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Tue., Aug. 9, 2016
Delta Digs Out; 'Sorry' Goes Miles for a Brand in Crisis; PR Studies; Agency Myths Dispelled
By Editorial Staff

Delta CEO Ed BastianCrisis Delta digs out (R. Levick) 

Crisis Six tips to help manage a PR disaster (Telegraph) 

Crisis Computer outage could tarnish Delta's on-time reputation (AP) 

Crisis 'Sorry' goes miles for a brand in crisis (C. Cole) 

Agencies 10 myths about PR agencies, dispelled (BT) 

Studies Summaries of three recent PR sector studies (F. Strong) 

Sports Why the most offensive image in sports has yet to die (Wash Post) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., Aug. 8, 2016
Transparency Coming for Genetically Engineered Foods; Ailes Used Fox Budget to Run PR Campaigns Against Enemies
By Editorial Staff

Food/Bev Transparency coming for genetically engineered foods (MSL) 

Corporate Ailes used Fox News budget to run PR campaigns against enemies (NY Mag) 

Influence Researchers or corporate allies? Think tanks blur the lines (NY Times) 

Clients 5 agency CEO tips to turn a client relationship around (L. Riviere) 

Int'l China airs propaganda video over New York's Times Square (VOA) 

PR Biz Reporters sometimes hate PR people, and maybe they should? (G. Nodal) 

Category: PR Links
Fri., Aug. 5, 2016
PR and the Rio Games; Lessons from Apple PR; Mike Pence's Hail Mary
By Editorial Staff

rioOlympics Making the most of the Rio 2016 Games (R. Ricci) 

Olympics The uphill communications battle on the road to Rio (A. Shulman) 

Olympics Raining on Rio's parade (G. Scofield) 

Tactics The pitch that cried wolf (R. Laermer) 

Ads Best ads of the week: Clinton, Carls Jr. (Adweek) 

Careers Getting the PR gig: Part 2 (M. Bush) 

Careers One more thing I learned from 10 years of PR at Apple (C. Craig) 

Politics Mike Pence's political Hail Mary (M. Beaty) 

EconDev Prominent media coverage relevant to economic developers (J. Lee) 

Category: PR Links
Wed., Aug. 3, 2016
Why Augmented Realty Can Right the Wrongs of Bad Ads; What I Wish I Knew Before Working in PR
By Editorial Staff

Tech Why augmented reality can right the wrongs of bad ads (S. Madry) 

Careers What I wish I knew before working in PR (B. Hunter) 

Social A visual analysis of Trump and Clinton's Twitter accounts (B. Hock) 

Crisis Saatchi chair out over comments on women (Bloomberg) 

Writing The 18 best writing tips you'll ever read (L. Holliday) 

Politics Why Khizr Khan's speech became a PR nightmare for the Trump campaign (CNN) 

Travel The surreal life aboard the world's largest cruise ship (Bloomberg) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., Aug. 2, 2016
PR Lessons from Brexit, DNC Hack; Pokemon Go and Augmented Marketing
By Editorial Staff

Int'l Brexit lessons for PR teams (A. Jafarzadeh) 

Crisis 3 fundamental takeaways from the DNC hack (P. Ferrillo) 

Tech Pokemon Go: Why augmented reality = marketing (N. Cullings) 

Content Why is the value of media coverage behind a paywall? (L. Tameris) 

Fashion PR What is a pull letter or letter of responsibility? (M. Pastore) 

EconDev Why corporate America is leaving the suburbs for the city (NY Times) 

Content 5 content promotion tactics you may not have thought of (M. Materise) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., Aug. 1, 2016
Netflix Doubles Down on Nostalgia; Small Matters Most in Influencer Marketing; Tried and True Media Relations
By Editorial Staff

Tech Netflix doubles down on nostalgia (R. Torossian) 

Data Small matters most in influencer marketing (N. Hobson)

Tactics Tried and true media relations best practice (F. Strong)

Careers 12 things to expect in the first 12 months in PR (K. Hyman) 

Narrative Execs struggle with one of the most effective storytelling techniques (L. Hoffman) 

Five AP stylebook rules media writers should ignore (K. Griffin) 

Data How to find insight lurking in your data (J. Stauffer) 

Tools The best Twitter app for the c-suite (C. Penn) 

Schadenfreude Yahoo: Karma is a bitch (S. Cody) 

