They can run, but they can't hide. The reputation of lobbying is so abysmal that the profession's trade group wants to banish the term from its moniker.

lobbyistsThat's right. The board of the American League of Lobbyists wants to adopt the neutral-sounding "Association of Government Relations Professionals" as its name. They think a new name will put an end to the common perception of lobbyists as smooth operators with buckets full of campaign cash roving the corridors of power in federal D.C.

Some in Congress, such as Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline, want lobbyists banned from the Capitol. The Democrat obviously is not a big fan of the First Amendment and the right of citizens to petition government. Yes Dave, even corporations, unions and non-profits have a say in shaping regulations that impact their operations.  

The still-named ALL apparently believes government relations professionals (whatever that means) won’t feel the heat from Congressional critics.

ALL's duck and cover strategy makes a bit of sense. There are many global opportunities for a fresh start.

Would Iran face international sanctions had its name been Persia, a place with a rich culture and traditions? Myanmar could improve its international standing by reverting to Burma.

Of course, a name change offers no real solution. If Persia maintained support for terrorism and nuclear weapons, it wouldn’t matter what the country is called. Cleaning up drug trafficking, ending human rights abuses and encouraging a free press would be a far better way for Myanmar to gain respectability.

ALL members will vote on the name change in 30 days. I would vote against the silly and meaningless new name.

If lobbyists can’t stand the heat, they should stay out of the kitchen, or at least the halls of Congress.

Crazy Cicilline might be on to something.