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Category: PR LinksReturn to Latest News
Thu., Oct. 23, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-23-2014
By Greg Hazley
Corporate BP breaks new ground in PR, issuing PR release about its PR release (LA Times) 
Crisis Obama is too cool for crisis management (Businessweek) 
Crisis Texas health resources faces public fallout from Ebola crisis (Star-Telegram) 
Social Will taking the moral high ground make Ello the new Facebook? (R. Gulden) 
Image Saatchi's New Task: Cast Walmart as the underdog(AdAge) 
Stunts Statue of Liberty will be put to good use on Halloween to promote clothing line (Gothamist) 
Lobbying Ex-senators Breaux and Lott confirm lobbying for Russian bank on Ukraine sanctions (CFPI) 
Media Nancy Snyderman encouraged to take a break from NBC News (NY Times)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Oct. 22, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-22-2014
By Greg Hazley
Crisis NFL, Y&R debut anti-domestic violence PSA (AgencySpy) 
Careers How to be(come) successful as a PR newbie (E. Eriksson) 
Media NBC launches long-form sports site (LR) 
Re-brand Council of PR Firm's 'soul-searching' leads to shifts in strategy (NY Times) 
Corporate Isn't change management just good management? (A. Rethore) 
Internal Should we take the 'internal' out of internal communications (G. Corbett) 
SEO It's not an SEO's job to create content (L. Hoffman) 
List Top 10 smartphone bloggers on Google+ (Cision)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Oct. 22, 2014
Link: NY Times on Council of PR Firm's 'Soul-Searching,' Strategy Shift
By Greg Hazley
The New York Times ad column today featured the Council of PR Firms' "soul-searching" amid changes in PR and its shift to become the "PR Council."
Category: PR Links
Tue., Oct. 21, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Crisis How to survive a scandal (Mother Jones) 
Media Ten noteworthy moments in US investigative journalism(Brookings) 
PR 101 Why you must be unfaithful in PR (PRM) 
Controversy Protests greet Met Opera's premiere of 'Klinghoffer'(NY Times) 
PR 101 5 ways to generate media coverage with no news (Muck Rack) 
Crisis Mother wants 'Breaking Bad' figures removed from Toys R Us (CNN) 
Pundits Not one single MLB expert predicted Royals-Giants World Series (Deadspin) 
Media TV broadcasters should worry about shift Omnicom just described (BI) 
Media CNN questions Ebola 'messaging' (E. Wemple) 
RFP NC A&T Univ enrollment comms. campaign (PDF) 
RFP No. Illinois Univ. PR in Chicago area (link)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Oct. 20, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Trends PR's creative expansion (D. Tisch) 
Clients A special post to help agency pros decode 11 client phrases (L. Hoffman) 
Survey Texas, Florida, Georga, No. Carolina viewed as best for biz (DCI) 
Spin Crisis Pros: Ebola czar' Klain's experience makes him right for the post (NYDN) 
CSR Taking aim at pink washing (R. Strong) 
Crisis Dallas Ebola victims' families speak out (Huff Post) 
Corporate Contentious FedEx fight is a PR albatross (R. Torossian) 
Services Hacking the brief: A new service for brands and agencies (J. Bell) \
Crisis Be careful what you ask (P. Gillott) 
Brands Is the value exchange between brands and consumers a myth? (D. Armano)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Oct. 17, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-17-2014
By Greg Hazley
Brands Should the NFL abandon pink? (S. Dietze) 
Social Inside Pinterest: The coming ad colossus that could dwarf Twitter and Facebook (Forbes) 
Careers Why 'I hate math' is a PR pro's sentence (E. Valentine)
PR Spin doctors' not PR professionals (T. Henley) 
Corporate As activist investors gain strength, boards surrender demands (NY Times) 
PR 101 Picture perfect placement (S. Bustamante) 
Int'l How Russia's regions lag behind PR in Moscow by 10 years(Lewis) 
Int'l Why Myanmar is a marketer's dream and nightmare (MI)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Oct. 16, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-16-2014
By Greg Hazley
Crisis GoPro may pursue legal action against journalist for false crash accusations (Forbes) 
Entertainment Taylor Swift, public relations genius (Wash Post) 
Crisis Whisper app hits Guardian piece, threatens paper (Daily Dot) 
M&A PR firm league tables Q1-Q3 (The Deal) 
Crisis White House shifts to crisis mode on Ebola (Reuters) 
Public Diplo US under secretary talks diplomacy (Daily Trojan) 
