Al Gore's Climate Reality Project today kicked off its "What I Love" digital initiative effort designed to personalize the impact of global warming.

al goreThe Project understands the "polar bear on floating iceberg imagery" isn't enough to cut through the media clutter surrounding global warming.

It believes the best way to drive home Al's point that warming is a man-made problem requiring man-made solutions to fix is to personalize the impact of rising temperatures.

Visitors to the What I Love site choose from a broad menu of places, things, activities and food and the wizards at the Project will outline the threat posed from global warming. E.g, lovers of New York City can kiss Battery Park good-bye due to rising water levels.

Global warming is recognized by more than 97 percent of climate scientists, who express support for Gore’s plan to tax "dirty industries" (oil/gas/coal companies) to help spur development of the renewable energy sector.

I’m a big fan of Al. The former vice president, however, came come across a tad preachy, which may doom his touchy-feely What I Love outreach effort.

Here’s a PR tip for Al: recast the term "global warming," which has a cozy ring to it, to the more forbidding "global heating."

That will get some attention.