The embattled government of Egypt has returned to the U.S. lobbying game, hiring WPP's Glover Park Group for public diplomacy and government relations duties.

egyptThe move comes as President Obama last week decided to hold up a promised shipment of helicopters, fights, tank kits and $260M cash to the military government that ousted freely elected president Mohammed Morsi in July.

The decision to postpone a portion of $1.5B in annual military assistance to the Egyptians is part of the Obama's decision to "recalibrate" ties to the Arab country.

Badr Abdel Atty, Egyptian foreign affairs minister, said Obama's move "raises serious questions about U.S. readiness to provide stable, strategic support to Egyptian security programs amid threats and terrorism challenges it has been facing."

The PLM Group represented Egypt up until January 2010, working under a $1.1M annual pact. It is the firm of Speaker of the House-designate Bob Livingston’s Livingston Group, ex-Connecticut Congressman Toby Moffett’s Moffett Group and White House insider Tony Podesta’s Podesta Group.