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Mon., Dec. 21, 2015
PR Links: Whole Foods Ready to Change Story in 2016; Funny, Weird, Terrible Media Errors of 2015
By Editorial Staff

Reputation After tough 2015, Whole Foods ready to change the story (AAS) 

2015 The funny, weird, elaborate, terrible - media errors from 2015 (Poynter) 

Corporate How to run a million-dollar PR campaign on a dime (A&P) 

Corporate Alibaba struggles with knock-off reputation (Bloomberg) 

Crisis Volkswagen: The toughest PR job of 2015 (Independent) 

Truthiness Why this is the final column (Wash Post) 

Media James Murdoch on media in 2016 (Time)

Category: PR Links
Fri., Dec. 18, 2015
PR Links: ISIS Pharma Rebrands; How Theranos Misled Forbes
By Editorial Staff

Branding ISIS Pharmaceuticals changes name (CBS News) 

Spin How Theranos misled me (Forbes) 

Crisis Martin Shkreli resigns from Turing Pharma (NY Times) 

Food Why our phone is our favorite dinner date (J. Stas) 

Corporate How to tell if a company is good at innovating or just good at PR (S. Anthony) 

Scandal Progressive PR firm shutters amid sex harassment allegations (Guardian) 

Cost How much should you pay for PR? (J. Wheeler) 

Fashion Weekly roundup of Fashion clips (PRC) 

Int'l Muslim nations form ISIS colation - PR or spin (J. Horton) 

Tech The 9 startups that secretly run the Internet (BI) 

Category: PR Links
Thu., Dec. 17, 2015
PR Links: Journos Who Crossed to PR in '15; Sony CEO on '14 Hack
By Editorial Staff

Social Are shorter Facebook posts better? (NPR) 

PR Journalists who crossed into PR in 2015 (Observer) 

Food/Bev ‘Just Mayo’ will get stay ‘Just Mayo’ (CNN) 

PA Gawker continues to effectively troll Clinton spokesman over FOIA (Gawker) 

Crisis Chipotle metric drops to lowest level ever (CNBC) 

Crisis Sony CEO on surviving the 2014 hack, more (BI) 

Remembrance Former DKC rising star Peter Seligman died at 30 (DKC) 

Vid Is Taylor Swift America’s #1 public diplomat? (USC) 

Category: PR Links
Wed., Dec. 16, 2015
PR Links: NY Observer's 2015 PR Power List; Diversity and PR's Do-Si-Do
By Editorial Staff

Lists The Observer's 2015 PR Power List (NY Observer) 

Diversity and PR - do-si-do of two steps forward and back (H. Yaxley) 

2015 Hits and misses of the year (D. Killackey) 

Sports Redskins, Cowboys take turns with PR debacles (NBC Sports) 

Tick Tock Deal for PR Newswire was two years in the making (The Deal) 

Obit Evelyn Lieberman, veteran PR hand and Clinton aide, at 71 (Wash Post) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., Dec. 15, 2015
PR Links: Journalists' Constructive POVs on the PR Pitch; Why Content Strategy Isn't Enough

PR Journalists offer constructive POVs on the PR pitch (L. Hoffman) 

Content Why content strategy isn't enough (M. Fogelson) 

2016 One bold content marketing prediction for 2016 (F. Strong) 

Content How content marketers can tell better stories with data (A. Samuel) 

PR Stepping up PR's PR (R. Kirschen) 

Tools Should your brand be on Vine? (A. Loewy) 

2016 Prepping your PR plans for '16 (J. Mollica) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., Dec. 14, 2015
PR Links: Pitching EconDev Media; Optimizing Social for Crisis

PR 101 Three economic development tips for pitching nat'l media, from a nat'l media journalist (H. Dixon)

Tools 5 great apps for business travelers (J. Wilson) 

Crisis Five ways to optimize your social networks for crisis communication (J. Dougherty) 

Network How powerful are your influencers? (C. Penn) 

Trends 7 PR trends you need to know in 2016 (J. Hall) 

Fashion PR firm wants to represent Grindr (Page Six)

Category: PR Links
Fri., Dec. 11, 2015
PR Links: Media Message a Job for PR Pros at Climate Talks; Ten PR Defining Moments of 2015

Int'l At climate talks, the media message is a job for PR pros (Reuters) 

2015 Ten PR defining moments of the year (N. Pollack) 

Entertainment PR maven on handling Whitney Houston's death, more (Billboard) 

Int'l The Saudis want a reputation fix but buying journos won't do it (MEM) 

Biz How we are falling prey to the reputation industry (NY Times) 

PR 101 When it comes to news, being 'interesting' just isn't enough (M. Riley) 

Crisis Theranos CEO's tough task (J. Horton) 

Gaming How to do mobile gaming PR right in 2016 (VB) 

Stunts Riot Fest's stolen camaro was a good stunt for a good cause (Chicagoist)

Category: PR Links
Thu., Dec. 10, 2015
PR Links: Reading the Healthcare Road Map; Avoiding the Holiday Media Slump
By Editorial Staff

