Boston's Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications is set to merge with Washington-based Prism Public Affairs in the capital, adding 16 staffers to Rasky's D.C. outpost.

Deaver, Leibach

During a transition period, the combined firm will operate as Rasky Baerlein|Prism before ultimately taking on the Rasky name.

Ten-year-old Prism has worked with clients like the American Palm Oil Council, Freddie Mac, the Coalition to Save Our GPS, Find Me 911, and the digital royalties group SoundExchange.

Powell Tate alums Amanda Deaver and Dale Leibach are founding partners. Media relations, litigation and crisis communications, corporate positioning and Congressional hearing counsel are among its services.

"Dale and I have been friends for many years. While this is not the first time we have talked about getting together, it is definitely the right time," said CEO Larry Rasky.

Rasky Baerlein did more than $2.6M in PR business in Washington in 2012 with about 10 staffers. 

The combined firm will have 55 staffers and revenue around $15M.