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Category: PR LinksReturn to Latest News
Tue., Oct. 27, 2015
PR Links: Meat and Cancer - How Should Big Food Respond?; Cornell PR Rep Makes Fox Run-In a Story; How Media Buzz = Millions for Startups...
By Greg Hazley
Food Meat and cancer: How should the food industry respond? (Fortune) 

Media Cornell Univ. PR rep helps Fox News make a story (Wash Post) 

Tech How media buzz for startups can mean millions in venture capital (DC Tech) 

Truthiness Obama official being forced out for steering PR pact to friend (Breitbart) 

Comment It's not charity if you want your name on it (Gawker) 

Workplace The power of 'Thank you' (K. Makovsky) 

Entertainment Rihanna's publicist admits to starting Jay-Z dating rumors as publicity stunt (DT)

Food How to solve bacon's reputation problem (The Age) 

Food Michelin stars for Chicago announced (Bloomberg)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Oct. 26, 2015
PR Links: FBI Bars Reporter; UNC's $7.6M Legal, PR Tab
By Greg Hazley
PA FBI doesn't allow reporter into director's talk (Huff Post) 

Crisis UNC-CH paid $7.6M for legal, PR help in academic scandal (WRAL) 

Sports Mets PR manager Horwitz after second ring (Record) 

Tech Reputation and the rise of the 'rating' society (Guardian) 

Tools Twitter unveils tools for tracking brand conversations (Adweek) 

Politics Carly Fiorina's reputation is still mixed, no matter how she spins it (The Street) 

Grammar Word of the day: Burnish (NY Times) 

Sports Can Formula 1 conquer America? (The Verge) 
Category: PR Links
Fri., Oct. 23, 2015
PR Links: Chronicle Suspends Scribe Over Press Release; What to Say After a Reorg; Reddit AMAs, Yay or Nay?
By Greg Hazley
Media SF Chronicle suspends reporter for press release copy-and-paste (CJR) 

Critics A really bad press release gets called out on social media (J. Wheeler) 

Corporate What to do and say after a tough reorganization (HBR) 

Social Twitter opens polling feature to all (Mashable) 

Tech Virtual reality and the New York Times (L. Clavin) 

Measurement If you don't measure, you can't improve (G. Peddy) 

Corporate Amazon culture, redux (R. Bolton) 

Tools It's time to tune in to podcasts (R. McRoberts) 

Tools Reddit AMAs: Painful interview or useful tool for your brand? (A. Kramer) 
Category: PR Links
Thu., Oct. 22, 2015
PR Links: Why did Jay Carney Use Medium to Criticize the Times?; McDonald's Pushes Movie to Schools...
By Greg Hazley
Crisis Why did Jay Carney use Medium to criticize the New York Times? (New Yorker) 

Crisis Amazon's belated rebuttal 'recasts the foundation of crisis PR' (Geekwire) 

Food/Bev McDonald's pushes movie to schools (Fortune) 

Entertainment Power publicist Nanci Ryder's ALS Battle (Hollywood Reporter) 

Campaigns Airbnb ads flop in San Francisco (NY Times) 

Travel Which global cities have the best and worst reputations in 2015? (CNN) 

Tactics Why the phone can be better than email (Poynter) 
Category: PR Links
Mon., Oct. 19, 2015
PR Links: Amazon PR Boss Blasts NY Times Expose; No Sales Meltdown After VW Crisis...
By Greg Hazley
Crisis Amazon PR boss blasts NY Times exposé, digs up dirt on sources (CNBC) 

Obit Larry Goldman, entertainment PR pro, dies at 64 (Variety) 

Crisis A month into VW scandal, no sales meltdown (Ad Age) 

Q&A Confessions of an agency PR (Digiday) 

Crisis FIFA secrecy over plan to restore reputation (Montreal Gazette) 

Social Lost bags, at 140 characters, and airlines respond (NY Times) 

PR 101 3 steps to repair a damaged reputation (L. Citroen) 