Healthcare Tips for reading the healthcare road map (M. Raper) 

PR 101 4 tips for avoiding a media relations slump during the holidays (K. Flaherty) 

Copy What a copywriter can teach you about getting what you want with words (PRC) 

Social Using social media to connect with Congress (S. Zurn) 

Labor UK PR firm promises interns a living wage (LPE)

Social Will Twitter lose by winning? (C. Barger) 

Legal Evolution of legal PR in 2016 (Nat'l Law Rev) 

Holidays SantaCon organizers aim to change reputation (NY1) 

Category: PR Links
Wed., Dec. 9, 2015
PR Links: Overselling an Agency's Practice Area; Chipotle and 'Holier Than Thou' Branding...
By Editorial Staff

Firms When agencies oversell pratice areas, no one wins (R. Glazer) 

Crisis Chipotle - What does this mean for 'holier than thou' branding? (G. Baron) 

Content Why no one is reading your white paper (G. Satell) 

Entertainment Oscar glitz seen bestowed on theater chains backing 'Spotlight' (Bloomgerg) 

Healthcare Who's in clinical trials? (FDA) 

Media How the 'normal guy' narrative infects reporting (G. Matusky) 

Tech Yahoo's Mayer bets impatient investors will give her more time (Bloomberg) 

Int'l Alberta's 'dirty oilsands' reputation is fading, CEO says (CBC) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., Dec. 8, 2015
PR Links: Chipotle in Flames; Tech Trends for 2016

Reputation How Chipotle went from industry darling to restaurant to avoid (Time) 

Crisis Chipotle's PR problem is worse than its E. coli problem (Bloomberg) 

Crisis What's your crisis IQ? (B. Ellis) 

2016 8 tech trends to watch in 2016 (HBR) 

Writing Contrast, a poor man's failure in PR storytelling (L. Hoffman) 

Culture Living in the cult of likability (NY Times) 

Int'l Why we're losing the brand war against ISIS (D. Blumenthal) 

Tech Twitter tests displaying tweets out of order (Bloomberg) 

PA Major electric utility dumps ALEC over clean power plan (PRW)

Category: PR Links
Mon., Dec. 7, 2015
PR Links: PR Dark Arts After A-List Divorces; Can Chipotle Recover?

Entertainment When A-listers divorce, PR reps resort to darkest arts (NY Post) 

Corporate Can Chipotle recover from E. coli oubreak? (CNN) 

Media Why was President Obama standing during his Oval Office address? (Wash Post) 

Measurement How to operationalize the Barcelona Principles 2.0 (R. Bagnali) 

Digital 3 growing digital trends for 2016: automation, personalization, gamification (J. Poulos) 

PR 101 Outtakes from After the Interview (Access) 

PR 101 What C3PO can teach you about PR (M. Purdue) 

PR 101 5 pet peeves of working in PR (N. Halliwell) 

Media A grim news playbook in repeated mass killings (NY Times) 

Category: PR Links
Thu., Dec. 3, 2015
PR Links: Levy Talks Publicis Reorg; The World of Do-it-yourself Health....
By Editorial Staff

Congloms Levy talks about Publicis reorg (Ad Age) 

Healthcare The growing world of do it yourself health (M. Senak) 

Corporate Seven trends chief comms. officers should track in 2016 (B. Pearson) 

Trends A Yahoo break-up could be the start of lots of splits (HBR) 

Execs Lessons about PR and business from 3 female execs (K. Kokalitcheva) 

Firms How agencies can redefine cool by not trying too hard (M. Scrivner) 

Social What brands can learn about social media from #Adele25 (Shift) 

PR 101 Unusual ways of pitching for best results (K. Geier) 

Category: PR Links
Wed., Dec. 2, 2015
PR Links: Health Issues New Frontier of Celeb PR; KIND Bars' FDA Battle is Clever Marketing
By Editorial Staff

Entertainment Health issues are the new frontier in celebrity PR (Slate) 

Food KIND bars' FDA battle is clever marketing (Inc) 

Int'l FIFA sponsors demand reform overview (BBC) 

Media Hachette's CEO on the future of publishing (WSJ) 

Blowback People are inexplicably upset about Zuckerberg's $45B giveaway (BI) 

Fashion Why PR Consulting took on Grindr (WWD) 

PA ALEC works to scuttle climate agreement (PR Watch) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., Dec. 1, 2015
PR Links: Comments on Corporate Blogs?; Holiday Party Conversations...
By Editorial Staff

Feedback Should you remove the comments section from your corporate blog? (A. Hanson) 

Helpful Holiday party conversation exit plan (WSJ) 

Food/Bev Insights from the floor of the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (AC) 

Politics PR guru working for Clinton server IT firm donated to campaign (Daily Caller) 

Video Are bank stress tests a 'PR exercise'? (Bloomberg) 

China Standards of influence in China (D. Wolf) 

Media HuffPost edit staff petitions for voluntary union recognition (Wash Post) 

Social Meet Tumblr's 15-year-old secret keeper (NY Times) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., Nov. 30, 2015
PR Links: Kobe Bryant's Watershed Moment in Disruption; Issues That Can Crush Business Writing...

