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Thu., Jun. 23, 2016
CEOs and Politics?; Today's American Consumer; Pharma Twitter
By Editorial Staff

Corporate Is it safe for CEOs to voice strong political opinions? (L. Gaines-Ross) 

Healthcare Warning: Your healthcare ad may cause drowsiness (S. DauSchmidt) 

Research Meet today's American consumer (McKinsey) 

Healthcare Pharma Twitter activity (M. Senak) 

Careers 10 things you need to know if you work with Millennials (A. Theban) 

Tactics 'Newest' tactic to grab journos' attention isn't new at all (D. Murphey) 

Sports Mets manager calls PR man 'puppy dog' (TBL) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., Jun. 21, 2016
The Shiny Object Syndrome in Marketing; Infiltrating Content Marketing
By Editorial Staff

Strategy Beware the shiny object syndrome in marketing (T. Defren) 

M&A What we can learn from merger deals that never happened (HBR) 

Workplace Beyond ping-pong and beer: What really drives company culture (S. Malarkey) 

Sports NFL explains delay into Peytom Manning probe (247sports) 

Marketing It all comes down to user experience (E. Vanbraningen) 

Content From media to marketing: How to infiltrate the world of content marketing (S. Linney)

Tactics 3 strategic ways to use press releases for meaningful influence (F. Strong) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., Jun. 20, 2016
Trump Hires Veteran PR Operative; What I Wish I'd Known Starting Out in PR
By Editorial Staff

Politics Trump hires veteran advisor to oversee surrogates (NY Times) 

Careers What I wish I'd known starting out in PR (M. Garrett) 

Healthcare Drug company launches have big payoffs (NY Times) 

Marketing Advertisers try new tactics to reach consumers (WSJ) 

Food How egg farms will stop killing millions of male chicks (Wired) 

Healthcare Biosimilars: Skeptical opinion leaders want to know more (I. Shaffer) 

Category: PR Links
Thu., Jun. 16, 2016
Secret Life of Brands; Disney's PR Nightmare; Lessons from Facebook Manipulating Customers
By Editorial Staff

Brands The secret life of brands: What image recognition tech reveals (Adweek) 

Crisis How much of a PR nightmare is gator attack for Disney? (Wrap) 

Tech 3 lessons brands can learn from Facebook manipulating consumers (K. Duggan) 

PA More companies opt to sit out RNC confab (Bloomberg) 

Careers A quick guide on career transitions (L. Smolan) 

Int'l Saudi prince visits US to improve Kingdom's image (WSJ) 

Tactics Are cold phone pitches ever ok? (MR) 

Sports Von Miller's PR firm alerts reporters to Instagram post (MHS) 

Entertainment Taylor Swift, Hiddleston romance a 'PR stunt' (Express) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., Jun. 14, 2016
PR Needs an Image Campaign; Beating Writer's Block at a Moment's Notice
By Editorial Staff

PR PR needs an image campaign - time to recognize PR's influence in marketing (S. Smith) 

Writing Overcoming writer's block at a moment's notice (J. Finnegan) 

Crisis How to use your flag (A. DeAngelo) 

Content In brand communications, evolution is better than revolution (M. Riley) 

Int'l Gang violence threatens Montenegro's reputation as a tourist paradise (Guardian) 

Trades PR Week makes yet another contribution to the industry's body of knowledge (S. Cody) 

(1 reader comment)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Jun. 9, 2016
Ex-Cigna Comms Chief Pens Book on Corp Influence; Trump's 27-Year-Old Comms Director
By Editorial Staff

Corporate Ex-CIGNA comms chief pens book on corporate influence (Knoxnews) 

Meet Donald Trump's 27-year-old comms director (Marie Claire) 

Crisis Sharapova's sponsors divided after two-year tennis ban (BBC) 

Digital Report: Internet ads will surpass broadcast next year (Forbes) 

Int'l China's $10B propaganda push spreads down under (FT) 

