President Clinton yesterday demonstrated once again why he’s the “Big Dog” of PR strategists.

clintonAt the inauguration of New York Mayor Bill deBlasio, Clinton stole the PR spotlight from Big Bill and gave a giant boost to the presidential prospects of Hillary.

Liberal deBlasio and populist firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts are the darlings of the Democratic left, who feel duped by the politics and cave-ins of President Obama. deBlasio and Warren’s tale of two Americas, one that’s  dominated by the super-rich,  resonates among the left-of-center crowd who are looking for a liberal firebrand like them to run for the top office. That segment of the Democratic party is against the coronation of middle-of-the-road Hillary.

Enter Bill Clinton, who ceremonially swore-in de Blasio as the city’s 109th mayor. Clinton claimed deBlaso, who worked as a Dept. of Housing and Urban Development regional director during the Clinton administration, as one of his own.  He endorsed de Blasio’s message of “inequality,” as not only a NYC problem, but a global one.  In essence, Clinton co-opted deBlasio’s major campaign them in support of Hillary. Well done, Bill.

deBlasio played his own part in buffing the candidacy of Hillary. By inviting the former president to administer the oath, deBlasio gave a high-profile imprimatur to all things Clinton. It’s now a stretch for the NYC mayor to back a not-Hillary insurgent candidate for the Democratic presidential nod.

Bill Clinton actually scored a two-for.  He was the only speaker to acknowledge the progress made by the city under former Mayor Bloomberg, who came under blistering attacks by speaker after speaker. Clinton said Bloomberg “made the city stronger and healthier than he found it.”

Multi-billionaire Bloomberg has a strong following among independent voters. He’s a potential king or queen maker in the White House race. Hubby’s words of praise for Bloomberg must have been sweet music to Hillary.