Aaron HeinrichAaron Henrich, who has headed communications at the Int'l Assn. of Business Communicators for more than a year, has left the group.

An attempt to reach him by e-mail today was met with an automatic reply that said, "I am no longer with IABC." The e-mail provides contact information with other IABC staffers and ends by saying, "It has been a privilege to work at IABC and I wish the staff and all members the best of luck in 2014."

IABC has announced that it is switching to a certification program from its decades-old accreditation program.

An e-mail to chair Robin McCasland today brought the reply that she was out of the office at an offsite meeting and "I will not be replying to e-mail at this time."

Longtime IABC member and blogger David Murray wrote of his attempts to meet or talk with McCasland, who was on a tour to the Far East.