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Top PR Firm Rankings for 2017 Released

121 firms ranked overall by net fees and in 12 PR specialties and key cities/regions.

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Adding Purpose-Driven Partnerships to Your Game Plan

Tue, Dec. 6, 2016

By Steve Mann

Steve Mann Far too often, brands fail to reap the full benefits of sports-related partnerships. That may be due to a lack of resources, an incomplete activation strategy or simply a bad fit between the brand, the sport and their respective audiences. What’s typically missing? Purpose.

Category: Sports PR

Teneo Scores PR Goal with FIFA

Thu, Jul. 16, 2015

By Kevin McCauley

fifaFIFA, global soccer's embattled governing body, has hired politically connected Teneo Holdings to handle potential fallout over the Justice Dept. probe into alleged corruption, according to the BBC.

Category: Sports PR

PR Exec to Packers Exec Committee

Wed, Jun. 17, 2015

By Greg Hazley

susan fincoSusan Finco, president of Leonard & Finco PR, is slated to join the seven-member executive committee of the NFL's Green Bay Packers, the first woman on the publicly owned team's governing body.

Category: Sports PR

Interpol Slaps FIFA

Fri, Jun. 12, 2015

By Kevin McCauley

Interpol today suspended its $22M "sports integrity" agreement with beleaguered FIFA, soccer's global governing body, a pact to battle illegal gambling and game fixing.

Category: Sports PR