On the day the Egyptian military stormed the camps of supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi and slaughtered 150 people (or 2,200 according to the Muslim Brotherhood), Bahrain activists put western PR firms supporting the King's government on notice, threatening cyber-attacks on their websites.

bahrainIn Bahrain today, police fired teargas and birdshot to break up demonstrators at 60 rallies agitating for democratic reform in the kingdom.

As part of the Tammarrod (Rebellion) Bahrain umbrella coalition, Anonymous Operation Bahrain said beginning today "various websites of the regime and also of anyone who supports the regime" will face cyber-attacks. "This may include western PR firms who are paid to white wash the crimes of the dictator in Manama," said AOB in a press release. "Our action will continue for however long the Tammarrod Bahrain movement sustains the protests in the streets."

Bahrain Watch has published a list of PR firms that have represented the government since the protests began in February 2011 and were ultimately put down by the Saudi Arabian military.

Those firms are Bell Pottinger, BGR Group, Big Tent Communications, Dragon Assocs., G3, Gardant Communications, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Joe Trippi & Assocs., M&C Saatchi, New Century Media, Potomac Square Group, Qorvis Communications, Sanitas International and Sorini, Samet & Assocs.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Bahrain is home of the U.S. Fifth Fleet. The USS Nimitz aircraft carrier has been docked there for the past few days.