Category: PR Links
Wed., Jun. 8, 2016
Purpose-Driven Brands Have More to Talk About; Tour Through Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report
By Editorial Staff

Content Purpose-driven brands have more to talk about (J. Bell) 

Tech A tour through Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet trends report (N. Hobson) 

Careers Even in female-heavy PR, gender pay disparities stand out (DigiDay) 

Google Analytics are a PR pros BFF (K. Ackerman) 

Old News Russia hires Burson-Marsteller amid doping scandal (Wash Post) 

Measurement TV metrics for the new media landscape (LR) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., Jun. 6, 2016
Muhammad Ali's Friend and Ex-Publicist Reflects; Blue Apron in IPO Talks...
By Editorial Staff

Muhammad AliSports Muhammad Ali's friend and former publicist reflects on a legend (CBS12)

Finance Blue Apron said to hold preliminary talks on IPO (Bloomberg) 

Crisis To restore rep, Baylor should be upfront, agressive online about scandal (Houston Chronicle) 

Politics Looking back on Ronald Reagan's image (NPR) 

Media Buzzfeed kills $1.3M ad deal with RNC over Donald Trump (recode) 

Category: PR Links
Fri., Jun. 3, 2016
PR Links: View of the US Elections from Europe; Bonds Blames Himself for Image; A Biz Case for Snapchat?
By Editorial Staff

snapchatOutlook The view of the US elections from Europe (E. Harczog) 

Sports Barry Bonds blames himself for creating bad image (UPI) 

Politics Emails reveal how carefully Clinton is crafting her message (AP) 

Tools Is there a business case for Snapchat? (C. Penn) 

Data Why the PR industry must become more data focused (Z. Cutler) 

Tools Dear brand, this tool isn't for you. And that's ok. (A. Grinavich) 

Chat Measuring media relations (S. Burke) 

Tech Why do so few women edit Wikipedia? (HBR) 

Social How to solve your social ROI puzzle (K. Gaab) 

Outlook Alexa, what's the future of PR? (M. Bush) 

Metrics Four key metric groups for B2B marketers (A. Singer) 

Category: PR Links
Thu., Jun. 2, 2016
PR Links: Fake News Tricks Big-Time Journalists; Data Mining in PR
By Editorial Staff

Fake newsExpose How fake news sites frequently trick big-time journalists (J. Murtha) 

Data Data mining in PR (Across all budgets) (N. Townsend) 

Writing What your high school English teacher meant by 'Show, don't tell' (L. Hoffman) 

Careers Forget interns. This PR firm wants women re-entering workforce or changing careers (NYBJ) 

Tech Internet boom time over, says Mary Meeker's influential report (Bloomberg) 

PA Building sustainable stakeholder relationships (D. Hargraves) 

Int'l Israel police expanding use of social media for PR (Haaretz) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., May 31, 2016
PR Links: J&J's Baby Powder Problem; NY's Entertainment PR King; Johnny Depp's Rep
By Editorial Staff

Johnson & Johnson Baby PowderCrisis Johnson & Johnson has a baby powder problem (Bloomberg) 

Profile New York's entertainment PR king (Ozy) 

Entertainment Publicists says Johnny Depp abuse allegations will stain reputation ( 

PR 101 How to pitch TV producers (G. Carter) 

Brexit Inside Britain's indecisive EU Twitterendum (L. Galan) 

Brexit The consequences of a Brexit (APCO) 

Tools Using big data, cloud and IoT to tell the story (A. Cormier) 

Content CNBC's 'Binge' series looks at content industry (LR) 

Hot Topic Who's to blame for gorilla's death? (CNN)

Category: PR Links
Wed., May 25, 2016
PR Links: Pharma Company Reputations; How the World Sees BREXIT; Another Life or Death Decision in News Biz
By Editorial Staff

Healthcare Pharma company reputation rankings (BI) 

Clients When big business gets in big trouble (S. Cody) 

Media Paypal founder funded suit against Gawker (Bloomberg) 

