Former House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt is providing Washington guidance for Planetary Resources, the asteroid mining operation in Seattle.

planetary resourcesPlanetary claims that 1,500 of the 9,000 near-Earth asteroids will be as easily reachable for its planned robotic mining spacecraft as the Moon. It believes they house a potential $1T market trove of water, platinum, gold, iron and nickel.

Gephardt Group Government Affairs represents Planetary, which is staffed with veterans of the Mars Mission, for aerospace, resources and science issues.

Peter Diamandis, CEO of the X Prize Foundation, and Eric Anderson, CEO of International Software Corp., co-founded Planetary.

Larry Page (Google CEO), Eric Schmidt, (Google executive chairman) and Ross Perot (son of the EDS founder and former presidential candidate) are among the space mining company’s investors.

GGA’s client roster includes General Electric, Boeing, Google, Peabody Energy, Planetary Power, ISC, and Goldman Sachs.

Its Planetary team includes Scott Brenner, who was chief of external affairs for the science and technology directorate of the Dept. of Homeland Security, and Kyle Mulhall, former trial attorney at the Dept. of Transportation.