Leslee Dart of celebrity powerhouse 42 West is operating in high gear, defending long-time client Woody Allen against sexual molestation charges put forward by Dylan Farrow.

woody allenAllen penned an op-ed piece in the New York Times on Feb. 9 in which he dismissed as ludicrous the charges lodged by his stepdaughter.

The piece ended with Allen saying that was his last word on the matter and “no one will be responding on my behalf to any further comments on it by any party.”

The Wrap reports Dart has been busy working the media beat, sending emails and links to pro-Allen stories to “TV networks, print/online journalists/film executives/producers and other PR executives.”

The Hollywood site said Dart’s “barrage could be seen as overkill on behalf of a client who have vowed silence.”

The PR push however “is part of an offensive that appears to have given Allen Hollywood enough evidence not to condemn Allen.”

Dart issued Allen’s initial statement to Farrow’s charges that were published in a column by the NYT’s Nicholas Kristof in which the allegations were called “untrue and disgraceful.”

(Image: Perdido Productions)