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Category: PR LinksReturn to Latest News
Tue., Mar. 24, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-24-2015
By Greg Hazley
Corporate Starbucks 'Race Together' campaign and the upside of CEO activism (HBR) 
Corporate Comcast gets social to shake bad customer-service reputation (AP) 
Content Could your brand use a content hub? (L. Menchaca) 
Food China wants to overcome its poor food safety reputation(SCMP) 
Sports How brand sponsors maximize march madness (L. Llewellyn) 
Int'l Uganda paid US PR firm to 'clean up image' after anti-gay bill(Guardian)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Mar. 23, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-23-2015
By Greg Hazley
Crisis SeaWorld launches ad blitz to repair image (U-T San Diego)
SXSWi Millennials unplugged: SXSW - what matters to us (B. Pearson)
SXSWi It's not the size of SXSW, it's how you use it (D. Armano)
Crisis Starbucks PR exec: Why I deleted my Twitter account, and why I'm back (C. duBrowa) 
Sports Death of UAB football: PR documents show plans were in place to end sport (CBSSports)
Sports PR firm that detailed UAB's plan to disband football has ties to trustee ( 
List Top 50 rich media social influencers on Twitter (Cision) 
Careers Critical steps to land your next job (L. Olson) 
Sports NFL suspends TV blackout rule for 2015 season(Consumerist)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Mar. 20, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-20-2015
By Greg Hazley
Jobs Top 3 HR trends in PR for 2015 (C. Reader) 
PR 101 How to land a story in Popular Mechanics (M. Lizun) 
Firms How to build a family-owned agency that will last (Ad Age)
IR SEC chief sees virtue in activist investors (NY Times) 
Apparel TJ Maxx removes 'Hang Loose' shirt with noose image(Time) 
Int'l Few companies actually succeed at going global (C. Stadler)
Media As ratings plunge, MSNBC faces shakeup (Politico Mag) 
Social Who GOP presidential contenders follow on Twitter(Bloomberg) 
Politics The GOP needs a liberal PR firm (Sun-Times) 
RFP Alaska air quality PR and education (link)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Mar. 19, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-19-2015
By Greg Hazley
Backlash Starbucks' race talk campaign gets panned (Wash Post)
Careers In defense of publicists (R. Polster) 
Food Monsanto mounts an aggressive GMO PR campaign(Christian Science-Monitor) 
Readers Is the digital age hurting news consumption? (K. Keegan) 
Books Trust me PR is dead - long live PR (S. Bruce) 
PR History Contemplating selfie disruptions in historical and modern-day PR (J. Gombita) 
Tech Google helps Hollywood boost girls-who-code image (USA Today) 
PR 10 arguably true things about PR today (J. Wheeler) 
Corporate Volkswagen navigates rough PR patch in China (WSJ) 
Content LinkedIn launches 'influencer interviews' video series(LR) 
Campaigns The PR guru who wants to take down San Francisco's archbishop (M. Stricherz) 
RFP Tourism PR for Frisco, Colo. (link)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Mar. 16, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-16-2015
By Greg Hazley
Crisis Dolce & Gabbana respond to backlash over their remarks on gay families (Huff Post) 
Higher Ed OSU hiring PR firm in dispute over site of Bend campus (AP) 
PA Gawker sues State Dept for Hillary PR aide's emails (Politico) 
Travel TripAdvisor reviews are so powerful they impact the tourist industry of entire countries (BI) 
Food Kraft is first to earn nutrition seal from AND (J. Horton) 
Media Howard stern praises 'accurate' BusinessWeek article(Romenesko) 
Digital Brands brace for "dot sucks" domain trolls (Fast Co.) 
