PR Society of America is continuing to refuse to reveal when it filed its 990 tax return for 2012, a document that showed COO Bill Murray received a $61,000 bonus although 2012 revenues of $11,083,420 were below the 2006 revenues of $11,426,867.

Murray, who was promoted to CEO of the Society by the 2013 Assembly, joined the Society in January, 2007. He is in the second year of a three-year contract.

PRSA's redacted 990.
The Society’s 990, as picked up from the IRS by GuideStar, shows a filing date of July 17, 2013. Stephanie Cegielski, VP-PR of the Society, said that is a “draft” date and not the real date. She has yet to provide the real date.

The 990, published this month by Foundation Center 990 Finder, has the date of the filing blacked out. 

The Society has refused to provide any explanation for the bonus to Murray whose total package in 2012 was $423,647.

There was no discussion of Murray’s contract at the 2013 Assembly in Philadelphia, delegates told this website.

The 55-page 990 for 2012 was sent to the O’Dwyer Co. offices in printed form several days before the deadline of Nov. 15 for providing the form to anyone who asked for it. Each page was stamped “Draft” and there was no date on the document.

Until the Society’s 990 is posted on either GuideStar or Foundation 990 Finder, members can only obtain it by going to h.q. or sending in a written request for it.

Both GuideStar and Foundation Center 990 Finder can take up to six months to post a non-profit’s tax return once it has been filed with the IRS.

The Independent Sector, whose members are more than 500 501/c3 and c/6 non-profits, recommends that non-profits post their 990s and audits on their websites in a prominent position early in the year.

GuideStar awards gold, silver and bronze emblems to non-profits that have excelled in reporting their finances.

Thus far, 2,162 have qualified for gold emblems, 22,364 for silver, and 11,626 for bronze.

PRSA does not qualify for any of the emblems.

One GuideStar requirement is for an “Impact Summary” detailing the influence an organization has on its industry or sector. The Society does not provide such a statement.