In its quest for total irrelevance, Republicans plan a series of noisy hearings on Obamacare. 

Team Obama botched the introduction of the Affordable Care Act. There’s no doubt fixes are needed. The GOP timing, however, couldn’t be worse.

The Republican brand is reeling following the government shutdown and the GOP unrealistic demand to kill Obama’s signature achievement.

Republicans should have delayed any Obamacare probe until the system was up and running without bugs. That would have been the adult thing to do.

GOPers are ignoring the lessons of 2003. These are the guys who held hearings to probe the 2003 roll-out of President George W. Bush’s Part D prescription drug benefit landmark achievement. Seniors are pretty happy these days with the program.

By conducting the Obamacare hearings now, the GOP appears to be staging a back-door run at dismantling the system. It’s beyond belief that the party, which voted for repeal of Obamacare about 50 times, is now a staunch advocate for its efficient operation. C’mon.

Republicans have opened themselves to political hits. As president Obama neatly put it. There is more to Obamacare than a website. Just ask the 40M uninsured Americans who have been waiting for the promise of the ACA since the president signed it into law three years ago.

There is much to praise and pan about the policies of the Republican party. One ironclad belief unites all Americans from lefty Democrats to right-wing Conservatives: the GOP is tone-deaf to PR.