Ketchum's work for Russia in the second half of 2007 included lobbying for Vladimir Putin to be Time’s “Person of the Year” (he was) and dozens of media briefings in Moscow, New York and Washington, D.C. for both the Russian Federation and its natural gas monopoly Gazprom.

Craig Mersky, Ketchum’s general counsel, filed the firm’s six-month report for the last half of 2007 with the Justice Department this month.

Ketchum inked a $250K/month pact last August to work for Gazprom in the U.S. and an initial two-month $845K contract with the Russian Federation in early 2007, while GA has a $100K/month contract with Gazprom. Both firms are part of Omnicom.

Among its political and media relations activities for Russia, Ketchum conducted briefings with First Deputy Press Attache Dmitry Peskov at events like the G8 Summit and following a Moscow visit by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Condoleezza Rice in October.

The firm arranged dozens of meetings with media like the Washington Post editorial board, New Yorker editor David Remnick, and the Wall Street Journal editorial board last fall.

Ketchum also lobbied Time and made plans for Vladimir Putin to be named the magazine’s “Person of the Year,” which he was in December. A strong PR push followed that announcement.

For Gazprom, Ketchum conducted several press and think tank briefings and organized meetings as executives visited the U.S. in late November and early December. 

Ketchum said it received $1.2M from sister Omnicom firm Gavin Anderson to cover fees and expenses for the Gazprom account. Ketchum also took in nearly $2M from its U.K. operation for the Russian Federation work. 

The work included a $26K tab with PR Newswire and more than $13K for video monitoring with VMS during the six-month period.