Category: PR Links
Wed., Jul. 27, 2016
Lessons from 10 Years of PR at Apple; Olympics PR Tips; When Athletes Become Leaders
By Editorial Staff

Tech What I learned from 10 years of doing PR for Apple (C. Craig) 

Media Training Incorrect grammar isn't an option (J. Newman) 

Olympics Going for Gold: 5 tips for media relations in Brazil (N. Bering) 

Sports When athletes become leaders, not celebrities (C. Winters) 

Viral Wait, the Ice Bucket Challenge worked? (CNN) 

Tools ReadItForMe is Cliff's Notes for business (G. Dietrich) 

Tech Twitter's endeless plateau (C. Penn) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., Jul. 26, 2016
Purdue Pharma Confronts Oxycontin Allegations; What's Right and Wrong with Media
By Editorial Staff

Crisis Purdue Pharma confronts Oxycontin allegations (WSJ) 

Journalist Jonah Weiner on what's wrong (and wight) with the media (NY Mag) 

Politics Colorado governor hired PR firm to push VP bid (Denver Post) 

Politics From 'yes we can' to 'do we have to?' (R. Buckly) 

Q&A PR firm owner David Landis (M. Materise) 

Int'l Nigeria's central bank in foreign PR scandal (PT) 

Events Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall: The Key to successful DMO events (L. Cyrille) 

Category: PR Links
Mon., Jul. 25, 2016
How Sponsored Content is Becoming King; Yahoo, Verizon and AOL; Michael Jordan's Apolitical Image
By Editorial Staff

Content How sponsored content is becoming king in a Facebook world (NY Times) 

Tech Marissa Mayer, Tim Armstrong and the Nerd Prom (Newsweek) 

Sports Why Michael Jordan's apolitical image helps today (SN) 

Tactics Getting ink today: Top online business news outlets (N. Marshall) 

Corporate Why isn't Jamie Dimon telling clients to raise wages too? (HBR) 

Digital Lessons from the ANA Digital & Social Media Conference (J. Bell) 

Category: PR Links
Fri., Jul. 22, 2016
The Pokemon Go Phenomenon; Account Management No-Nos; Trump and the Dark Art of Bad Publicity
By Editorial Staff

pokemonViral How 'Pokemon Go' went from prank to phenomenon (AP)

Tech The reality of our non-reality: Pokemon Go (C. Montes) 

Careers 12 things to expect in the first 12 months of PR (K. Hyman) 

Tactics 10 things PR account managers do that they really shouldn't (H. Baker) 

Politics Trump and the dark art of band publicity (Politico Mag) 

Tech A checkpoint conversation on AI and machine learning in PR (N. Hobson) 

Int'l Saudi PR machine uses 28 pages to blame Iran for 9/11 (Intercept) 

Politics The family trump: Can they remake Donald's image? (Wash Post) 

Category: PR Links
Thu., Jul. 21, 2016
Tesla's Autopilot Crash Response; Why I Quit Freelancing and Took the Job; When Transparency Backfires
By Editorial Staff

TeslaCrisis A look into Tesla's autopilot crash response (D. Rene) 

Media The silencing of Fox News' powerful publicist Irena Briganti (NY Mag) 

Careers 5 reasons I quit freelancing and took the job offer (S. Wottreng) 

UK Prime minister hopeful's major gaffe: Speaking from the heart ... unfiltered (M. PisDudot) 

Crisis When transparency backfires, and how to prevent it (D. De Cremer) 

Digital The cost of influencer marketing; how not to get an FTC fine (WCG) 

Food/Bev Imagery, words & speech strategies around food & nutrition (P. Beucler) 

Firms 5 ways to measure agency operations (S. Burke) 

B2B Top B2B challenges and how to solve them (A. Munroe) 

Category: PR Links
Wed., Jul. 20, 2016
Remaking NFL Commish's Image?; How to Reinvent External Affairs
By Editorial Staff

goodellProfile Remaking NFL Commissioner's image: Mission impossible? (SI) 

Report How to reinvent the external-affairs function (McKinsey) 

Crisis Trump Org staffer takes blame for Melania's speech (Slate) 

UK Confessions from the investor relations director (Evening Std) 

Tactics 10 PR tactics reporters hate most (Digiday) 

Int'l Disengagement, terrorism and PR (E. Minty)

Category: PR Links
Fri., Jul. 15, 2016
Herbalife Settles for $200M; Negative Effect of HR as PR; Hyperloop Founder Paid Girlfriend's PR Firm $400K
By Editorial Staff