SXSWi Day two - beacons, retail and minority groups (V. Lewko)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Mar. 13, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-13-2015
By Greg Hazley
Relationships PR and the press . . . BFFs? BS! (J. Kail) 
Tech Google change allows company statements to top news searches (Reuters) 
Crisis Clinton tackling an urgent task: Building a press team (NY Times) 
Corporate Brands, reputation and passion (C. Komisarjevsky) 
Finance Prosecutors interview people tied to Ackman's Herbalife campaign (WSJ) 
Careers Looking to hire? Know your audience (E. Gendron) 
Crisis Lumber liquidators begins its reputation renovation (Mediapost) 
Tech Edits to Wikipedia pages traced to NYPD (K. Weill) 
Crisis Bill Cosby's pajamas (J. Kokoris) 
PR Stop underestimating the value of good PR (Guardian) 
Start-ups Don't outsource passion to PR (WSJ) 
PA Fact-check of the new Fast Track PR campaign (B. Moyers)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Mar. 11, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-11-2015
By Greg Hazley
Tech A PR perspective on the demise of Gigaom and a few words on tech media (L. Hoffman) 
Public Affairs When doing nothing is the best strategy (D. Pinkham) 
Careers 23 things you'll only understand if you work in PR (A. Wright) 
Analytics A traditional PR pro take on analytics (C. Wolverton) 
Measurement How to develop meaningful PR measurement (J. Dougherty) 
PR In Uber battle, Big Taxi strikes back with PR blitz, app plans(FP) 
Food Wendy's GoPro driven ride with lettuce is how food producers should roll (G. Baron) 
Crisis Hillary's media demons return to haunt her (L. Grove) 
Careers Start your PR career with 4 steps (PRCoture)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Mar. 10, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-10-2015
By Greg Hazley
Careers 4 less glamourous duties of the PR profession (F. Strong) 
Crisis Hillary Clinton holds press conference to address email controversy (Bloomberg) 
Social How to craft a social media strategy for executives (B. Ruane) 
SXSWi Insider's Guide to SXSW Interactive (MSLGroup) 
Environment Climate change deniers freaking out about Google 'Truth' rankings (Alternet) 
PR What not to say in PR (PR Moment) 
Sanctions Montel Williams no longer face of Money Mutual, company to pay $2.1M (Consumerist) 
Food McDonald's is having a huge identity crisis (H. Peterson) 
Entertainment The 6 strangest moments from Madonna's PR campaign for 'Rebel Heart' (Wash Post)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Mar. 9, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-09-2015
By Greg Hazley
Corporate NBC probes ex-PR chief after abuse claims (The Wrap)
PR Three reasons why the future of PR is red hot (M. Schaefer)
Working Moms Apology or advertisement? One man's POV (S. Cody) 
Crisis Crisis of the Week: Lenovo's laptop mishaps (WSJ) 
Content Four tips to help you create content in a tl;dr world (K. Dugan) 
Media Google is now WPP's biggest media partner (BI)
Tech Apple Watch revealed (CNET) 
Int'l Leno: Israel has 'worst PR in the world' (Wash Post) 
Management 3 improv exercises that can change the way your team works (T. Yorton) 
Media Huff Post reporter subpoenaed by Mich attorney general(HuffPost) 
Higher Ed Univ of Oklahoma severs ties with national fraternity after racist video (ABC) 
Tools State of press release 2015 (R. Torossian) 
Slideshare 10 commandments for successful rebranding (DJ)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Mar. 6, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-06-2015
By Greg Hazley

Careers Calculating your worth in PR (H. Yaxley)
Politics The Hillary Camp's rationale for staying quiet (J. Epstein)
Crisis Delta PR says skidding jet merely 'exited' the runway (NY Post)
Finance Apple to replace AT&T in Dow Index (NYT)
Food McDonald's says it will stop selling chicken with antibiotics in US (BBC)
Careers Advice for the next generation of professional women (M. Maher)
Jobs Not all careers in PR end in agency exhaustion (Anonymous)
Sports NCAA drops hammer on Syracuse for academic, drug, gift violations (AP)
