gandhiBurson-Marsteller is working to bolster the image of India politico Rahul Gandhi, member of parliament and VP-of the National Congress Party, ahead of the national elections slated for the spring.

Hindustan Times reports the WPP unit is to “create a buzz around Gandhi on social media” and handle his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The 44-year-old is a member of the influential Nehru-Gandhi clan. His grandmother, Indira, was prime minister until her assassination in 1994. Father, Rajiv, another PM, was killed seven years ago. Mother, Sonia, heads the CP.

With Japan’s Dentsu advertising firm, B-M’s communications program is to promote Gandhi as a vibrant leader who will work for the “common man.”

Prior to his 2004 election to his father’s old parliament seat, Gandhi worked for Monitor Group consulting firm and established an outsourcing firm in Mumbai.