EconDev Massachusetts' big bet on biotech pays off (Bloomberg) 

Social How Coca-Cola cracked Snapchat (Fast Company) 
Category: PR Links
Fri., Oct. 16, 2015
PR Links: PR Leaders Gather; New United CEO in Hospital, Stock Price Drops; How Bad Will It Get at American Express?
By Greg Hazley

PR What the world's PR leaders are discussing (L. Rinas) 

Corporate New Unied CEO in hospital, stock price down (Chicago Trib)

Tech Microsoft PR guy Frank Shaw kicks ass at making Microsoft look good (Winbeta) 

Corporate How bad will it get at American Express? (Bloomberg Biz) 

Strategy Why your first strategy isn't your best one (G. Grates) 

Tech What i'm not reading . . . because 'robots' read it to me (J. Gillooly) 

PR 101 How to make the most of a PR pitching event (A. Nagele) 

Category: PR Links
Thu., Oct. 15, 2015
PR Links: 50 Best People in Tech PR; AZ State's Free MBA Ploy?; New FIFA Chief Vows Reputation Restore....
By Greg Hazley
Lists The 50 best PR people in tech 2015 (Business Insider) 

Astroturf How Mansanto solicited academics to bolster GMOs (Alternet) 

Higher Ed Arizona State makes its MBA free: A $20M PR stunt? (Fortune) 

Sports New FIFA chief vows to restore reputation (Express UK) 

Entertainment Brothel owner tells Kardashian publicist to 'go to hell' (CBS LV) 

Finance 'Vulture fund' gets image reboot on EMC deal (USA Today) 
Category: PR Links
Wed., Oct. 14, 2015
PR Links: Chipotle's healthy image under attack; What celebrities can teach companies about social...
By Greg Hazley
Food Chipotle's healthy image under attack (Fox News) 

Social What celebrities can teach companies about social media (WSJ) 

Fallout Volkswagen crisis stirs investor fears about environment (A. Currie) 

PR The PR industry's 3 greatest misconceptions (L. Miller)

Crisis In a crisis, make friends with legal counsel (G. Rudawsky) 

Politics Winners and losers from the Democratic debate (J. Rouse) 

Prof Svcs Being relevant in a distracted world (J. Weiss) 

Analytics 5 analytics books to make you smarter (A. Singer) 

Diplomacy Taylor Swift might be America's best public diplomat (A. Howard) 
Category: PR Links
Tue., Oct. 13, 2015
PR Links: No 'Fomo' in Media; Getting an investor's attention; How Snapchat Shed its Sexting Rep...
By Greg Hazley

Comment 'There's no FOMO in media,' and 9 other PR tips from a tech journalist (Observer) 

IR How do you get an investor's attention? (James MacGregor) 

Pivot How Snapchat shed its sexting reputation (HuffPost) 

Content PR is the best kept secret in effective content marketing (F. Strong) 

Data Big Data 101 for PR (F. Jing)

Baseball Meet the man keeing the Jays' reputation intact (Toronto Star) 

Baseball Yankees' former PR director remebers Yogi Berra (NY Times video) 

Politics What everyone wants out of tonight's Democratic presidential primary debate (Quartz) 

Entertainment Content lessons from the summer's biggest movie hits and misses (J. Rush) 

Category: PR Links
Fri., Oct. 9, 2015
PR Links: Handling nightmare PR clients; People magazine speaks out on gun violence; Carson: Media = used car salesman
By Greg Hazley
Clients Handling nightmare PR clients (R. Wynne) 

Tech Elon Musk says Apple is the 'graveyard' for fired Tesla staff (Guardian) 

Issues People magazine speaks out on gun violence (Ad Age) 

Crisis Statement from Northern Arizona Univ regarding shooting on campus (PR) 

Obit Music publicist to Aretha Franklin dies at 64 (Billboard) 

Politics Ben Carson: Media reputation is 'down there with used care salesmen' (Wash Post) 