Polemic Why you should almost never pay for PR (N. St. Clair)

Category: PR Links
Thu., Mar. 5, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-05-2015
By Greg Hazley
Review 'Merchants of Doubt,' separating science from spin (NY Times) 
Experience How to be better at PR (T. Lee) 
Social BuzzFeed's record-breaking Obama video due to earned media, not social (PBS) 
Corporate The CEO reputation premium study (Forbes) 
Fallout Netanyahu's image soars, Obama to blame (G. Matusky)
Social Is this the end for Google+? (T. Sabourin) 
Releases Agency allegedly wins new business (Adweek) 
Measurement The ever-changing ROI of PR (T. Barokas) 
Campaigns Dove's #SpeakBeautiful campaign sticks post-Oscars(Adweek) 
Category: PR Links
Wed., Mar. 4, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-04-2015
By Greg Hazley

PR McKinsey's advice for the PR industry (J. Bean)
Trends What is slow PR? (E. Fedlman)
Retort PR's death has been greatly exaggerated (S. Cody)
Infographic 10 traits of talented PR pros (TPC)
Dark Arts The Merchants of Doubt: The PR firms giving you cancer (Daily Beast)
Case Study A tiny college offers PR crisis lesson businesses should study (S. Willyerd)
Sports A-Rod's PR comeback (L. Hoffman)
PA Digital public affairs in a nutshell (J. Landfried)
Astroturf NRA-backed group aims to save elephants, kill them later (Deadspin)
Astroturf Dr. Evil is defending Big Oil (Grist)
Int'l Why it's so hard to stop ISIS propaganda (Atlantic)
Sports A lesson in athlete media relations (Globe & Mail)
Damage Control Clinton spokesman circulates pro-Foundation talking points (Capital NY)
Crisis How Hillary can end the email and foreign donor scandals (R. Fournier)
Politics Gibbs: Clinton's use of private emails 'highly unusual' (Politico)
Cuba US publicist wins Havana Cigar Festival (Cuba News)

Category: PR Links
Mon., Mar. 2, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 3-02-2015
By Greg Hazley
PR 101 The publicist's survival guide for chaperoning clients (S. Prelog) 
Healthcare Ebola nurse slams hospital for using her for PR(Reuters) 
Crisis SeaWorld plans brand-repairing campaign (Orlando Sentinel)
Corporate Uber puts out magazine to make nice with drivers(Wired) 
Crisis Great lessons on rumor management and how to apologize(G. Baron) 
PR 101 How to do a PR pitch on LinkedIn (J. Dougherty) 
Social Ego, arrogance and twittercide - the olbermann eruption(T. Gable) 
Sports Pirates decry 'sickening' sight of terrorist wearing Pirates hat (CBS)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Feb. 27, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 2-27-2015
By Greg Hazley
Social Lessons from Social Media Week NY (E. Levit)
Politics Social media fail of the day: CPAC hastag gets hijacked(DW) 
Tools 5 tools to fuel your company's PR machine (D. Gerzof-Richard) 
PR It's time PR agencies got better at the their own publicity (Anonymous) 
Local Pious PR: Sam Singer enters the Holy War (SF Weekly) 
Viral PR firm takes blame for Mark McGrath death hoax (SF Examiner)
Viral Roman Originals courts media storm with #thedress(Drapers) 
Case Study How Bissell got moms talking (Adweek) 
Travel 5 tips for creating events that wow media, travel agents and planners (K. Barnes) 
Marketing On Millennial FOMO and how brands can be aces in a valley of jokers (S. Dubow) 
Int'l A partial accounting of the damage Netanyahu is doing to Israel (Atlantic)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Feb. 26, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 2-26-2015
By Greg Hazley
Corporate Brand Awareness, not Big Data, will save corporate comms. (M. Rouault) 
Healthcare Dr. Google may not be the best way to get info on hospitals (Wash Post) 
Healthcare Shire, maker of binge-eating drug, first marketed the disease (NY Times) 
Stats Why can't PR people do math? (D. Kellogg) 
Media Murky financial arrangements are rife in PR-journalism (G. Feller) 
Astroturf The PR firm behind the group bashing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Mother Jones) 
Brands How ill you measure the name of your company? (C. Wolverton) 
Media For O'Reilly and Fox, a symbiotic relationship (NY Times) 
Infographic 5 cases of PR done right (GWU) 
