router technology July 14 which need millions of mini cell towers potentially in every home and every room.

Category: Healthcare PR
Mon., Jun. 27, 2016
National PTA, New York State Whiff on Wi-Fi Radiation Threat
By Jack O'Dwyer

Cellphone towerThe National Parent Teachers Assn., which will meet June 30-July 4 in Orlando, rejected a plea by Wi-Fi health advocates for exhibit space. New York State also whiffs.

Category: Healthcare PR
Thu., Jun. 23, 2016
Paragamian Named Razorfish Health Managing Director
By Jon Gingerich
David ParagamianRazorfish Health has appointed David Paragamian to the role of managing director.
Category: Healthcare PR
Wed., Jun. 22, 2016
Barton Becomes Ruder Finn U.S. Healthcare Lead
By Jon Gingerich
Sally BartonFormer Ogilvy PR EVP Sally Barton has been tapped to lead Ruder Finn's U.S. healthcare practice. (1 reader comment)
Category: Healthcare PR
Tue., Jun. 14, 2016
Investigative Journalists Asked to Unplug Pulsed Radiation
By Jack O'Dwyer

Int'l Consortium of Investigative JournalistsRetired Canadian Army Captain Jerry Flynn today asked international and U.S. investigative reporters to end the news blackout on the spread of pulsed radiation, which he calls “Man’s Worst-Ever Genocide.”

Category: Healthcare PR
Thu., Jun. 9, 2016
Healthcare Outreach for Aging Hispanics
By Katie Mahony and Cynthia McFarlane

mahoney, mcfarlaneOlder Hispanics, a demographic which has been traditionally underrepresented and excluded from critical health conversations, provide a unique opportunity for the healthcare marketing industry to make a major impact on national care.

Category: Healthcare PR
Tue., Jun. 7, 2016
Understanding Global Influence in Healthcare PR
By Tim Goddard
tim goddardThe global biopharmaceutical industry has long been hesitant to embrace digital and social spaces. (1 reader comment)
Category: Healthcare PR
Sat., May 28, 2016
High Radiation Found in Westhampton Library
By Jack O'Dwyer

Westhampton Free LibraryRooms at the Westhampton, N.Y., library used by children and seniors touched off high microwave readings on an Acoustimeter. (2 reader comments)

Category: Healthcare PR
Thu., May 26, 2016
PR Links: Snapchat's Influencer Economy; J&J's Brand Rep Gets Slammed
By Editorial Staff

Tech Why Snapchat's influencer economy runs on hot tubs, selfies and whey protein (Bloomberg) 

Healthcare Johnson & Johnson's brand reputation is getting slammed (Time) 

FDA The Drop in Office of Prescription Drug Promotion enforcement (M. Senak) 

Media Gawker, others respond to Peter Thiel's backing of Hulk Hogan (Forbes) 

Small Biz 5 things to look for in a PR agency (Z. Cutler) 

Category: Healthcare PR
Thu., May 26, 2016
Cellphone Radiation Causes Cancer in Rats--$25M U.S. Study
By Jack O'Dwyer

National Toxicology ProgramA $25 million National Toxicology Program study has found that exposure to cellphone radiation caused cancer in rats. (3 reader comments)

Category: Healthcare PR
Wed., May 25, 2016
Wall St. Journal on Cellphones Scratches Surface of EMR Threat
By Jack O'Dwyer

Wall Street Journal article on cellphone dangersThe Wall Street Journal May 23 spent 3,500+ words arguing whether cellphones should have warning labels—of course they should. Missed was the galaxy of pulsed radiation threats to all and especially children. (2 reader comments)

Category: Healthcare PR
Mon., May 23, 2016
Radiation Fries Children, Babies, Fetuses, YOU
By Jack O'Dwyer

Human Rights, Liberty, Justice for All! bannerA concerned, capacity audience about 60 packed a conference room in New York yesterday to hear about and discuss the dangers of Wi-Fi and other radiation. Biggest victims are children, babies and fetuses. (2 reader comments)

Category: Healthcare PR
Fri., May 20, 2016
Healthcare Keeps Positive Prognosis for PR
By Jon Gingerich
Brandon EdwardsHealthcare PR spending, tied to evolving regulations, continued implementation of the Affordable Care Act and electronic health records, and the sector’s relentless marketing of new and existing drugs, buoyed the bottom lines of PR agencies in 2015 like few sectors could.
Category: Healthcare PR
Fri., May 20, 2016
Wi-Fi Warnings Featured at NYC Left Forum May 20-22
By Jack O'Dwyer

Stop Smart Meters“Drunk on Wireless? Public Health Consequences of Cellphone and Wireless Exposure” gets three hours at the Left Forum conference today through Sunday in New York. (3 reader comments)

Category: Healthcare PR
Thu., May 19, 2016
FWV Provides Pro Bono Support for Teen Cancer America
By Jon Gingerich
Teen Cancer AmericaRaleigh, NC-based independent agency French West Vaughan has been named pro-bono marketing partner of national non-profit organization Teen Cancer America.
Category: Healthcare PR
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