Sitrick and Company is handling Richie Incognito, the former Miami Dolphins lineman who is a focus of the National Football League’s alleged bullying situation.

Incognito in a November interview.

The firm is helping Incognito rebut charges that he bullied offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, who left the team in October, claiming that he suffered physical and mental abuse from his fellow teammates.

Incognito claims that Martin quit because he was feared losing his starting position.

He says that crude emails that he sent Martin were nothing more than crude jokes between buddies.

Martin told NBC he didn’t complain to Dolphins management about the bullying because he didn’t want to be a “snitch.”

The NFL is expected to release its report next week following the Super Bowl.

The Dolphins suspended Incognito with two months left in last season. Martin is under contract in 2014.

Mike Sitrick, CEO, and Terry Fahn, one-time communications chief at Dick Clark Productions, represent Incognito.

That work follows S&C’s high-stakes representation of New York Yankee Alex Rodriquez.