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Tue., Jul. 7, 2015
PR Links of the Day - 7-07-2015
By Greg Hazley
Crisis Home of Subway pitchman Jared Fogle raided (MSN) 
Response How Subway can recover from Jared (CNBC) 
Jargon Baffled by office buzzwords (NY Times) 
Sports FIFA spent more on its PR movie than Women's World Cup payouts (Mashable) 
Crisis HSBC fires six employees for making mock-ISIS video(CNN Money) 
Redux Paula Deen in hot water again (Fast Co.) 
Tools 10 ways PR can leverage LinkedIn (R. Iliff) 
Tech Old tricks just don't do it for Ellen Pao (J. Pepper)
Category: PR Links
Tue., Jul. 7, 2015
Longbrake Takes U. of Chicago PR Post
By Kevin McCauley
John Longbrake will become VP-communications at the University of Chicago on Aug. 24, replacing Julie Peterson, who did an eight-year stint there.
Category: Associations
Mon., Jul. 6, 2015
UN's HeforShe Campaign Calls on PR Firms to Elevate 'Movement'
By Greg Hazley
emma watsonThe United Nations gender equality campaign HeForShe is searching for a PR agency to help take the social hit to the next level.
Category: RFPs
Mon., Jul. 6, 2015
Estonia Targets US for e-Residents
By Kevin McCauley
estoniaEstonia is seeking a PR firm to help promote its e-residency project in the US.
Category: Foreign government
Mon., Jul. 6, 2015
PR Links of the Day
By Greg Hazley
Content Comparing the ROI of content marketing and native advertising (K. Libert) 
Content Native advertising isn't the only paid content blurring the lines of journalism (L. Hoffman) 
Crisis BP's oil slicked reputation remains despite settlement(WSJ)
Trends The elevation of PR: From content to relationships (D. Tisch) 
Crisis How WestJet is winning the PR battle in the face of bomb threats (Daily Mail) 
Food A timely pivot for Whole Foods (P. Gillott) 
Corporate Company blogs should be news sources for reporters and customers (L. Menchaca) 
PA Democrats want Indiana gov to release PR records (AP) 
Digital Unmasking PR exec as a Wikipedian (Examiner)
Category: PR Links
Mon., Jul. 6, 2015
Blog: Media Spur Misperception of Upswing in Female CEOs
By Kevin McCauley
ceoMedia may be responsible for people believing there are more female CEOs than there really are, according to Weber Shandwick's recently released "The Female CEO Reputation Premium?" survey.
Category: Public Relations
Mon., Jul. 6, 2015
Media Intelligence is Key for Travel and Tourism PR
By Mark Thabit

mark thabitTravelers rely more on technology now than ever, and as we move deeper into the 21st century, that reliance will only grow, affecting how we search for value, convenience, discovery, and experience.


Category: Travel PR
Mon., Jul. 6, 2015
American Apparel Unveils Latest Wrinkle in Survival Plan
By Kevin McCauley
american apparelAmerican Apparel today announced a store-closing $30M cost-cutting program in the next phase of the Los Angeles-based retailer's revival plan.
Category: Corporate Communications
Mon., Jul. 6, 2015
AP White House Scribe Pickler Heads to PR
By Greg Hazley
nedra picklerProlific Associated Press political reporter Nedra Pickler has jumped to PR ahead of the 2016 presidential campaign.
Category: PR Firms
Mon., Jul. 6, 2015
Joele Frank Books Police Bodycam Maker Sale
By Greg Hazley
bodycamThe Safariland Group, the police and military equipment maker said to be working toward an initial public offering, engaged Joele Frank for PR support of its late-June acquisition of police body camera maker VIEVU.
Category: Financial PR & Investor Relations
Mon., Jul. 6, 2015
Steelers Open Press Policy Is Lesson for PR Clients
By Jack O'Dwyer

lynchPress practices of the Pittsburgh Steelers, which have won an award of the Professional Football Writers of America, show that flow of information and flow of money are related. PR people can use this example to encourage clients to loosen their lips.

Category: PR Commentary
Sun., Jul. 5, 2015
Happy 4th of July...Thoughts on America's Future
By Robert Dilenschneider
fireworksIn the United States, you can say what you wish without being concerned about reprisal.  You can go to the church of your choice. You have access to the necessary resources and the ability to make something positive happen for yourself and for those dear to you.  And you do not have to be concerned or fearful about what you do regarding your future.  No other place in the world has these same freedoms.
Category: Public Affairs Commentary
Fri., Jul. 3, 2015
SVB Leads Aetna into Insurance Merger Frenzy
By Kevin McCauley
Sard Verbinnen & Co is handling media for Aetna's $37B deal announced today to acquire Humana of Louisville.
Category: Financial PR & Investor Relations
Thu., Jul. 2, 2015
Indiana Nixes PR Pact Tied to Religious Freedom Fallout
By Greg Hazley
indianaIndiana has cancelled its contract with Porter Novelli, inked in May over fallout from the state's religious freedom law.
Category: Crisis Communications
Thu., Jul. 2, 2015
Palm Beach Eyes Cultural Tourism PR
By Greg Hazley
palmPalm Beach's Cultural Council, which oversees more than $3.5M in annual grants for the arts, is looking for PR support to attract cultural tourism from the northeast corridor of the US.
Category: RFPs
Thu., Jul. 2, 2015
San Diego Dangles $1.6M Drought PR Pact
By Greg Hazley
san diegoSan Diego is dangling a $1.6M contract for a water conservation PR program as California grapples with an historic drought and water restrictions.
Category: RFPs
Thu., Jul. 2, 2015
Hola Cuba, Says B-M
By Kevin McCauley

cubaBurson-Marsteller has established a Cuba specialty team in Miami to counsel clients on political and economic conditions and prepare them for eventual market entry in the Communist state.

Category: Foreign government

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