Social How targeting consumers' emotional subconscious can improve social media performance (H. Schroder) 
Speech Richard Edelman slates Univ. of Kentucky lecture (UK) 
Media CBS launches subscription streaming service (LR) 
RFP NH school district PR (PDF)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Oct. 15, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-15-2014
By Greg Hazley
Entertainment Publicist to the stars Nanci Ryder reveals she has ALS (Fox) 
Social How the Nobel Prize committee became cool on social media (WSJ) 
M&A AbbVie close to dropping Shire bid as tax rules change(Bloomberg) 
Corporate As activist investors gain strength, boards surrender to demands (NY Times) 
H-care What the Texas ebola case teaches about crisis communications (Modern Healthcare) 
Media HBO changes the game, slates web-only service next year (Forbes)
PR 101 How to get media to attend a boring event (L. Petrosky)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Oct. 14, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-14-2014
By Greg Hazley
Tech Four observations from LinkedIn's inaugural CommsConnect event (AccessPR) 
PR 101 Three sneaky reporter tactics and how to respond (E. Port) 
Content Mktg Content is the new currency (T. Birkhahn) 
Measurement The right way to measure social media (J. Rick) 
Politics Press secretary is Ted Cruz's nice face (Ozy) 
Travel 7 digital tips for DMOs to leverage hotel partners (G. Pritchard) 
PR 101 Get your pitch noticed by a major publisher (K. Libert) 
Digital Building a strong digital influencer program (T. Hunt) 
Social Can Twitter make money out of breaking news or is it a PR platform? (Guardian)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Oct. 10, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-10-2014
By Greg Hazley
PR What is PR's biggest challenge? Changing scale (P. Beucler)
Native Ads PR's been doing it for years (R. Morton) 
Social You say goodbye, and I say Ello (S. Corsi) 
Budgets 3 recommendations for building accurate blogger program budgets (A. Anderson) 
Food/Bev Beverage companies spend $1.675M to defeat Berkeley soda tax (Berkeley Side) 
Crisis How Bill Clinton survived his sex scandal, and how you can survive yours (Mother Jones) 
PR 101 The venerable press release remains the cornerstone of PR (J. Pilmer)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Oct. 9, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-09-2014
By Greg Hazley

Corporate eBay refuses to leave ALEC (New Republic)
Luxury Neiman Marcus PR chief plays role in insane fantasy Christmas gifts (Racked)
PA Dallas mayor tabs PR firm to replace comms. staffer (Observer)
Brands Aunt Jemima's sticky situation (D. Stevenson)
Measurement Tips for more meaningful media measurement (C. Scott)
Q&A Spin is Overrated: Crisis for members of Congress (Roll Call)
Trends Are adland's small holding companies the next big thing? (Ad Age)
Finance Ex-FINRA comms. chief banks $3.7M (Bond Buyer)
PR 101 Six traits of a bad pitch (NYPRG)
PR 101 Chasing that [long] tail (Barokas)

Category: PR Links
Tue., Oct. 7, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-07-2014
By Greg Hazley
PR Just the facts? This dossier goes further (NY Times) 
Social What PR pros can learn from the CIA on Twitter (K. Alaimo) 
Int'l Hong Kong protests still tarnishing China's image(McClatchy) 
Sports NFL sponsor promotes its domestic violence prevention efforts (WSJ) 
Digital The worst work emails you can receive, in order (BBW)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Oct. 6, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-06-2014
By Greg Hazley
Big Picture PR's 21st Century challenge (D. Tisch) 
Travel 10 ways travel brands can boost social media engagement (G. Pritchard) 
Media John Oliver is funny, but is he a journalist? (G. Matusky) 
Big Data Marketers don't need to be data scientists (HBR) 
Tech Facebook readies to take on healthcare (C. O'Brien) 
Jargon The marketing words that work with each generation (E. Friedman) 
RFP On-call PR for Port Canaveral (PDF) 
RFP Two-year PR, mktg. pact with Michigan Community Action(link) 
RFP PR for Sanger, Calif., 'The Nation's Christmas Tree City'(PDF)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Oct. 3, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10/03/2014
By Greg Hazley
Royal Fam PR Guru Lord Bell Claims 'Vain' Princess Diana Behaved Like 'Sulking Brat'
Crisis PR NFL, Walmart Fumbles Show Just How Tough PR Business Is
NFL Cowboys Back Spillman in yet Another PR Challenge
