O'Dwyer's 50th Anniversary - 1968 to 2018

We're celebrating our 50th anniversary with a commemorative issue of our July magazine

Sponsors are invited to tell their own story of how they've seen the PR/media landscape change.

I'd love to hear from you if you'd like to contribute or are interested in discussing coverage of any particular topics.

Deadline for materials is Wed., June 20th.

John O'Dwyer

2018 Editorial Calendar:

Jan., PR Buyer's Guide/Crisis Comms.
Feb., Environmental PR & Public Affairs
Mar., Food & Beverage PR
Apr., Broadcast & Social Media PR
May, PR Firm Rankings
Jun., Travel PR & Multicultural PR
Jul., 50th Anniversary Special Issue
Aug., Financial PR/IR & Prof. Svcs. PR
Sep., Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle PR
Oct., Healthcare & Medical PR
Nov., Technology PR
Dec., Entertainment & Sports PR