Image Herbalife to pay $200M over claims of misrepresentation (WSJ)

Corporate Negative effect of HR as PR (Chicago Trib) 

Q&A Pitching Toronto Star travel editor Jennifer Bain (DCI) 

Corporate Hyperloop One co-founder paid girlfriend $400K for PR work (CNBC) 

Int'l Irish PR boss 'paralyzed" by fear after she was caught up in Nice attacks (Independent) 

Tech 5 PR crimes startups are guilty of committing (HuffPost) 

Politics Email probe hurts Hillary Clinton's image (USNWR) 

Category: PR Links
Thu., Jul. 14, 2016
How Did Pokemon Go Happen?; GQ: Mystifying Triumph of Trump's Right-Hand (PR) Woman
By Editorial Staff

Viral Pokemon Go - how did it happen? (N. Sutter)

Feature The mystifying triumph of Donald Trump's right-hand (PR) woman (GQ) 

Environment A communicator's guide to mitigating the risk of greenwashing (J. Gombita) 

Healthcare A look into the crystal ball - 2017 (W. Pierce) 

Marketing Audiences crave brand authenticity (A. Blackburn) 

Careers 5 tips for cutting costs during an unpaid internship (N. Biscardi) 

Politics As a gay Republican, I can't defend the GOP platform (Time) 

Category: PR Links
Wed., Jul. 13, 2016
Whatever Happened to the Olympics; Gretchen Carlson Speaks; Top States for Business
By Editorial Staff

Sports Whatever happened to the Olympics (K. Zakheim) 

Crisis Gretchen Carlson speaks publicly about harassment lawsuit (NY Times) 

EconDev CNBC releases 2016 top states for business (DCI) 

Tactics Finding PR opportunities when you don't have news (C. Faro) 

Tactics Pokemon Go for PR and communications (S. Bruce) 

Corporate How Jamie Dimon's wage hike could backfire (HBR) 

Media Dr. Phil sues Nat'l Enquirer for $250M (Lawnewsz) 

Tech The current state and future outlook of livestreaming (B. Solis) 

Politics Hillary Clinton's scandal mistake (New Yorker) 

Category: PR Links
Thu., Jul. 7, 2016
Taylor Swift's PR Set-Up?; Stop Saying 'My Team'; FBI Chief Hurts Bureau's Reputation
By Editorial Staff

Tactics 8 ways to increase Twitter engagement that are NOT based on science (L. Hoffman) 

Brexit Sitting with the discomfort to define the opportunity (A. Coady) 

Entertainment Ask a publicist: Is Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's relationship a total PR set-up? (Jezebel) 

Legal Relativity Media settles PR exec's $600K lawsuit (NY Post) 

Jargon We need to stop saying 'my team' (A. Hanson) 

Crisis Cadbury's crisis case study: A lost classic (R. Levick)

PA FBI chief's testimony about Clinton torpedoes bureau's reputation (Fox News) 

Politics Clinton attacks Trump's business reputation (AP)

Category: PR Links
Wed., Jul. 6, 2016
Chipotle Video Nails It; Ex-DOJ Spokesman Hits Comey Press Conference
By Editorial Staff

Crisis Chipotle video is spot on (R. Levick) 

PA Ex-DOJ Spox: Comey broke rules with 'outrageous' press conference on Clinton emails (TPM) 

Firms Sumner Redstone's National Amusements fires PR firm after 1 month (The Wrap) 

Tactics Three myths about executive ghostwriting (B. Sarikaya) 

Books DCI's summer reading list (DCI) 

Tactics How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook? (N. Cullings) 

History PR History: Prospecting for archival gold (H. Yaxley) 

Int'l Beijing takes South China Sea PR campaign to Washington (FP) 

Category: PR Links
Tue., Jul. 5, 2016
Why Tourism Accounts Should Go to Out-of-State Firms; How Your Brand Can Join Snapchat's Takeover
By Editorial Staff

Tourism Why accounts should sometimes go to out-of-state agencies (Adweek) 

Tools How your brand can join Snapchat's takeover (O. Walker) 

Clients Personas that buy PR firm services (F. Strong) 

Q&A Carolyn Jung, food writer and editor (LCI) 

PA How to win the first 100 days (D. Scandling) 

Content PR struggling with the content avalanche (C. Penn) 

Category: PR Links
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