nhThe Granite State has awarded a $1.9M pact to promote the statewide offerings under the federal Affordable Care to Concord-based Louis Karno & Company, following an RFP process.

Implementing the ACA was an uphill battle in New Hampshire as legislators attempted to block the state from accepting federal funds to implement. It is now in a partnership that has the federal government running its insurance exchange while plan management and consumer assistance are handled by the state.

LK&C, led by PR pros Jayme Henriques Simoes, president, and Bree St. Clair, partner, is charged with designing and executing a media campaign to education residents about choices available on the exchange.

In a statement, New Hampshire Health Plan executive director Mike Degnan cited the firm's expertise related to the ACA and consumer outreach across N.H.

NHHP, which received $5M from the federal government under the cooperative agreement, released an RFP in September for the public education assignment.