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Category: PR LinksReturn to Latest News
Tue., Dec. 16, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 12-16-2014
By Greg Hazley
Crisis Seth Rogen, James Franco cancel media appearances(Variety) 
2014 The 13 biggest brand fails of 2014 (Adweek) 
2014 The worst PR fails of 2014 (Inc) 
Video Why Sony 'black eye' won't go away: crisis manager(CNBC) 
Firms Ditch your agency's process (E. Lacy) 
Media Study: How media advanced 'war on coal' narrative(MediaMatters)
Cosby No, Camille Cosby, media's handling Bill Cosby allegations isn't like UVA (Wash Post) 
FoodBev Why does McDonald's have such a hard time wooing Millennials? (Consumerist) 
PR 101 How to deal with travel writers - bloggers v journalists(HuffPost)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Dec. 15, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 12-15-2014
By Greg Hazley
Future Will PR automation put you out of a job? (K. Duggan) 
Measurement A press hit is worth what? The truth behind media relations ROI (J. Kail) 
Corporate What Uber's Sydney surge pricing debacle says out its image (I. Lapowsky) 
Environment Greenpeace stunt may have damaged Peru's Heritage site (i09) 
Finance Eight things I wish for Wall St. (M Lewis) 
Data A wave of PR data (J. Harris) 
Entertainment Movie marketing comes to LinkedIn (N. Hobson) 
Media The Sony hack and the Yellow Press (A. Sorkin) 
Media Why did the NY Times pile on The New Republic? (L. Hoffman) 
Social 'Game of Thrones' was most talked about show on Facebook in 2014 (LR)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Dec. 12, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 12-12-2014
By Greg Hazley
Crisis 'Fire your PR guy' email sends Sony comms exec out the door (@BW) 
Crisis Sony says no interviews at 'The Interview' Premier in wake of hack attack (HuffPost) 
Int'l Ecuador moves to block disclosure of US PR activities (L. Markay) 
PA The torture report triggered CIA's first live presser (Atlantic) 
Media Leaked emails reveal Maureen Dowd promised to show Sony exec's husband column before publication (Buzzfeed) 
Crisis Uber is pulling out all the stops to save its reputation (M. Kosoff) 
Crime PR exec convicted of raping woman he met on dating site(Chicago Trib) 
Entertainment Golden Globe nominations: Biggest snubs and surprises (Variety) 
Int'l $1.3B later, gov't can't tell if its beating ISIS at propaganda(Daily Caller) 
Civic New leaders hope to burnish Laredo's image (Texas Trib) 
FoodBev Top food PR stories of 2014 (Hunter PR) 
Media Inside the collapse of the New Republic (New Yorker) 
Holiday Card Bigg a$$ swear jar meets Salvation Army kettle(Coyne)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Dec. 11, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 12-11-2014
By Greg Hazley
Entrepreneurs Mark Cuban explains why startups should never hire a PR firm (D. Baer) 
Crisis Hollywood heavyweights apologize after leak disclosures(USAT) 
Healthcare 5 healthcare trends in 2015 (S. Fox) 
PA CIA director holds press conference in wake of blockbuster report (NY Times) 
FoodBev Congress saves the potato's reputation (MNN) 
Optimism Apocalypse not (G. Matusky) 
2015 5 PR predictions for 2015 (R. IlifF) 
Reaction Women's groups blast NFL's new personal conduct policy (Reuters) 
Tech Facebook just unlocked the reputation economy (G. Moonen) 
Hollywood What powerful Hollywood women really want (NY Times) 
Media How preying on easy targets makes us dumber and meaner (A. Rosenberg) 
Research Making the case for solid PR research (N. Bovair) 
Stunts 10 PR stunts that won 2014 (Inc)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Dec. 10, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 12-10-2014
By Greg Hazley
Travel Three things that changed travel marketing in 2014 (A. Levine) 
Social Airline bans Internet celebrity after tweets (Mashable) 
Tactics 10 pitches that landed top-tier placements (R. McGonagill)
Theater Movie publicist: No more free show tickets for WSJ critic(Romenesko) 
Strategy The 'PR pause' (R. Barokas) 
Trends PR pros should accept shift to integrated communications(M. Rouault) 
2014 Portraits in PR on how PR's changed this year (Marketing Mag) 
Media How to survive a journalistic disaster 101 (M. Sullivan) 
Crisis Cosby faces defamation suit from sex abuse victim (THR) 
Sports NFL owner admits league's new domestic violence policy is PR ploy (ThinkProgress)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Dec. 9, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 12-09-2014
By Greg Hazley
2015 Top 10 PR defining moments of 2015 (S. Pollack) 
2015 The 5 best PR campaigns of 2015 (G. Livingston) 
Sports Ex-Nike runner metes out PR advice (S. Barker) 
Crisis Texas PR firm changes lynching-themed name (J. Fechter) 
Tech The secrets behind Square's incredibly successful PR strategy (Quartz) 
FodBev Stonyfield quits dairy foods group after consumer pressure (PRWatch) 
Strategy Why PR is embracing the PESO model (R. Iliff) 
Corporate Victims of Sony breach left fuming (WSJ) 
CSR The companies with the best CSR reputations (Forbes) 