Social Kobe Bryant provides a watershed moment in media disruption (C. Thilk) 

Writing Seven issues that can crush today's business writing (L. Hoffman) 

Executives Will PR pros ever become CEOs? (MI) 

Corporate New generations, new expectations (S. McLean) 

Services UBM in final push to sell PR Newswire (Reuters) 

Services HARO: Your PR agency's worst nightmare (Z. Duchman) 

PA Taxpayers pay more than $6M for PR services to state of R.I. (630W) 

Corporate Big companies put their money where their trash is (NY Times) 

Internship Jimmy Choo's LA press office (Fashionista) 

Category: PR Links
Wed., Nov. 25, 2015
PR Links: TechCrunch's Start-Up Coverage Falls Short; RBS Uses Facebook to Replace Emails...
By Editorial Staff

Tech TechCrunch promises stories for start-ups in contest, but often fails to deliver (IB Times) 

Politics Spokesman emails: Politico editor promised positive coverage of Chelsea Clinton (Gawker) 

Social Why Royal Bank of Scotland is using Facebook to replace company emails (BI) 

Media Training The presentation begins when you book the date (J. Newman)

Legal Attorneys for family of police shooting victim subpoena PR firm records (Greenville News) 

Media How the media blew reporting the Chicago cop's shotting of a teen (J. Warren) 

PR 101 If reporter is the 'worst' job, what can PR do to make it easier? (M. Garrett) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., Nov. 24, 2015
PR Links: Pfizer Defends Inversion Deal; China PR Payola; Periscope and Pharma...
By Editorial Staff

M&A Pfizer chief defends merger with Allergan as good for US (NY Times) 

China 10 takeaways from the PR in China summit that may suprise you (L. Hoffman) 

China It's time for brands and PR agencies to stop paying off the Chinese media (D. Wolf) 

Measurement Taking the measure of the PR industry (R. Grieves) 

Tools Pharma, Periscope and some regulatory questions (M. Senak) 

Corporate Use storytelling to explain your company's purpose (HBR) 

Travel Luxembourg goes in for an image makeover (NY Times) 

Gender Women make little progress in narrowing media gender gap (Newsweek) 

Politics Dear media, stop freaking out about Donald Trump's polls (N. Silver) 

PR 101 6 common client problems faced by PR freelancers (PRC) 

Social The NBA climbs the social media ladder (WSJ) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., Nov. 23, 2015
PR Links: Has Disruption Been Disrupted?; What's in a Turnaround Plan Name?
By Editorial Staff

Meta Has the word disruption been disrupted? (S. Cody) 

Corporate What's in a corporate turnaround plan name? (Bloomberg)

Social 6 brands that are amazing on Periscope (R. Rayner) 

Food/Bev Starbucks couldn't buy better PR than red cups coverage (Entrepreneur) 

Legal Marijuana PR firm denied financial services (Sun Times) 

PR 101 How to pitch: WestJet Magazine (A. Carlson) 

Category: PR Links
Fri., Nov. 20, 2015
PR Links: Businesses Named After ISIS, the Goddess; Putting the Right Info on Twitter in a Crisis
By Editorial Staff

Branding When you're named Isis for the goddess, not the terror group (NY Times) 

Surveys The value of reputation (WSJ) 

Crisis Brand support on social: lessons learned in light of recent acts of terror (C. Frech) 

Crisis Putting the right in info on Twitter in a crisis (S. Carmichael) 

Data What to do with data: 4 steps to get the most out of a client' survey (A. Silverman) 

Politics Kasich backs off new federal agency to promote Judeo-Christian ideas (Columbus Dispatch) 

Tech Global tech titans walk tightrope in China (J. McGregor) 

EconDev 5 buzzwords to retire from your vocab (K. Bronner)

Influence The art of listening (E. Tchividjian) 

Category: PR Links
Thu., Nov. 19, 2015
PR Links: How Pepsi Got an 'Empire' Story Arc; The Truthiness of Charts; Fogle Gets 18 Years...
By Editorial Staff

Placement How Pepsi got its very own 'Empire' story arc (Bloomberg)

Data Beware the truthiness of charts (HBR) 

Crisis Ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogle gets 15 years in prison (Mashable) 

Crisis People are taking up Volkswagen's $1K offer (Fortune) 

PR/CSR Uber offers fllu shots (HuffPost) 

Finance Could better PR have helped contain the financial crisis? (Marketing Interactive) 

Tactics Tips for successful marketing programs when you can't name names (J. Bryson) 

Healthcare HIV celebrity diagnosis - what's changed and what hasn't (M. Senak) 

Int'l The road to & through Paris as it prepares for the COP21 conference (P. Beucler) 

Category: PR Links
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