PR 101 6 reasons why journalists reject your pitch (T. Dankowski) 
Event Brunswick's Lipin to speak at Univ. of Montana(Missoulian)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Feb. 25, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 2-25-2015
By Greg Hazley
Corporate Can PR win back our trust? (MT) 
Careers Musings of a PR booze mom (R. Polster) 
Assessment 4 questions to ask when making reputation management a priority (M. Riley) 
Crisis Avoid the Noid: A mascot that became a PR crisis case study(F. Strong) 
Int'l PR guru Campbell: Putin is a 'winner' (CNBC) 
Lists The most meta influencer marketing list ever (LewisPR) 
Social Millennials Unplugged: Insights into the world of Snapchat(B. Pearson) 
UK CIPR's annual State of the (PR) Profession report (CIPR)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Feb. 23, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 2-23-2015
By Greg Hazley
Careers The secret to becoming a trusted PR professional (C. Penn) 
Crisis Giuliani: 'My bluntness overshadowed my message (WSJ) 
PR 101 How to craft the perfect apology (D. King) 
Content Content marketing can benefit from journalism mentality (L. Trucksess) 
Rules 4 unwritten commandments of the corporate communicator (A. Hanson) 
SEO Time for PR to rally behind 'earned search' (L. Hoffman) 
Apocrypha Deeper ties to corporate cash for doubtful climate researcher (NY Times) 
PA The DC pros who fight for Nevada (LV Sun) 
Social Brands looking for love on Tinder (R. McPherson) 
Oscars Oprah's Lego Oscar was the true winner of the Academy Awards (Time) 
Oscars Everything was awesome: Top social moments from the Oscars (Adweek)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Feb. 20, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 2-20-2015
By Greg Hazley
Agencies What does a modern PR agency look like? (D. Parker) 
Healthcare Why debunking myths about vaccines hasn't convinced dubious parents (C. Graves) 
Content When content marketing lets you down (S. Burke) 
Finance San Bernardino creditors cry foul at bankrupt city's plan to hire PR firm (AP) 
Data Will customers ever get any respect? (J. Fox) 
Tech Microsoft is suddenly killing it on PR (M. Bush) 
Int'l White House tackles ISIS strategic comms. (Politico Mag) 
UK Prince Charles' PR guru used Williams and Harry to burnish Charles (Daily Mail) 
Public Diplomacy Time to debate change, continuity and doctrine(D. Bishop) 
RFP PR, fundraising consultant for Wilderness Land Trust (PDF)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Feb. 19, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 02-19-2015
By Greg Hazley
PR Why PR hasn't been automated yet (C. Penn) 
Clients Edelman calls it quits with API (Guardian) 
PR 101 5 ways to get more for your PR efforts (V. Harnish) 
Fashion PR legend Alison Brod on difficult clients and the industry's changing landscape (Racked) 
Crisis PR experts on A-Rod’s apology (NYDN) 
Media Nevada city cracks down on employees who talk to reporters (RJ)
Crisis Pre-crisis and post-crisis comms: vitamin vs. prescription (G. Hyder) 
Media Bill Carter on Jon Stewart’s next move: It won’t be what you think (THR) 
Int’l US intensifies effort to blunt ISIS’ message (NYT) 
PA How a State Dept. PA staffer fostered the espionage arrest of Stephen Kim (Intercept) 
Longread The education of Alex Rodriguez (ESPN Mag)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Feb. 18, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 02-18-2015
By Greg Hazley
Trust The future of trust is decentralization (P. Gomes) 
Content How to conduct a content audit (R. Lieb) 
Social Fashion company tweets about its interns, PR nightmare ensues (Bloomberg) 
Case Study Google+ hangouts on air gives Xerox PR power (E. Bird) 
Finance HSBC's mea culpa is really about PR and damage limitation (Independent) 
EconDev Austin takes baby steps with PR (R. Rice) 
Crisis Publicist: Don't ask Allison Williams about her dad(Observer) 
Media Serial: From investigative journalism to pop culture sensation (A. Cicero) 
Tech How to rock at startup PR (B. Lessard)
Category: PR Links
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