PA Senate torture report condemns CIA interrogation program(NY Times)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Dec. 8, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 12-08-2014
By Greg Hazley
Crisis How do you name your PR firm after a song about lynching? (S. Holley) 
FoodBev What are chicken McNuggets made out of? Chicken, says McDonald's (M. Quirk) 
Healthcare Blood Simpler (New Yorker) 
Crisis Updated apology digs bigger hole for Rolling Stone (Wash Post) 
Media Time unveils Person of the Year finalists for 2014 (Time) 
Brevity 25 marketing tips in under 140 characters (J. Scheer) 
Content Data-driven tips for boosting your biz's Twitter content(R. Morton) 
Media White House cracks TechMeme leaderboard (L. Hoffman) 
Tools Storify: A beginner's guide (D. King) 
Marketing How to talk to people who don't know they need you(B. Randolph) 
Content Six sources for content marketing inspiration (J. Bell) 
TV Who cares what the critics say? 'Peter Pan Live' was a phenomenon (LR)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Dec. 5, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 12-05-2015
By Greg Hazley
Media Rolling Stone backs off from UVA rape story (USAT) 
Corporate The 10 communication commandments that drive reputation and business (C. Conner) 
Sports How Roger Goodell's blind side shattered the NFL's reputation (Time) 
SOCIAL Five ways brands amplified their giving on #GivingTuesday (ED) 
2014 The top 8 brand disasters of 2014 (Inc) 
Internal 7 end-of-year communication tips to engage employees for 2015 (J. Williams)
RFP Sacramento Dept of Animal Care - PR and adv. consultant(link)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Dec. 4, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 12-04-2014
By Greg Hazley
Int'l Fiji government's use of PR company queried (RNZ) 
Higher Ed Ohio State mum on PR firm tab (Lantern) 
Crisis When apologizing makes no sense (B. Arends) 
Healthcare Power Moms require smarter health care marketing(L. Vidrine)
Sports Top World Cup sponsor exits wanting more for its dollars(Bloomberg) 
Media NBC's Snyderman apologizes for violating ebola quarantine (HuffPost) 
Tribute NY Times ad columnist will be missed (D. Reich) 
Social The spiral of silence in social media (G. Matusky) 
Crisis Uber and the case of the apology (J. Glicoes) 
Legal UK Court: Cost of PR firm to reduce rep damage can be recovered (H&L)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Dec. 2, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Native Ads Native advertising disclosure and transparency: Who's responsible? (R. Lieb) 
Corporate Can a company succeed with a toxic reputation?(CNN) 
Media ProJo executive editor snaps page one accident photo(Romenesko) 
Crisis Amidst another PR gaffe, Malaysia Airlines' financial bleeding continues (TP) 
Crisis What Bill Cosby resigning means for Temple's image (PBJ) 
Sports Transparency clause deleted from PR email touting Boston Olympic bid (BH) 
Sports Baylor hires a PR firm for help, not influence (Fox Sports) 
Space NASA PA officer shares experiences of being a voice for space travel (NSF) 
PA Ex-Pentagon No. 2 emerges as Obama favorite for Defense Sec (WSJ)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Dec. 1, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
PA FAA to educate public on drone risks (ExecutiveGov) 
Politics GOP comms director resigns after criticizing Obama daughters (LA Times) 
Finance Get the SEC out of the PR business (WSJ) 
RFP Padre Dam PR (Calif.) 
Sports Orioles donate playoff $$ to honor late PR director (USAT)
Social Twitter essays: Are they for you? (MW) 
Entertainment In conversation with Chris Rock (NY Mag) 
Tips 25 time management tools for PR pros (J. Dougherty) 
Media Pop music reporter at the LA Times (LCI)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Nov. 28, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Strategy When is the best time of day for a company to dump bad news? (The Atlantic) 
Crisis Crisis of the Week: FIFA in spotlight for bid review report(WSJ) 
Propaganda US pays PR firm to create anti-Cuban content(Telesur)
Sports Redskins Thanksgiving tweet is awkward (HuffPost) 
Food/Bev Top 3 beverage alcohol trends for 2015 (L. Petrosky) 
Video Ways to use YouTube in PR (RnR)
Jargon The not-so-subtle art of the buzzword (E. Burkhart) 
Tech PR and marketing trends we're most thankful for (T. Chandler) 
Crisis The don'ts of crisis PR: Uber edition (A. Dreiband)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Nov. 25, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Advice For PR People: How not to cold pitch (E. Spiers) 
Crisis What leaders need to know in crisis comms. (S. Karabell) 
Sports Sony does not plan to renew FIFA sponsorship contract(Reuters) 
Sports FIFA faces 'years' to rebuild reputation (Wash Post) 
Food/Bev How Budweiser lost Millennials (The Atlantic) 
Entertainment Publicist Nanci Ryder discusses ALS diagnosis(THR) 
PR Cosby leaked story about daughter's drug prob to kill showgirls story (NY Post) 