Economics How the world views BREXIT (APCO) 

Edits 9 ways to review and revise your writing (Poynter) 

Media Another life of death decision for the news business (L. DVorkin) 

Tools The power of video marketing (S. Thornton) 

Beauty/Fashion A PR case study on how Martial Vivot became the most famous men's hair stylist (HuffPost) 

PA US Chamber of Commerce's local influence in two maps (PRW) 

PA State Dept. report faults Clinton over email use (CNN) 

Entertainment Led Zeppelin attorneys accuse adversaries of PR stunt in trial (THR) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., May 24, 2016
PR Links: Monsanto's Bad Reputation Raises Questions in Bayer Bid; Career Churn in PR
By Editorial Staff

MonsantoCorporate Monsanto's bad reputation raises questions over Bayer bid (CNBC) 

Careers Not sorry to see you go - career churn and PR (H. Yaxley) 

Careers What I wish I knew after college (Voce) 

Crisis Plains All American tries to contain reputation after spill (WSJ) 

Tools Snapchat 101: Selfies, filters and emojis, Oh My! (G. Grammer) 

Polling Give the general election polling some time to develop (D. Payne) 

Media Congress considers measure to abolish Broadcasting Board of Govs (PD) 

Int'l Mexico's best PR move is to stop violence and corruption (Dallas News) 

EMT Akron officers perform CPR on PR exec in critical condition (Beacon Journal) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., May 23, 2016
PR Links: Goldman's Reputation; Channels; Small Data
By Editorial Staff

Trump, The Art of the DealMedia The time I became the voice of Donald Trump (J. Cameron)

Finance Goldman Sachs: Reputation and credibility are buzzed (SA) 

Speeches Get what you paid for? (J. Horton) 

Healthcare The Sunshine Act: Transparency, but not enough action (W. Pines) 

Channels Fragments, social media & channels (F. Strong)

Data In data, small is the new big (N. Hobson) 

Careers My diploma says B.A. in PR, but am I ready for what's next? (P. Jeffery) 

Category: PR Links
Thu., May 19, 2016
PR Links: Set Social Media Goals That Make Sense; TSA PR Spending Questioned; Native Americans Not Fazed By Redskins Name
By Editorial Staff

RedskinsStrategy Set social media goals that make sense (S. Whitman) 

Travel Zika virus, travel security and PR (KWE) 

PA TSA spending millions on ads, PR while travelers suffer (Fox News) 

PA From Teddy to Trump: Tracing the roots of the presidency as PR (MinnPost) 

Sports Native Americans unbothered by Redskins name (ESPN) 

Polemic I'm out with the in crowd (S. Cody) 

PR 101 PR Pet peeves: IRL examples from a freelance journo (TZ) 

Listicle 7 lifestyle websites PR pros should know (L. Smolan) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., May 17, 2016
PR Links: LendingClub's Reputation Repair; Federal PR Expenses Under Scrutiny
By Editorial Staff

LendingClubCrisis Does LendingClub have collateral to save its reputation? (WSJ)

PA Federal PR expenses cost taxpayers billions (Fox) 

Media Is Facebook saving journalism or ruining it? (NY Times) 

Crisis Corporate scandals tarnishing Japan's image (DW) 

Media Donald Trump dominates 'earned media' (MP) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., May 16, 2016
PR Links: Trump Ally Admits Trump Posed as PR Man; Legendary Beatles PR Man Dies at 80
By Editorial Staff
The Beatles Politics Trump ally Roger Stone admits that Trump posted as his own PR man (N. McDermott) 

Obit Legendary Beatles PR man who coined phrase Fab Four dies at 80 (Mirror) 

Stunts PR stunt causes terror panic at Cannes (Daily Mail) 

Crisis Mexico to fight Trump with PR campaign (Miami Herald) 

New Book A heritage management manifesto (B. Weindruch) 

Tools Twitter won't count links, photos against 140-character limit (Recode) 

Category: PR Links
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