Marie Louise Starkey, who operates a servant training school in Denver, blasts Harper’s for the “fake” it sent to report on the school. Harper’s threatens lawsuit after Starkey posted entire Harper’s article on its site.

marie louise starkeyStarkey, who said the Harper’s piece had numerous errors, posted the article on the Starkey website in its entirety.

This resulted in a threat by Harper’s to obtain a “Cease and Desist” action by its lawyers. “Please do take it down before it comes to that,” said Harper’s assistant editor Jesse Barron in an e-mail to Starkey.

John R. MacArthur
 is president and publisher of the magazine.

Starkey told Barron in an e-mail that reprinting the article is “her right.”

“Your Harper’s falsely accused and used me by sending into my world a fake to earn dollars off of me," she wrote. "Happy to be in a fight about this. You wrote I was a manic depressive. It’s a lie. You made fun of my teacher by degrading her breasts. You and your lack of integrity magazine. Please bring it on. I will have lots of media help about Harper’s lack of literary integrity. Do it!”