Cavalry Group is riding to the rescue of Manhattan's embattled Central Park horse carriage owners, who face possible unemployment if freshly minted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio pulls off his threat to shut them down.

carriageBelieving the horses face neglect and mistreatment, de Blasio wants to replace the popular tourist carriages with electric cars.

St Louis-based Cavalry says it fights on behalf of animal owners and their related businesses that “are bullied, intimidated and have their constitutional rights violated by all levels of government who have been infiltrated by, or are heavily influenced, by animal rights extremists and animal rights organizations,” according to its website.

The New York Daily News reported today that the carriage owners were solicited by CG, which is now handling their social media campaign.

CG’s blog maintains the horses live a “pampered existence” and enjoy comfortable working conditions “that would put a French union worker to shame.”

De Blasio’s effort is “another example of animal rights activists run wild,” according to CG’s blog. ‘To radical animal rights advocates and leftists like de Blasio, these businesses are necessary collateral damage in their quest to re-order our lives.”

CG co-founders Mindy and Mark Patterson have opposed campaigns such as the Humane Society of the U.S.-pushed “Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.

Mindy is active with the Missouri Conservative Coalition’s agriculture affairs panel, American Agri-Women (Horse Welfare Committee chair), Missouri Equine Council, United Horsemen and Secure the Republic (national coordinator for agriculture).

Philip Christofanelli, CG’s PA director, repped the unsuccessful Ohio Congressional run of “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher.

(Image: NY Carriage Company)