French|West|Vaughan is handling the launch of Edwards Kirby, the firm of former North Carolina senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards.

ekThe New York Times and CNN are among major national outlets to feature the return of trail lawyer Edwards to the legal business.

Edwards in 2012 beat a federal corruption rap when a Greensboro judge declared a mistrial on five charges and acquitted him on another.

The case stemmed from charges of misusing $1M in campaign donations to conceal a pregnant mistress and detailed Edwards’ most intimate sexual secrets and public lies regarding the affair, according to today’s NYT.

The trial also highlights his efforts to conceal the liaison from then-wife Elizabeth, who died from breast cancer in 2010.

EK is to focus on public interest cases involving social and economic justice.

It reunites Edwards with his former partner David Kirby. Edwards’ daughter, Cate, and her partner, Sharon Eubanks, are the other members of the firm, which has offices in Washington and Raleigh.