Red SoxThe New York Times yesterday dropped a “bombshell” on public advocate Bill de Blasio’s campaign for NYC mayor, informing readers that he’s a fan of the hated (by New York Yankee fans) Boston Red Sox.

DeBlasio, born in Manhattan but reared in Cambridge, Mass., has made no effort over the years to hide his love of the Fenway Parkers.

He’s made bets with staffers on games and once forced a then rival city council member to sing the praises of the Sox from the floor while wearing a Boston cap on his noggin. The Time wonders if deBlasio’s rooting “heresy” will hurt his chance of winning the Democratic primary slated for Sept. 10.

Not so fast.

Inadvertently, the Times feature doomed the Gracie Mansion dreams of deBlasio’s top rival, city council president Christine Quinn. Its shocking revelation: Quinn grew up a Mets fan but “switched” to the Yanks. That simply doesn’t happen and signals there’s not much at the core at the center of Quinn.

The Manhattan politico dropped the Mets after she began dating her now wife, Kim Catullo, a diehard fan of the Bronx Bombers. The Times reported that Catullo, on their third date, issued an ultimatum to her girlfriend. It was either become a Yankee fan or hit the highway. Though she should have told Kim to take a hike, Quinn caved. Gil Hodges turned over in his grave.

Baseball fans growing up in NYC, choose Mets or Yanks. One can’t have it both ways. Mets fans especially despise the “corporate” ways of the Yankees. Most have a rooting interest in the Red Sox. Snooty Yankee fans largely ignore the Amazin’s.

In tossing the Mets under the bus, Quinn may have had her eye on the big citywide prize. Since Yankee fans outnumber Met backers by a 55 percent to 21 percent margin, according to a Times poll, Quinn’s betrayal could have been a deed of crass political expediency. It didn’t work. It’s payback time.

NYC needs a stand-up mayor like deBlasio, who may take some heat for his support of the Red Sox, but remains true to his gut. As for Quinn, what’s her next flip-fop?

Let’s Go Bill. Let’s Go Mets. Let’s Go Sox.