Optics Obama's Oregon visit draws ire of guns-rights advocates (WSJ) 
Category: PR Links
Thu., Oct. 8, 2015
PR Links: Can you insure your reputation?; Saudis continue PR hiring spree; Pinterest expands paid content....
By Greg Hazley

Corporate Can you insure your reputation? (P. Hirigoyen)

Int'l Saudis continue hiring spree of American lobbyists, PR firms(The Intercept)

Content Pinterest expands buyable pins (TC)

Tools The triumphant return of the email newsletter (HBR)

Tech Facebook test Reactions (C. Thilk)

Q&A How to pitch freelance editor Diana Vilibert (PRC)

Marketing How Tesla, Under Armour and Sonos do branding (HBR)

Podcast Should you pay influencers for Instagram posts? (S. Holley)

Quotes 15 quotes for PR pros (R. Rayner)

Category: PR Links
Wed., Oct. 7, 2015
PR Links: Philly's Post-Pope PR Fallout; Your Client Hates You; The Casual Approach to Reaching Millennials...
By Greg Hazley

Travel Philadelphia's PR disaster tarnishes its second-class self-image (G. Matusky) 

Clients Your client hates you and you don't even know it (A. Saxe) 

Marketing The casual approach to Millennial marketing (L. Petrosky) 

Corporate No PR campaign will save Walmart from being 'Exhibit A' of bad worker policies (R. Trumka) 

Fashion 4 things this PR girl wants fashion bloggers to know (S. Mintle) 

Media 'I want to get on Buzzfeed!' is replacing 'I want to be on Oprah!' (A. Hanson) 

Healthcare FDA needs a communications AdComm (M. Senak) 

Finance 4 types of activist investors and how to spot them (D. Romito) 

Data The plural of anecdote is not data (K. Lioy) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., Oct. 6, 2015
PR Links: B2B Content Marketing's Poor Grade; Sports PR; Twitter's Moments...
By Greg Hazley
B2B Survey finds tough grades on B2B content marketing (F. Strong)

Sports PR guru who posted racist tweet surfaces in fantasy sports scandal (NY Post) 

Sports British PR guy has best reaction after NFL star storms out of press conference (Independent) 

Tech Twitter launches Moments to capture, well, moments (C. Thilk) 

PR 101 What PR can learn from 'Star Wars' (Z. Evans) 

Int'l Why the US is so bad at countering ISIS propaganda (Vox)

Int'l Public Diplomacy is not propaganda (PDC)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Oct. 5, 2015
PR Links: Wales Won't Let Wikipedia Become a 'PR Platform'; Merkel Says VW Hasn't Hurt Germany's Image....
By Greg Hazley
Wikipedia Wales vows to 'not let Wikipedia become a PR platform' (The Drum)

Media Third CBS News PR staffer to depart (TV Newser)

Failing Venezuela paying multiple American PR firms to polish image (R. Torossian) 

Crisis Merkel says VW scandal has not hurt Germany's reputation as good place for business (Reuters) 

PA Federal agency pays Edelman to ask reporters for 'messaging' help (Wash Post)

Finance How Twitter can teach IPO aspirants what 'going public' really means (D. Evanson) 

Obit Al Abrams, Motown records' first publicist, at 74 (NY Times)

Sports Should media be granted NFL locker room access? (Sporting News)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Oct. 2, 2015
PR Links: United CEO Starts Tenure with Apology; VW, Schadenfreude and PR; The Fine Line Between Hospitality and Creepy....
By Greg Hazley

oscar munozCorporate United CEO starts tenure with apology (Dow Jones)

Reputation The joy of pain - VW, schadenfreude and PR (H. Yaxley)

CRM Technology and the fine line b/t hospitality and creepy (J. Stemm)

Tools 5 reasons why you should use Pinterest as a marketing tool(A. Loewy)

PR 101 6 tips for PR pros to stand above the crowd (A. Ridings)

Crisis Add 'to Volkswagen' to the business lexicon (N. Hobson)

Q&A The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Frank Strong (G. Dietrich)

Management Letting good people go when it's time (HBR)

