PR Week/U.K., a Haymarket publication, said today that its last weekly issue will be dated Friday, Sept. 6 and that publication starting in October will be on a monthly basis. First monthly issue will be Oct. 9.

pr weekAs in the U.S., where PRW went monthly in June 2009, but kept “Week” in its name, PRW/U.K. will similarly retain the word “Week.”

PRW/U.S. stopped printing its annual Contact directory of corporate and agency PR personnel as of this year after ten years of publication.

It had used the directory, priced at $249, as a premium for those purchasing subscriptions to PRW. However, it removed the price from the directory [sub] since USPS rules bar premiums worth more than 70% of the cover price of a publication. Subscription rate of PRW/U.S. was $198.

Weekly digital products will be launched shortly by PRW/U.K. and a monthly interactive application will be made available in November, said group publishing director George Buckingham.

"PR Week is the key source of information for people who work in PR and communications," he added. "The way our readers consume information has been transformed in the past ten years and we will ensure that PRW's essential mix of news, views and in-depth knowledge is available to them wherever, whenever and however they want it."

PRW brand editor Ruth Wyatt said, "We will continue to deliver all elements our readers tell us they need and want, alongside some things they won’t be expecting. One thing is for certain: wherever your and however you approach us, you'll find a bloody good read."

PRW/U.S. was founded in 1998, the same year that the Council of PR Firms got its start.

CPRF, using a mailing list of PR firms obtained from PRW, embarked on a quest to take over the ranking of PR firms that was being done by the O’Dwyer Co., PRW/U.S. and The Holmes Report.

The Council abandoned the effort in 2002 saying that passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act made it too dangerous to make financial reports that were collected from many countries since inconsistencies might occur.