Category: PR Links
Wed., Oct. 1, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 10-01-2014
By Greg Hazley

Finance Small steps for hedge fund reputation (T. Walek) 
Digital Why rumors outrace the truth online (NY Times) 
Healthcare What can social media offer healthcare orgs? (C. Nulph) 
Touché Is your crisis communication plan really digital first? (G. Baron) 
Content Publications continue to characterize brand journalism as 'The Devil Wears a Keyboard" (L. Hoffman) 
Social Five platforms for monitoring digital and social media trends (T. Moehnke) 
PR 101 Seven writing tips for PR pros (S. Schulman) 
Food/Bev Coffee brands compete for media and consumer attention on National Coffee Day (J. Nau) 
PR Internships DCI is looking for a few good PR interns (DCI)

Category: PR Links
Tue., Sep. 30, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-30-2014
By Greg Hazley
Ethics Lucrative 'Native Ads' challenge PR ethics (P. Plaisance) 
On Message Uber uses same statement almost every time a driver is accused (BuzzFeed) 
Social Should PR pros sign up for Ello? (F. Strong) 
Social Why Ello isn't the new Facebook (A. Hanson) 
PR 101 Three SEO tips PR pros should know (S. Weaver) 
PA PAC cuts ties with PR firm over 'indefensible' wooing of reporters (STPD) 
Sports Derek Jeter teaches class on media relations (Bleacher Report) 
Corporate Should your c-suite tweet? Maybe! (S. Bruce) 
Int'l Burson-Marsteller vs. Ronn Torossian (NY Observer)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Sep. 29, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9/29/2014
By Greg Hazley
Social The need for middle ground and skepticism (J. Pepper)
Negativity and the competition (S. Monty) 
PA What Uber and school choice have in common (J. Courtovich)
Digital Crisis and issues: It's time to certify the 'experts' (J. Kerr)
Int'l Qatar creates football blog to attack World Cup critics (AB) 
PR 101 Everything you always wanted to know about pitching journalists, but were afraid to ask (L. Hoffman) 
Media PR firm solicits political journos to blog for conservative group (Columbia Trib) 
Social Nielsen Twitter TV ratings (9/22-9/28) (LR) 
Propaganda Iraqi TV runs satire of ISIS and jihadis to curb fear(BI) 
Public Diplomacy 9 ways Japan can better tall its story to the world (N. Snow)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Sep. 26, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-26-2014
By Greg Hazley
Big Picture Defining the future of public relations(@FastCompany)
Tech Apple rebuts complaints of bending iPhones (WSJ) 
PA Forest Service says media need permits, alarming First Amend advocates (OL) 
Crisis Ferguson PR man loses contract over homicide conviction(SLPD) 
Int'l Burson-Marsteller rejects Israel as client, accepts Muslim Brotherhood (NY Observer) 
Social FOMO, WOM, WTF and ELLO (D. Armano) 
Careers New at work? Here's 5 tips to help you get ahead (J. Mignano) 
Media Seymour Hersh, Twitter and a lesson in 'off the record'(CJP) 
Crisis What Amanda Knox taught us about PR, racism and money in our courts (Elite Daily)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Sep. 25, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 9-25-2014
By Greg Hazley
Apologies Ferguson police chief apologizes to family of slain teen(USA Today) 
Crisis NFL's message is clear: 'We still don't get it' (L. Koerdt) 
Content Intent and the art of creating engaging social content(A. Strout) 
PR 101 Celebrities and PR events (S. Goldfarb) 
Data 5 questions and answers shedding light on how Americans use mobile apps (E. Baker) 
PR 101 10 tips for hosting successful media events at trade shows and conferences (L. Lesak-Greenberg) 
ebook From Measurement to Management (Lewis) 
RFP PR consultant for Bush Foundation (PDF) 
RFP PR for Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (PDF) 
Finance Occupational hazards of working on Wall St (M. Lewis)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Sep. 24, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Stunts Agency was behind Emma Watson nude images hoax(The Drum) 
Book PR Lena Dunham and Charles Blow: Literary tales & sales(P. Himler) 
Careers What do PR firms really want in new hires? (M. Shaw) 
Media Facebook news feed to surface more timely stories (A. Chowdhry) 
Tech 3 reasons why Facebook Communities are dead (G. Snell) 
Washington Reports say White House changes pool reports(Wash Post) 
Demographics 4 ways to retain Gen Xers (HBR)
Category: PR Links
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