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Religion, Law, PR, Media Clash in Stories

Sun, Apr. 5, 2015

By Jack O'Dwyer

barbourThe shift of 2015 PRSA chair Kathy Barbour from Baptist Health South Florida to a marketing firm and the continued battle in the Hamptons over a Jewish religious boundary called an eruv involve religion, law, PR and the media.

Blog: Is Everything PR?

Thu, Feb. 12, 2015

By Kevin McCauley

prThe Los Angeles chapter of Public Relations Society is hosting a conference with the provacative theme, "Yes, Everything is PR."

PR Profs Brainwash Selves, Students

Mon, Nov. 3, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

prsaPR profs, including Tina McCorkindale and Marcia DiStaso of the PRSA Educators Academy, hail "dialogic looping" (i.e., people talking to each other) as the sine qua non of PR. But they don't practice it. 

PRSA CEO Got $63K Bonus

Tue, Oct. 28, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

bill murrayPRSA CEO Bill Murray, who had a $61K bonus in 2012, got another bonus of $63K in 2013 for a total of $430K, according to the group's 's 2013 IRS Form 990. He quit the Society March 7, 2014, effective June 1.

PRSA CEO Joins in 2015 from Three Trade Groups

Thu, Oct. 16, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

joseph truncaleJoseph Truncale, who "joins" PRSA as CEO, a release said yesterday, actually won't arrive until January. He is from a merger of three printing, mailing and fulfillment trade groups (AMSP, NAPL and NAQP).

PRSA Softens APR Rule for Board, Elects McClennan

Sun, Oct. 12, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

APRThe PRSA Assembly Oct. 11 voted 185 to 57 to allow non-accredited members to run for the board for the first time since the 1970s. Mark McClennan bested Blake Lewis for chair-elect by a 156-110 margin.

PRSA Hotel Permits O'Dwyer Lobby Exhibit

Tue, Oct. 7, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

Marriott Wardman Park HotelThe Washington Marriott Wardman Park hotel, site of the 2014 conference of PRSA Oct. 11-14, is allowing a lobby display of O’Dwyer products. The Society had refused to sell us exhibit space.

PRSA Eases O'Dwyer Boycott for 2014 Conference

Fri, Oct. 3, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

Jack O’Dwyer will be allowed to cover the PRSA Assembly in D.C. Oct. 11 for the first time since 2010. O’Dwyer senior editor Kevin McCauley gets “credentials” for the entire conference.

NEA Should Know about PRSA O'Dwyer Boycott

Wed, Sep. 24, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

Natl Education Assn.Leaders of the National Education Assn. should know about the boycott of PRSA vs. the O'Dwyer Co. because Nance Larsen communications director of NEA-Alaska, is on the Ethics Board of the Society.

Ethical History of PR Society of America

Mon, Sep. 8, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

PRSA logoThe Society, while providing many benefits to members and the PR industry, also has compiled a record of various ethical and legal abuses.

'Trial of PR' Sept. 8 Needs Exhibits, Dose of Reality

Thu, Sep. 4, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

granat andersonSeven people representing PR firms, media and a digital communications firm will argue Sept. 8 whether "PR people practice deception." What this "mock trial" needs is a dose of reality, plus exhibits.

Unethical Practices Mar PRSA 'Ethics Month'

Tue, Sep. 2, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

mark mcclennanSeptember is "Ethics Awareness Month" at PR Society of America but undemocratic, anti-media, and anti-informational practices mar the celebration.

PRSA APRs Throw Bone to Non-APRs

Thu, Aug. 28, 2014

By Jack O'Dwyer

APRPRSA's all-accredited leadership, responding to complaints against the APR monopoly on national offices since 1975, may allow two non-APRs on board of 17.