Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee chair, sent an email this afternoon to warn that Ted Cruz and his Tea Party allies want a second chance to shut the government.

cruzWasserman Schultz said Republicans are “pressured by special interests groups to put Tea Party ideology over the American people."

She is happy that the DNC faces no such pressure. That’s the nub of the problem facing the soulless dollar-driven Democratic party.

Americans have finally caught up with the fanatical Tea Party group and its crazy mascot, Ted Cruz, dead-set on eliminating practically every aspect of federal control.

Tea Partiers live in a romanticized version of frontier Americana, a separate reality from the economic, defense, cultural and political connections that bind the countries of the world.

A Pew Research Center poll released Oct. 16 finds that nearly half of Americans (49 percent) hold an unfavorable view of the Tea Partiers compared to 30 percent who are in favor of the group. That unfavorable rating doubled during the past three years. The lesson: to know the Tea Party is to dislike the Tea Party.

However, there’s no doubt that Democrats could use a bolt of energy to ignite supporters around themes of social justice, jobs and economic security for Americans who have been squeezed by the Great Recession and near financial collapse.     

Where is the Ted Cruz-like firebrand willing to take the leadership mantle? He certainly doesn’t live in the White House.

Candidates are few and far between in Congress. For instance, Keith Ellison, the Minnesota Democratic Congressman and co-chair of the House Congressional Progressive Caucus, was on the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal warning President Obama not to cut Social Security benefits. “The president is about to run into a major base problem if he tries to do this,” said Ellison. That’s hardly drawing a line in the sand.

Where is the progressive Ted Cruz? Howard Dean gave it a shot, but flamed out.

Who is going to stand-up and fight for all Americans -- Democrats/Republicans/Independents and even Tea Partiers?