CegielskiPR Society of America, after searching since late June for a VP-PR to succeed Arthur Yann, who died suddenly at age 48 on June 13, has dropped the search and promoted associate PR director Stephanie Cegielski to VP-PR.

Cegielski, a 2006 graduate of the Sturm College of Law of the University of Denver who was most recently with the Colorado Government Accountability Project as executive director, joined the Society in August 2012. She was executive director from May 2010 to October 2011.

Rosanne Mottola, a paralegal at Rosner, Nocera & Ragone, joined the Society at about the same time. Associate PR director Keith Trivitt left and Diane Gomez shifted to another department.

The Colorado Project, a watchdog group, filed charges against Senate Majority Leader John Morse concerning his per diem expenses.

The specs for the VP-PR noted that the job reports to COO Bill Murray and other staffers. There is no reporting line to the board or elected chair.

Murray, under a bylaw proposed for the 2013 Assembly Oct. 26, would become CEO, dropping the titles of president and COO. Joe Cohen, who was elected chair and CEO last year, would have the title of chair for 2014.

Assembly delegates have been told that members were “confused” by the four titles (president, chair, CEO and COO) and that “simplification” was needed. There will be no change in duties, it was pointed out. The only change is in “words,” say materials on the Assembly “tool page.”

Murray Praises Cegielski

Murray said “Stephanie stepped into a challenging situation when she accepted the role of interim head of PR for the Society. Throughout this difficult time, she furthered my confidence in her abilities by not only providing continuity for our PR efforts, but by allowing them to flourish. Stephanie brings extensive experience, candor and leadership ability to our Society, with the extra advantage of knowing unique aspects of our culture that make the Society such a special place.”

He said the search for a new VP-PR included both internal and external audiences.
Cegielski has “led the Society’s advocacy program and has tirelessly defended the PR industry against unwarranted criticism,” said Murray.

She has an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Denver.

Questions Have Been Sent to Cegielski

This website has sent a number of questions to Cegielski including what events O’Dwyer reporters will be allowed to cover at the 2013 national conference in Philadelphia Oct. 26-29.

O’Dwyer reporters were barred from all activities at the 2012 conference in San Francisco. Hotel guards forced Jack O’Dwyer from the lobby of the San Francisco Marriott after a friend talked to him. Guards said he would not be allowed to stand anywhere except on the other side of the street.

Also being sought from Cegielski is the 2012 IRS Form 990 of the Society which has the pay packages of the eight staffers who are paid more than $100,000. This document has been withheld from the past three Assemblies.