Just Consulting is repping the Washington-based Syrian Emergency Task Force, a group formed to promote human rights and democracy in strife-torn Syria.

setfSETF seeks stepped-up U.S. diplomatic participation in the crisis and humanitarian efforts to assist homeless and displaced Syrians.

It organized Sen. John McCann’s visit to Syria last year on which he met with the general who leads the supreme military council of the Free Syrian Army and 18 commanders.

They pressed McCann for a U.S. backed no-fly zone over the country, heavy equipment and air strikes against Hezbollah, which is aligned with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

SETF is led by Damascus-born Mouaz Moustafa, who settled in the U.S. while a teen-ager. He has served on the staffs of former Arkansas Congressman Vic Snyder and Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

JC, which works on social justice issues, picked up the Egyptian Americans for Democracy and Human Rights business last year to work for the restoration of democracy.