The Asian American Journalists Association has asked the New York Post for an apology after the tabloid ran a composite photo of Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka in an airplane with the headline "$155M Bronx Bomber."

postThe Post, realizing the mistake, pulled the image after some editions went into circulation and told the group in an email that it did not intend to offend anyone.

In a letter to Post managing editor Frank Zini, AAJA president Paul Cheung and the group's "Mediawatch" chair Bobby Caina Calvan said they appreciated an explanation from the Post but added that "something that egregious … warrants a more direct apology."

Zinn did not apologize but told the group that the Post recognized "early on that an image intended to amuse and play off the Yankee nickname 'Bronx Bombers' might be considered offensive by some people, even though that was not our intention."

Zinn said it was removed after a "very small number of papers had been printed."

AAJA said the image invoked the kamikaze pilots of World War II and "remains a powerful reminder of past racism."

They added: "We all know about Pearl Harbor, but many people in our communities also remember how strong anti-Japanese sentiment sent 120,000 innocent Japanese Americans to internment camps."