Jersey City, the gentrifying waterfront city across the Hudson River from Manhattan, has reached out for agency help to "re-brand" its image for travelers, business economic development and as it expects to become New Jersey's largest city by 2016.

jersey cityThe city of 250K, which has drawn several large corporations from downtown Manhattan over the past decade, has captured a flash of the Super Bowl spotlight this week by housing the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

J.C., home to Ellis Island and rail, water and road connections to Manhattan, is forecast to surpass Newark as the Garden State's largest city over the next two years.

The Jersey City Economic Development Corporation released an RFP Jan. 24 to create a "unifying message" for communications across business, economic, real estate and tourism sectors.

Key to the effort will be to distinguish Jersey City from others to establish it as the "Best Mid-Sized City in the U.S.," according to the RFP. "The JCEDC thus requires a thorough understanding of the makeup and structure of the market in which Jersey City operates, as well as a complete marketing plan which effectively communicates the brand," reads the RFP.

Budget is expected to be from $600K to $1.2M.

View the RFP (PDF)