Nodding off during the third-quarter during last night’s Super Bowl blowout, I awoke from my sleep upon hearing creaky Bob Dylan ask, "Is there anything more American than America?"

Say, what? Has my hero lost his marbles?

Not so fast.

Granted, Bob is not everybody’s cup of tea. Anheuser-Busch, which appeared to run an ad after every Bronco turnover, scored top ad honors, according to the reviews of Sunday’s festival of advertising.

The all-too-cute potent combination of puppy and Clydesdales had the audience swooning, including my wife who immediately praised it on Facebook, which drew many responses. It easily was the top dog in the ad press.

Bob is the anti-puppy. Some wrapped the ad as “selling out.” New Yorker put it on its worst ad of the night list.

To me, the pitch for the Chrysler 200, which was created by Wieden+Kennedy, reeked of authenticity.  It wasn’t a repeat of Bob’s phony, money-grabbing Victoria Secret ad of the distant past, which caused fans to wretch.

Last night’s ode to America featured images of apple pie, baseball and Route 66. A shot of Marilyn Monroe was paired with “you can’t import vision.” It coupled a motorcycle-riding James Dean with “you can’t fake true cool.”

Dylan lauded the great incomparable open American road and “the creatures who live on it.” He equated “American pride” with the “heart and soul of every man and woman working on the line.”

Dylan the epitome of American greatness, wrapped up the two-minute spot with: “Let Germany brew your beer, Let Switzerland make your watch, Let Asia assemble your phone, We will build your car.”

Mr. Tambourine Man still has it. The ad was the best part of last night’s game. Dylan’s made a perfect pitch for American authenticity. I hope it works out for Chrysler with the sale of a few more cars.