Crisis Ferguson prosecutor gave bizarre press conference(HuffPost)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Nov. 24, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Content Content marketing designed to help behavior change (J. Bell) 
Media Letter from the editor: About that Bill Cosby post (The Wrap) 
Corporate Uber and the dangers of 'macho' executive posturing(J. Haggerty) 
Analytics How to use analytics to build your 2015 marketing plan(C. Penn) 
Tools Getting started with paid promotions (A. Corragio) 
Crisis 3 deadly sins (P. Gillott) 
EconDev Searching for talent? Take to Twitter, study says (C. Kohn)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Nov. 21, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Social The CEO apology, in 14 tweets (Wash Post) 
Sports Suspended NFL running back gives mea culpa interview to USA Today (USAT) 
Crisis Uber's latest flap is denting its brand (Digiday) 
Crisis Why Uber's long PR nightmare will end in a user privacy win (PC World) 
Media PR services company tells journos to make extra cash by running PR releases (J. Romanesko) 
Careers Why I joined my father's company (R. Edelman) 
Social Not every PR plan needs social media (Guardian) 
Crisis Texas Health numbers improve as Ebola memories fade(MH) 
Disclosure How did the Boston Globe not disclosure this to readers? (MMFA) 
Cosby Asking Cosby if he is a serial rapist (NPR) 
Cosby The press is responsible for ignoring Bill Cosby rape allegations (CJR)
Category: PR Links
Thu., Nov. 20, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 11-20-2014
By Greg Hazley
Careers The next generation communications professional (A. Cohen) 
Internal How to build better relations with employees (H. Yaxley)
Social Are Twitter chats dead? (A. Miller) 
Content Why bloggers need an editorial calendar (S. Ehrlich) 
Crisis Richard Branson's stellar response to Galactic failure (RBG)
Editorial High PR bill shows wrong approach at UNC-Chapel Hill (News Observer) 
Crisis Does Bill Cosby need a more digitally savvy PR team? (R. Manjur) 
Crisis Uber's PR problem — and how to fix it (S. Tobak) 
Crisis The big PR lesson from Uber's misstep this week(AccessPR)
Category: PR Links
Wed., Nov. 19, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 11-19-2014
By Greg Hazley
Feature NY Observer's 2014 PR Power List coverage (NY Observer)
Crisis Uber's reputation goes Plouffe (Recode) 
Consumer We guess PR Barbie can't use email any better than computer engineer Barbie (Consumerist) 
Crisis Uber's PR missteps aren't hurting business, yet... (CNBC) 
Media PR's house of media cards (P. Himler) 
Accreditation Are you missing out by not being accredited in PR?(S. Wood)
Photos Snapshots of PR firms' office space (PR Council) 
Media Matt Lauer was behind firing of top 'Today' exec (NY Post) 
Media Relations NY Times tech writer shares hatemail from tech exec (M. Isaac) 
Infographic Social video starter guide for PR pros (I. Serrano)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Nov. 18, 2014
PR Links of the Day - 11-18-2014
By Greg Hazley
Environment Greenpeace leaks Edelman PR strategy for TransCanada pipeline (CBC) 
Pushback Uber Exec Suggests Digging Up Dirt on Reporters(BuzzFeed) 
Crisis Uber staffers warned mag writer execs might snoop on her ride history (ML) 
Reax Uber suggests investigating reporters (Bloomberg TV) 
EconDev Five mind-blowing content marketing tips for economic development (H. Porterfield)
Digital Evolving your 2015 comms. strategy with digital storytelling (R. Mathias) 
Entertainment Publicist is latest to accuse Cosby of rape (
M&A Mega-mergers popular again on Wall St (NY Times) 
Int'l Firestone made deal with devil, funded genocidal warlord(Consumerist)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Nov. 17, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Careers Five things I learned in five years (D. Armano) 
Coexist 5 ways for PR and marketing to play nice (J. Dougherty) 
Food Helmann's tweaks site in 'mayonnaise' spat (AP) 
Digital The coming integration of PR and SEO (S. Scott) 
Measurement Three signs you should invest in measurement tools (T. Sabourin) 
Media Pseudoscience promoter Dr. Oz's Twitter Q&A was a magnificent train wreck (Salon) 
Careers 10 things that don't translate from college to your career(WaggEd) 
Visuals What the heck is a 'word visual'? (L. Hoffman) 
Trust The currency of resilient business (D. Tisch) 
Communication Is the phone call completely dead in PR? (A. Hanson) 
Travel Why Virgin America is by far the best US airline (A. Singer)
Category: PR Links
Fri., Nov. 14, 2014
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Gaffes World Health Org PR staffer includes Buzzfeed on internal blacklist email (Wash Post) 
Legal Startup vet is getting sued again, this time by longtime PR advisor (Geekwire) 
Marketing 3 ways to market to children without becoming a bad person (N. Fischer) 
Corporate Goldman Sachs recasts reputation to woo tech talent(NY Times) 
Crisis The downfall of coal king Don Blankenship (ABC News)
Viral Science and WTF moments lead this week's top 5 viral TV clips (LR) 
Viral #alexfromtarget and the roller coaster of Twitter fame (B. Shea)
Category: PR Links
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