Mickey Nall, chair of PR Society of America, hosted a 14:30 minute “teleconference” yesterday on the 2013 Assembly during which no questions were asked.

Unlike the 31-minute teleconference Sept. 12  at which delegates gave their names and asked some questions towards the end of the call, Nall kept the call in "Lecture Mode" for the first 13 and a half minutes, blocking any input by listeners.

He opened the call for questions at 13:40 of the call but there were none.

The Sept. 12 call had been interrupted by a delegate who could be heard saying a profanity to someone. Leaders said that the comments were a private conversation and had nothing to do with the Society. That call was briefly put into "Lecture Mode."

Nall spent yesterday telling the delegates many of the same things that 2014 chair-elect Joe Cohen had told them Sept. 12 -- date of the Assembly, place, how to access the private area of the Society website for delegates, how to handle proxy votes, the speakers' schedule at the Assembly, and the fact that it will only be a half day, ending at 1:30 when lunch will be served.

CEO/Chair/COO/President Change Discussed

Nall, discussing the proposal to name president and COO Bill Murray CEO and give the chair’s title to Joe Cohen, said it represents no substantive change at all.

It only reflects the reality of what is present at the Society, he said, namely that Murray functions as the chief executive of the Society and not anyone who is elected chair and CEO.

The four titles of chair, CEO, president and COO were "confusing" members, he said.

The deadline for anyone opposing the eight official candidates of the Society has passed.

A delegate at the Sept. 12 teleconference had wondered why 300 people have to come two days early to the conference for the Assembly when there is virtually no new business except the change in titles which leaders have said is essentially meaningless.

Society bylaws allow the Assembly to meet and transact business by teleconference.

Twenty Speeches by Leaders Scheduled

Twenty speeches by ten leaders and consultants to the Society are scheduled for the Assembly including 16 in the morning.

Nall will give four of the speeches. Also speaking will be parliamentarian Marie Wilson on the rules for the meeting; Joe Cohen as chair-elect; Murray as president and COO; Brian Price as president of PRSSA; Cohen and Elizabeth Pecsi on the Strategic Plan for 2014-16; Laura Freebairn-Smith on “Strengthening the APR”; Rosanna Fiske on nominations, and Blake Lewis, treasurer’s report.

A "town hall" is set for 12:30 p.m. to 1:30. Speaking at the lunch will be Lou Capozzi, chair of the Foundation; Judith Phair and Susan Gonders, giving  presentation on Certification in Education for PR (CEPR).