postFollowing a report by MIT media critic Paul Raeburn, the Washington Post said it will stop running health and science press releases from universities on its website and in print.

Raeburn, who writes for Knight Science Journalism at MIT, criticized the practice in a Feb. 14 post, noting the paper, which identifies the source of the material, features the releases under the header "Study Hall."

Health & Science editor Pooh Shapiro said the months-old practice was "born out of frustration about how many interesting things are out there and how hard it is to get coverage." She noted that outside of science and health policy, which Post reporters cover, there is little news in the categories from sources like the Associated Press.

Post spokeswoman Kristine Coratti followed up with Raeburn on Feb. 18 to say the paper is discontinuing the practice.

Raeburn, a former science editor for the Associated Press who penned the forthcoming book, "Do Fathers Matter?" praised the paper for responding quickly.

Raeburn's original post and case against the practice of running press releases is at