Brian LewisBrian Lewis, one of the most powerful executives at Fox News and strategic advisor to CEO Roger Ailes has been terminated.

The Fox executive VP-corporate communications was dropped due to “issues relating to financial irregularities,” according to a statement from the 21st Century Fox unit.

Fox said it conducted “an extensive internal investigation” of Lewis' conduct by Fox News, and “determined that he should be terminated for cause, specifically for issues relating to financial irregularities, as well as for multiple, material and significant breaches of his employment contract.”

He had been in charge of PR for Fox News, Fox’s TV stations, Fox Business Network and 20th Television.

Lewis handled PR at CNBC when Ailes ran that network during the 1990. He joined Ailes at Fox in `96 as VP-media relations.

As strategic communications advisor to Ailes, Lewis was known as one of the few people to challenge his former boss.

He was considered a “moderating influence” on the hard-nosed Ailes, according to media reports.
Lewis was officially terminated on July 25.

He could not be reached for comment.