Travel Highlights from PRSA's travel & tourism webinar (M. Griffiths)

Tech Rising challenges and concerns over 'Yelp for humans' app(K. Freberg)

Category: PR Links
Thu., Oct. 1, 2015
PR Links: RFP Headaches; US Enlists 'Zero Dark Thirty' Writer for Anti-ISIS Push; NASA's Mars PR Machine Revs Up with Damon Film...
By Greg Hazley

Clients Dear valued vendor (S. Cody)

Int'l US turns to 'Zero Dark Thirty' wrtier for anti-ISIS propaganda(DB)

Crisis The pollution 'bug' that bit Volkswagen threatens carmaker's image (S. Bauer) 

Space NASA's Mars PR machine goes into overdrive (Bloomberg)

Film How Matt Damon's PR woes could hurt 'The Martian' - and what he could learn from it (Flavorwire) 

Legal Woman sues SeaWorld over phone recording leaked to newspaper (O. Sentinel)

Publicity Hollywood's rash of interview walkouts: PR experts offer solutions (THR)

Category: PR Links
Wed., Sep. 30, 2015
PR Links: How Marketing Turned the EpiPen into a Billion-Dollar Biz; Tesla SUV Launch a PR Mess...
By Greg Hazley
Healthcare How marketing turned EpiPen into a billion-dollar business (BBW) 

Tesla SUV launch was a marketing and PR disaster (Venture Beat) 

Kenyan marathoner short of record after Nike shoes fail(WSJ) 

Should we trust Apple to give us the news? (Fortune) 

PR contract for police contract raises eyebrows (LM) 

Twitter trolls abuse Hyundai's #BecauseFootball hashtag(TNW) 

PA Author
 Lemony Snicket to give $1M to Planned Parenthood(NY Mag) 

Blacks Ops PR stunt goes haywire (Segment Next)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Sep. 29, 2015
PR Links: The PR man who launched 200 companies; Twitter looks beyond 140 characters...
By Greg Hazley

Tech The PR man behind the launch of more than 200 companies(Mashable)

Fashion How Burberry mended its checkered reputation (Globe & Mail)

Tech Twitter looking beyond its 140-character limit (Re/code)

Publicity Water on Mars is out-of-this-world PR (Mumbrella)

Social Facebook ads are all-knowing, unblockable, and in everyone's phone (Bloomberg) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., Sep. 28, 2015
PR Links: What Volkswagen Must Do to Restore Its Rep; Clinton Blames Media for Wife's Woes; Facebook's Blogging Update...
By Greg Hazley

Crisis What Volkswagen must do to restore its reputation (N. Kalm)

Agencies Tips from Omnicom's agency 'stars' (S. Forth)

Social How much is a social media influencer's audience really worth? (Ad Age)

Politics Bill Clinton says GOP, media at fault for wife's woes (AP)

Corporate Page Society mulls future of the C-suite (APS)

Tools Facebook Notes gets an update (R. Morton)

Tools Facebook blogging could be great (N. Hobson)

PA FTC sues marketers who gag customer reviews (PR)

Tech Alibaba cements reputation of big tech IPOs as portfolio dogs(USA Today)

Category: PR Links
Fri., Sep. 25, 2015
PR Links: Girls' Pope Encounter Planned by Immigration Group;
By Greg Hazley
Int'l Girl's Pope Encounter Planned by Immigation Group (AP) 

EconDev The 5 biggest mistakes in economic development marketing (DCI) 

Healthcare Can Doctors improve patient outcomes with social media? (Forbes) 

Corporte If the Pope were a PR guy, here's what he'd tell your CEO (C. Winters)

Social The Week in Social: Instagram passes Twitter in users (R. Pritchard) 

Politics Carly Fiorina's Legacy as H-P CEO (HBR) 

History If you're a fan of 'astroturfing,' you're probably a fan of Edward Bernays (J. Wheeler) 

Crisis Volkswagen's PR response made things worse, experts say (Marketwatch)
Category: PR Links
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